New Shoot, New Shoot

March 13, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates 4 Comments →

Today we had a big shoot. We were supposed to have an extra girl, but sometimes things don’t work out. This week we had the innocent Miss Masie Dee and the hardcore Kayla. These two had a great chemistry together and let us take the spankings to another level. There is an incredible caning scene that made even me cringe as we ended a great day of shooting. I will work on getting you some behind the scenes pictures this week. And as for my spanking, I am contemplating being a sub in the shoot next month. My husband keeps asking me to do one last shoot and I am not certain I want to be on display again. If I were to bottom again, what scenes would you like to see me do?

For a little weekend spanking enjoyment, I wanted to bring you a preview of the scene coming on Monday called “Confession of Pleasure”. This scene was a lot of fun to film, I was in a good mood and for a moment they made me think what it would be like to have girls around the house. I have to admit I went light on them both. We had to stop shooting twice to keep sweet Masie from giggling. I believe that girl has a secret fantasy and was a little thrilled to be touching another girls bottom :) Faye for all her shyness and quiet voice on camera has some pent up fetishes of her own and was not embarrassed to share that she got off after this shoot. Those girls really do not ever shutup!

As a top, while I enjoy the challenge of the girls who fight and wiggle from the pain, it is fun spanking the ones who get all wet and have to control their pleasure. The ladies who enjoy spankings let you spank harder and get into their head. They forget the camera is there and give control over to you.

If you have ever fantasized of two teenage girls playing around with spanking as you may have played doctor as a kid, then this scene is right up your alley. The question should be, did you play doctor as a child or were you already playing a top?

Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson

Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson

Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson

Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson

Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson

After watching this scene, I am going to have to give Miss Masie a talking too for the very unladylike way in which she sits with her legs spread wide. She might as well not even bother wearing panties.

Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth xXx


Valentine’s Hinting

February 11, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 6 Comments →

I have been feeling naughty this month, almost goading my husband into punishing me.  I am not sure if it is cabin fever from the weather or the never ending to-do lists, but I can’t seem to reach that point of relief.  I really need a good thrashing and a little foul play to put me at ease.  It is curious how a good punishment can put you right back on track to feeling like yourself.

This week we are searching for some new implements to have on hand for shoots and I have picked a few that I can’t wait to play with.  Our models don’t know what they are in for.

In the meantime, I found a few I would like to have at home and have been hinting around to dear hubby, what a wonderful addition they might make to our collection.  I want something for the romantic spankings, the ones we use for foreplay that inevitably lead to fun and naughtyness. MMmm, just imagining the fun we can have is making we want to forget the dishes and go play.

Here are a few pictures of items I picked out for myself, next week I will post some pictures of implements you will be seeing in new shoots.  I promise if I get something fun, I will post some pictures of what it is capable of.

What naughty implements are you hoping to get a taste of on Valentine’s?


Argentinian Flogger, flat-braided

Argentinian Flogger Braided from McHurt

Vintage riding whip from McHurt

Vintage riding whip from McHurt

Cushioned Crop with Short Padding - Bastinado from McHurt

Cushioned Crop with Short Padding - Bastinado from McHurt


One of my favourite sub movies

November 06, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates No Comments →

I was recently asked if I could recall a favourite movie that I had subbed in that the xerotics boys had made and I told them the “Thrashed PA” film where I got a deserved OTK spanking and a licking with the strap and cane for being so bloody useless! PA is a “Personal Assistant”, I’m sure you all know those high flying execs etc need a glorified secretary to organize all their business shcedules and so on! Now can you imagine a scatter-brain like me being able to do that? Nope! I loved doing this film as it reminded me of one of my first jobs (it was a secretarial/admin type job where I had to report to a boss so in effect was a cheapy sort of PA, and I was crap at it, LOL!) I actually quit before I got fired… so playing this role brought it all back! At the time it felt like a sort of penence (that seems to be my buzz word at the mo!)

All movies including the one I’m letting you know about are here

Anyway, check out this movie, it’s now available as a special cheap one off if you’ve never seen it or never viewed the members area of my site then you can download this film as a one off for just $5 (about 3 Quid now, what’s happening to the Dollar again?) Even if you have seen it in thre past, they have a nice freebie clip of me getting my botty whupped :D

Hope you all have a great weekend, we had a disastrous Fireworks Night, it rained so hard we just stayed indoors, maybe we’ll let off our fireworks tonight since the weather is a lot better now (typical!)
Elizabeth. xXx


Foolish Elizabeth!

August 21, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk 10 Comments →

Sorry, it’s me again :(    – I was wondering what had happened to Elizabeth so I texted her yesterday to ask when she was updating the blog (since she’s been back from her holiday over a week now) and she apologised to me and told me her laptop was broken (Don’t ask me why…but it explains why there’s nothing from her, so I replied to her I’d just keep it going until she gets her act together – but at a price) and mentioned I’d highlight this film below, which I think I did once before on here, but for those who haven’t seen any of it, please check it out! I promise it’s worth watching and the comedy lines that explain what is happening to her…surely Elizabeth at her worst…LOL!!!

drunken clip - click here

The important points of the 3 minute movie clip are captured below! Enjoy! Elizabeth won’t be seeing any of this for a while, heh heh! I bet she can’t remember making it either judging by the state of her slurred speech and swaying when she was stood up!!

drunk01 drunk02 drunk03

drunk04 drunk05 drunk06

drunk07 drunk08 drunk10

drunk11 drunk12 drunk13

You can only download this at

OK, I’m being a bit naughty, but I could have posted the time she was buggered and caned but that’s a little but too much nowadays…have a good weekend everyone, and in a shameless plug for my Spanking Tube – don’t forget to check it out and bookmark it as I update there daily with content from all over the spanking interwebs!


New Elizabeth Film “The Locker Room”

August 14, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Spanking Site Updates 4 Comments →

Hi everyone, this will be my last post as I got word that Elizabeth is back from her Hols, looking very tanned and ready to go again. However, I also see that there is a new Simpson movie just released on her site of this blog at so I thought I’d obtain a few early images here before any other bloggers and post them on her very own blog – which is only fair!

You can see the new film out now and a brief FREE Trailer Clip HERE

locker room

I’ve watched the entire movie and the reason Sally is punished is hilarious! Imagine being caught out with a disgusting huge Rabbit Dildo in her locker, which she strenuously denies having stashed there, she claims she’s been set up, but Elizabeth is having none of it and you can imagine she gives this stupid liar a real verbal lashing!!! Then of course she spanks then straps this disgraceful thing across her bare bottom! You can see some images below including the offending article on the table amongst Miss Simpson’s punishment paraphernalia!


locker2 locker3

locker4 locker5

locker6 locker7

If you bookmark or check out my TEEN SPANKING TUBE I promise to get a special clip of this above punishment out later today as well as some other choice spanking movies which I’m sure you’ll enjoy – including a “pussy strapping” which is a special long play movie clip and sure to be popular when I upload it in around 5 minutes!!! Have a great weekend, Elizabeth has asked me to occasionally pop in from time to time and guest write for her so I hope you guys don’t mind, but I will leave this blog back to her and she can update you all on what she’s doing etc…Regards, Headmaster.