Tawdry Hens Night

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I took off the weekend and headed to London for my friend Rachel’s hen night last week. The twelve of us got dolled up and ventured out on the town for a bit of rowdy fun. We had a boisterous dinner and then entertained ourselves with a naughty treasure hunt before heading to the hotel. My team needed to get pictures of a bloke’s bum, sexy lingerie for the bride, a trannie’s shoe, a pair of nipple clamps, nappies (baby diapers), a photo kiss and a piece of chocolate that resembled a sex toy; we didn’t win, but we had an outrageous time playing.

Back at the hotel we continued our night of debauchery with several drinking games, a visit from a very intoxicating stripper couple (having a man and woman strip each other and make out with and flirt with each other and us was so incredibly hot) and then…..

We jokingly convinced the uninhibited bride to be, Rachel, that she should show us her moves for the honeymoon. It didn’t take long and Rachel gave us a shy and erotic striptease. Even though we were thoroughly sloshed, we persuaded her to take several racy photos as a gift for her soon to be hubby. Everyone stripped down to their skivvies and joined in on the pictures. Rachel hastily jumped across my lap for a sexy spanking picture and I must admit, it was a spanking I enjoyed giving :) Rachel you have a fantastic bottom!

In the end, it was an unforgettable weekend, that I paid very dearly for on Sunday.

The pictures turned out surprisingly well considering our state and Rachel has agreed to let us post some of them on Girls Bottom. She kept some of the spanking and more personal pictures to give James on their wedding night. So to Rachel and James, I wish you the very best in the future and may your life together be filled with adventure, love and some very naughty memories!

Look for the photos of Rachel’s striptease on Girls Bottom in the upcoming weeks. Until then, here is a sneak preview.

Hugs, Kisses and Aspirin

Rachel's Strip Tease Rachel's Strip Tease

Rachel's Strip Tease Rachel's Strip Tease


On behalf of Elizabeth…

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Hi, Headmaster here… just helping out whilst Elizabeth (understandably) looks at whether it’s worth carrying on blogging, I hope she does after the recent nonsense. Anyway, I helped her track and trace the IP address of the “wierdo” and I think the idiot has decided to move on, but we’ll see. Luckily the idiot had a fixed IP (thank you Virgin Media) so now he’ll have to use a proxy to view this blog, which, I can tell you, is a real pain. I have kept the offending messages and times they were posted and will forward these to his ISP if he was to persist – sadly this is the ugly side of the internet where people think they can post what the hell they like when they think they are anonymous. Well, I’m sure if he suggested anything to my face it would be a different matter. So moving  on swiftly on I have a couple of Elizabeth movies and something I was gonna post on my blog that I have decided to post here as it’s something I think the readers of this blog might like!


OK, so I have 2 films of Elizabeth I’ve seen advertised recently, one is of her doing what she does best nowadays, giving it out to foolish young girls as only Elizabeth knows how and she really has the role of “Mother” as her own! The 2nd film is a new movie update for those that enjoy just viewing the odd films to download and keep and I have a whole load of pics from this plus the link and access to a free clip to view!

Some of my favorite films recently with Elizabeth were with her and Anita and in this movie Elizabeth, in her motherly role, spanks and slippers Anita for her filthy smoking habit that no schoolgirl should ever be doing! Best to nip this filthy habit in the bud, and Elizabeth knows exactly how to do this!!! Click on the image below for a full HQ image stills gallery (images really are amazing) and a nice free clip…

click here to view

This movie is taken from SpankMyBottom

Now we all remember Elizabeth’s many submissive films, well, at SpankingLibrary.com they have just released another of her more recent film – and this, I reckon, shows off Elizabeth the best way possible, as all woman! I hope she doesn’t mind me saying that I think she looks fantastic in this film and dressed in black, those boots, her panties, it’s a really sexy sight and I’m sure having her over my knee would be a hard job as I’d fear I’d shame myself through unwanted trouser rumblings! LOL! Click on the images below which I have taken from my own hard drive of this film, these are exclusive as you can only download the movie (it’s a cheap deal at just $5!)

reb01 reb02 reb03

reb04 reb05 reb06

reb07 reb08 reb09


There are more films with Elizabeth included in the FULL List of movies at spankinglibrary.com


& finally today, a girl I rate very highly and who is quite a sensation from the East coast of USA, one Miss Sarah Gregory, who I’m sure you all know by now has her own site and it’s coming along nicely, I have featured her on my other blogs but you can see some excellent images from a recent movie of Sarah in trouble over the knee of Pastor’s wife, Alicia Panettiere!

church spanking - see more here

The story and my own excluisve free images are below: Miss Panettiere is the minister’s wife at Sarah’s church. On the weekend retreat that they are on, Sarah is acting up in all sorts of ways. At the dance she is being inappropriate with her moves and clothes she wears. Her cursing is out of control and her behavior lately is not to be desired. Miss Panettiere has told her she has needed to be spanked for a long time. Well, now it is time. She will give Sarah the long overdue spanking to turn this disrespectful brat into a proper lady. Even as a nurturing mother figure to Sarah, she can still deliver a sound spanking that will make quite an impression!

church_spanking_action-001 church_spanking_action-003 church_spanking_action-007

church_spanking_action-010 church_spanking_action-015 church_spanking_action-018

church_spanking_action-022 church_spanking_action-024 church_spanking_gal1-028

Check out Sarah’s own site HERE and see for yourself the sort of scrapes she gets up to, there are some interesting stories and spanking punishments written and directed by herself that a real spanko enjoys making!

click here


Amber’s Bubble Butt

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I love that expression “bubble butt” and I know many spanking models are often proud of that expression when they got written about. I was always more “rounded” and “full” when they described me but I didn’t care at that was me and I could take a spanking far more than some models. That could be another post sometime:  some of the stupid brats that I had co-starred with over the years (I won’t mention names) God there were some whinging bitches and they’d come to a shoot and had basically lied about their capabilities which meant yours truly here had to take the brunt of harder punishments which really pissed me off no end! Why the hell lie to get yourself a few hundred Quid? (They usually negotiated a much lower fee or told the girls to piss off quite rightly for wasting their time, and of course there are models who are repeat no shows and I get called in as a replacement when I really wasn’t in the mood! (surprisingly you have to be in the right frame to get your bottom thrashed on film etc)

Amyway, someone remind me of this, I feel a good moan coming on about some of the girls I had worked with lol!

One such lovely, as I was saying, is Amber Dawn of SpankAmber and AmberSpanks fame. Unfortunately, I reckon unless she comes to England I doubt I’ll ever get to have her over my knee, I might even allow her the return favour cos she’s so hot! If you don’t know who she is, take a look at these lovely impact shots as Amber pokes out her beautiful red bottom and slippery slit while it’s getting spanked, if any girl could ever “turn” me, she’d be the one :D

IMG_2885b IMG_2889b

I got a new “toy” from Ann Summers the other day so feeling the urge to try it out again. See why Amber is so naughty and hot at her sites and you’ll see why I enjoy watching her spanking movies (yes, I am a secret member…shhh!) It has all sorts of things that are nice and naughty like sex and spanking, girl girl and Amber doing what I like to do in private!

I also found she is featured at EROTIC Spanking Clips - and I remember this site as that is how I got into her in the first place, a good naughty site to start with if you are liking this hottie mucho grando like little o’ me!

Hugs. Elizabeth. xXx