Xmas Spanko Specials

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Sorry I’ve been away, but I’ve been so busy with all the Crimbo Shopping and I’m still not finished but I got asked if I’d do something a little Xmassy so I remembered this movie released last year to celebrate Xmas and wondered if it had been reviewed before because I don’t think it really was. So forgive me for blathering on but I’m going to run you all through this long play movie which is nearly an hour long and the total size is a massive eye watering 800Mb! “Xmas with Mr Peters” – my nemesis! Luckily for my poor bottom the punishment is shared with 3 other long missed spanko friends – Kara Jayne (who plays schoolgirl Burton), Nat (Harker) and Chloe who played schoolgirl Sutton. I still remember this film with a sort of fondness as it was quite an epic. (We all went out and got horribly drunk afterwards, it was filmed in Denmark many years ago and I can tell you us naughty girlies thrashed the wallets of the webmaster that night heh heh).

Us opening our presents early when we weren’t supposed to!

Well, I had to ask for access to check out this film and there is also a sweet double bonus as there is also a film of the lovely Jasmine too, and she’s being very naughty in her sparcely decorated room, but today I want to talk about this classic movie that you can only download as a pay per view/download to keep forever from spankinglibrary.com HERE

The guys said show them loads of free images and I asked if they could make me a couple of clips with yours truly thrashed by evil Mr Peters who started out being unusually kind and quite festive but soon showed his horrible nature and he had his way with all us girlies until we were practically blubbing!!! (Mind you, we did try and open the presents he gave us early!) So thanks to my hard working hubby for grabbing a few scenes so you lucky people can see it here as my special treat for all you people this Yuletide! He’s being nice to me cos if he wants the roast Turkey and all the trimmings soon – then I’m the boss at the mo, lol!

Image48 Image56 Image61

Image68 Image85 Image87

Image102 Image104 Image127

click here to play

Image152 Image156 Image159

I actually loved the scenes with all us girls lined up. I remember that we had to cut a few times because a couple of us were a little tipsy and giggly (yes I’m guilty!) and the whole thing was a little surreal as if you were in the presence of that Mr Peters character, it would be a mixture of pure dread, horror and also feeling of sheer pity for such a pathetic but frightening individual! Apparently, he was based on a real life person, I often wondered if he was a member of my site of any other – heh heh. Mr Peters found a variety of embarrassing positions for us to be spanked paddled and caned in, and his verbal comments were designed to further shame us, I remember being really submissive in this film once the film was in full flow – “Do this, do that, bend over here, shut up there, quickly… QUICKLY!” and so on… I was a shambles! I’m so rude, I haven’t introduced you to the other girls! Kara Jayne and Natasha were really given a hard time (below) nat’s botty could take a horrific thrashing, I always remember being impressed!

KJ Natasha
Kara Jayne (left) and Natasha on the right

Pretty Chloe got a real hard thrashing which I also had to endure :(
Chloe me

Watching this movie brings it all back – we had such fun but, boy, was it really hard work too!!! Remember I said I liked the multi girl scenes when we were all lined up together? Lot’s of yelping and bickering as well as a non stop barrage from twisted “tight pants” Peters!

Just check out the movie clip below when he is still angry at us not owning up as to who opened the Xmas presents, we are all lying on the floor, legs up and he is barking his inane ramblings at us as we are all given a paddling and spanking. Mad!

click here to play

Image188 Image204 Image221

Image223 Image230 Image234

I forgot to tell you we all refused to admit opening the presents until Mr Peters was relentless and then Mr Wetherall came in too which meant more mayhem as both of them had their way with us all withthe cane and paddle! The finale was a laugh as we ended with some cheesy music, I think it came from Black Beauty, anyone remember that? You can see we were all ready for the bars and a massive booze up!!!

Image247 Image249 Image249

Right, where’s that bottle of vodka?

Another mad bad film which we all loved making from way back, anyway, it is, I think, only available to download HERE at spankinglibrary.com – and what’s more, there is also the bonus of a great Jasmine film as well which I promise you will enjoy! ‘Tis the season to be spanky!

Full SpankingLibrary.com listings HERE

Oh, before I go, I may have promised to show you some piccies of me in the snow so I’ll try and dig some out before Crimbo!
Take care, and if you download the above film, I hope you appreciate it!
Love and spanks. Elizabeth. xXx


Classic Elizabeth!

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Hi everyone, Elizabeth has had some online issues and aked if I’d update her blog but she asked me if I could show you a good movie that she was dominant in and I think I have found the perfect film, I’m sure many of you who are members will have seen this but I have to be honest, I wanted to find something a little different and possibly a few years old that may have missed us by and I think this film does it perfectly!

Remember the film with Joanna caught masturbating? (rather explicitly, I might add…and the intro of this lingers rather long… it’s very naughty and I’m not complaining!) Maybe this image of Joanna below will remind you!

Joanna masturbating

I have also uploaded a special long play streaming clip of Elizabeth’s 1st part of the spanking, which is just classic Simpson as she belittles and verbally assaults Joanna as only Elizabeth knows how to… and of course there is the added bonus of a naked Joanna (who had been close to a genuine climax from fingering herself) who is now placed over Elizabeth’s knee for a hard nasty spanking! I have also included some scenes from this film to remind you as well… I chose this film because it contains all the classic traits of severe discipline and verbal humiliation that Miss Simpson can dish out so well, and of course, seeing joanna play with herself at the beginning and having her spanked naked was another reason – ahem – that I thought you might like ;)

Hope this makes up for Elizabeth not being here for now and serves as a reminder of what she is capable of! I’m hoping she’ll be back online soon, as I’m sure you will all be too! Thanks for reading and have a good day!

jo02 jo05 jo14

jo18 jo19 jo27

jo23 jo30

Check out how Joanna’s bottom got so red in the 2 minute clip below!


Caned and Buggered

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This is Headmaster from SpankingBlogg and Teen-Spankings just letting you know about this little update and how Elizabeth pissed me off so I have dedicated her most humiliating punishment. As way of recompense, she has also (begrudgingly) agreed to talk about this experience over the weekend when she would rather be out drinking and having fun, so she will have time to think on this, I promise!

To those who have never seen this before, you are in for a treat. I have included a fantastic intro where the full extent of what will happen to her unfolds, she is already close to tears and these are very real, believe you me! “Elizabeth, I warned you not to take advantage of my good nature – here is your humiliating punishment!” I expect a full frank response for your legion of fans, and of course you can all view this via the Gallery that is currently available HERE

Elizabeth Simpson Caned & Buggered - click here

You can also read MY side of why I was “forced” to such a decision when I publish my side of why I did this tomorrow, in the meantime I’m sure you will all enjoy seeing Elizabeth in one of her “masterpieces”!

Have a good weekend everyone, “especially you, Elizabeth… get thinking!”


Elizabeth where are you?

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Still no Elizabeth, just me still….sorry again. I will try to get hold of her later and find out about her online situation, I know she wanted her own laptop, obviously…can’t have others seeing what she’s doing, eh? LOL! OK, in case you haven’t seen this here is a great reminder of what Elizabeth was capable of with when she worked with Rosaleen. “Oh no, not another old rehashed Rosaleen movie” I hear you ask, yeah, I know…Rosaleen was great but she’s gone and never coming back and it’s been quite some time now since she left the scene altogether. However, I feel this film deserves a mention and it is a remastered film (naturally) and looks brand spanking new as I think it was only available in a very low playback format since it was filmed about 6 years ago (I actually hadn’t seen this film for ages anyway) and it was never upgraded til now! So it’s well worth checking out and I have got you access to a free clip with Elizabeth being really mean and some great images of the 2 girls together!

Image5 Image9 Image17

Image27 Image39 Image53

You can click on the image below and this will take you to the current free movie clip at CanedSchoolgirls.com – this is a great film and one I recommend you see in its full screen format, never doubt that Elizabeth has a mean streak after watching this film! OK, now to find out when she’s online….laters. Headmaster.

Click below to view this free movie scene
click here to view

This movie of Elizabeth and Rosaleen can be viewed in full at CanedSchoolgirls


New Movies!

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Hiya, I’m sure some of you have seen there’s lots more stuff just been uploaded the last few days, I got a mail to let me know yesterday that thses movies I did were up, they were from that Film Shoot I told you about last time! The new model is called Lucy but it seems they have decided to call her Wendy on the site but that’s not so important, seems I’m a little late on the uptake for my “Angry” film I loved doing. I did ask Headmaster at SpankingBlogg not to do too much of a review but if you want check his last review out, it’s actually pretty good as it covers 3 films that I was in and there’s some great free stuff there! Then come back here and check out my review of my own film Here at SpankMyBottom as I wanted to do that one.

Review at Headmaster’s Blog yesterday – click banner for the review

I’d have got it up yesterday, but I have been out shopping around online and at travel agencies looking for a great last minue get away deal. I’ll be off soon for a short holiday so have asked Headmaster to look after the blog even though I know he bitched at me cos he’s a busy chappie but he said he’d keep it going so I’ll let you know when I’m off (sorry, I won’t say where or when til I get back , I’m such a tease!)


Want to see me Angry? (again!!!)
The below clip you WON’T find anywhere else and I’ve also asked for some preview images that no one else has got yet to make this special! This storyline meant something to me as this actually happened recently. Though it was ME that did the ruining of my expensive top, I was gutted as I had only worn it once, it was a really nice top which I’d seen on Gok Wan’s show in England that lets us girlies dress up looking glam for less and look great, anyways, bloody iron was set too high and the delicate fabric shrivelled, I actually cried out loud!!! You can see me take it out on “Wendy” below and I really enjoyed thrashing her as she was a talkative submissive, I like my girls subdued, so had to whack her that little bit harder to get my point across :)

see me angry here

Actually to be fair, she was a good sport and had a great bottom that took a lot of punishment that day, even I secretly winced when I whacked her a little too hard at one time! So that gives you an idea of what to expect from this lady, you’ll see on film how petite she was as well, but as we say in Britain, “built like a brick shithouse”, lol! She is a tough madame, I hope we work together again sometime! Hopefully I’ve sorted out the images correctly below which show you more of the film!

A02 A03 A04

A05 A06 A07

A08 A09 A10

I’m sure many of you have seen there is a long play intro clip on the home page of SPANKMYBOTTOM and you members are probably already downloading this film as I tippy-type this!

Hope you enjoy these new movies and take care all!
Elizabeth. xxx