Who wants Chowder?

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Well, I did get a text off her majesty (not Queen Elizabeth but Elizabeth Simpson) last night apologising but she does now have a new laptop and will be sorting this out today (I know that feeling when you gotta sort out your data etc so I expect she’ll take another week, lol, only kidding!)

As I wasn’t expecting to write here again for a while I thought I’d better update it with something amusing and a little spanking off topic but I hope you’ll like it as I have the hots for this girl and I know Elizabeth has mentioned her to me in the past so I hope she doesn’t mind!!! I’m sure you won’t!

OK, first up, this will hopefully make you laugh, from probably the BEST adult (it’s far too clever for the kids) cartoon on the planet “Family Guy” comes this classic where dumb Peter makes a bet who can last the longest without puking to win the last slice of apple pie…after taking “Ipecac” (that’s something to make you puke very quickly!!!) the question has to be asked….”Why??” LOL! If that doesn’t make you smile….go take some Ipecac!

“Oh God, please make it stop….blurrrrhhhh!” LOL!

OK, moving swiftly on, I’m sure you have all heard of the delightful Michaela McGowen? Most of her work (and it’s alot) can be found at Firmhandspanking.com and they usually do a series of films, Miss McGowen is currently in her “Legal Penalties” series and, oh, I just wanna scoop her up and hold her, she’s so adorable…such a cute little accent, a great little actress and of course, has an ass to die for…she also can take quite a beating on that fine derriere, which of course is why I love her stuff! Check out some full size images below and I’ve got a link to a the first part of the movie that shows you just why I rate Michaela so much!

legal_d001 legal_d002

legal_d005 legal_d011

legal_d014 legal_d024

Michaela’s incompetence has lost her law firm more business and her Boss knows just how to take it out on her, can’t say I blame her! This clothes brush is basically as effective as any nasty wooden paddle! Check out the free clip presentation below: (note Michaela’s comment on 36 seconds in…heh heh)

click here to view

Check out more of Michaela in this present series and the other stunning girls with some more free content only from Firmhandspanking.com

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Oh, and a big pre “welcome back” to Elizabeth S very soon!
Regards, Headmaster.