Tawdry Hens Night

February 16, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →

I took off the weekend and headed to London for my friend Rachel’s hen night last week. The twelve of us got dolled up and ventured out on the town for a bit of rowdy fun. We had a boisterous dinner and then entertained ourselves with a naughty treasure hunt before heading to the hotel. My team needed to get pictures of a bloke’s bum, sexy lingerie for the bride, a trannie’s shoe, a pair of nipple clamps, nappies (baby diapers), a photo kiss and a piece of chocolate that resembled a sex toy; we didn’t win, but we had an outrageous time playing.

Back at the hotel we continued our night of debauchery with several drinking games, a visit from a very intoxicating stripper couple (having a man and woman strip each other and make out with and flirt with each other and us was so incredibly hot) and then…..

We jokingly convinced the uninhibited bride to be, Rachel, that she should show us her moves for the honeymoon. It didn’t take long and Rachel gave us a shy and erotic striptease. Even though we were thoroughly sloshed, we persuaded her to take several racy photos as a gift for her soon to be hubby. Everyone stripped down to their skivvies and joined in on the pictures. Rachel hastily jumped across my lap for a sexy spanking picture and I must admit, it was a spanking I enjoyed giving :) Rachel you have a fantastic bottom!

In the end, it was an unforgettable weekend, that I paid very dearly for on Sunday.

The pictures turned out surprisingly well considering our state and Rachel has agreed to let us post some of them on Girls Bottom. She kept some of the spanking and more personal pictures to give James on their wedding night. So to Rachel and James, I wish you the very best in the future and may your life together be filled with adventure, love and some very naughty memories!

Look for the photos of Rachel’s striptease on Girls Bottom in the upcoming weeks. Until then, here is a sneak preview.

Hugs, Kisses and Aspirin

Rachel's Strip Tease Rachel's Strip Tease

Rachel's Strip Tease Rachel's Strip Tease