Every Valentine Needs a Spanking

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In honour of Valentine’s Day, I have found a Valentine’s spanking video for you from Marked Butts.  I hope everyone has a surprising day full of naughty and nice :)

To see more videos like this visit MarkedButts.com


Marked Butts - Bratty Valentine's Day Spanking Marked Butts - Bratty Valentine's Day Spanking

Marked Butts - Bratty Valentine's Day Spanking Marked Butts - Bratty Valentine's Day Spanking


Foolish Elizabeth!

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Sorry, it’s me again :(    – I was wondering what had happened to Elizabeth so I texted her yesterday to ask when she was updating the blog (since she’s been back from her holiday over a week now) and she apologised to me and told me her laptop was broken (Don’t ask me why…but it explains why there’s nothing from her, so I replied to her I’d just keep it going until she gets her act together – but at a price) and mentioned I’d highlight this film below, which I think I did once before on here, but for those who haven’t seen any of it, please check it out! I promise it’s worth watching and the comedy lines that explain what is happening to her…surely Elizabeth at her worst…LOL!!!

drunken clip - click here

The important points of the 3 minute movie clip are captured below! Enjoy! Elizabeth won’t be seeing any of this for a while, heh heh! I bet she can’t remember making it either judging by the state of her slurred speech and swaying when she was stood up!!

drunk01 drunk02 drunk03

drunk04 drunk05 drunk06

drunk07 drunk08 drunk10

drunk11 drunk12 drunk13

You can only download this at SpankingTunes.com

OK, I’m being a bit naughty, but I could have posted the time she was buggered and caned but that’s a little but too much nowadays…have a good weekend everyone, and in a shameless plug for my Spanking Tube – don’t forget to check it out and bookmark it as I update there daily with content from all over the spanking interwebs!