Valentine’s Hinting

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I have been feeling naughty this month, almost goading my husband into punishing me.  I am not sure if it is cabin fever from the weather or the never ending to-do lists, but I can’t seem to reach that point of relief.  I really need a good thrashing and a little foul play to put me at ease.  It is curious how a good punishment can put you right back on track to feeling like yourself.

This week we are searching for some new implements to have on hand for shoots and I have picked a few that I can’t wait to play with.  Our models don’t know what they are in for.

In the meantime, I found a few I would like to have at home and have been hinting around to dear hubby, what a wonderful addition they might make to our collection.  I want something for the romantic spankings, the ones we use for foreplay that inevitably lead to fun and naughtyness. MMmm, just imagining the fun we can have is making we want to forget the dishes and go play.

Here are a few pictures of items I picked out for myself, next week I will post some pictures of implements you will be seeing in new shoots.  I promise if I get something fun, I will post some pictures of what it is capable of.

What naughty implements are you hoping to get a taste of on Valentine’s?


Argentinian Flogger, flat-braided

Argentinian Flogger Braided from McHurt

Vintage riding whip from McHurt

Vintage riding whip from McHurt

Cushioned Crop with Short Padding - Bastinado from McHurt

Cushioned Crop with Short Padding - Bastinado from McHurt


Xmas Spanko Specials

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Sorry I’ve been away, but I’ve been so busy with all the Crimbo Shopping and I’m still not finished but I got asked if I’d do something a little Xmassy so I remembered this movie released last year to celebrate Xmas and wondered if it had been reviewed before because I don’t think it really was. So forgive me for blathering on but I’m going to run you all through this long play movie which is nearly an hour long and the total size is a massive eye watering 800Mb! “Xmas with Mr Peters” – my nemesis! Luckily for my poor bottom the punishment is shared with 3 other long missed spanko friends – Kara Jayne (who plays schoolgirl Burton), Nat (Harker) and Chloe who played schoolgirl Sutton. I still remember this film with a sort of fondness as it was quite an epic. (We all went out and got horribly drunk afterwards, it was filmed in Denmark many years ago and I can tell you us naughty girlies thrashed the wallets of the webmaster that night heh heh).

Us opening our presents early when we weren’t supposed to!

Well, I had to ask for access to check out this film and there is also a sweet double bonus as there is also a film of the lovely Jasmine too, and she’s being very naughty in her sparcely decorated room, but today I want to talk about this classic movie that you can only download as a pay per view/download to keep forever from HERE

The guys said show them loads of free images and I asked if they could make me a couple of clips with yours truly thrashed by evil Mr Peters who started out being unusually kind and quite festive but soon showed his horrible nature and he had his way with all us girlies until we were practically blubbing!!! (Mind you, we did try and open the presents he gave us early!) So thanks to my hard working hubby for grabbing a few scenes so you lucky people can see it here as my special treat for all you people this Yuletide! He’s being nice to me cos if he wants the roast Turkey and all the trimmings soon – then I’m the boss at the mo, lol!

Image48 Image56 Image61

Image68 Image85 Image87

Image102 Image104 Image127

click here to play

Image152 Image156 Image159

I actually loved the scenes with all us girls lined up. I remember that we had to cut a few times because a couple of us were a little tipsy and giggly (yes I’m guilty!) and the whole thing was a little surreal as if you were in the presence of that Mr Peters character, it would be a mixture of pure dread, horror and also feeling of sheer pity for such a pathetic but frightening individual! Apparently, he was based on a real life person, I often wondered if he was a member of my site of any other – heh heh. Mr Peters found a variety of embarrassing positions for us to be spanked paddled and caned in, and his verbal comments were designed to further shame us, I remember being really submissive in this film once the film was in full flow – “Do this, do that, bend over here, shut up there, quickly… QUICKLY!” and so on… I was a shambles! I’m so rude, I haven’t introduced you to the other girls! Kara Jayne and Natasha were really given a hard time (below) nat’s botty could take a horrific thrashing, I always remember being impressed!

KJ Natasha
Kara Jayne (left) and Natasha on the right

Pretty Chloe got a real hard thrashing which I also had to endure :(
Chloe me

Watching this movie brings it all back – we had such fun but, boy, was it really hard work too!!! Remember I said I liked the multi girl scenes when we were all lined up together? Lot’s of yelping and bickering as well as a non stop barrage from twisted “tight pants” Peters!

Just check out the movie clip below when he is still angry at us not owning up as to who opened the Xmas presents, we are all lying on the floor, legs up and he is barking his inane ramblings at us as we are all given a paddling and spanking. Mad!

click here to play

Image188 Image204 Image221

Image223 Image230 Image234

I forgot to tell you we all refused to admit opening the presents until Mr Peters was relentless and then Mr Wetherall came in too which meant more mayhem as both of them had their way with us all withthe cane and paddle! The finale was a laugh as we ended with some cheesy music, I think it came from Black Beauty, anyone remember that? You can see we were all ready for the bars and a massive booze up!!!

Image247 Image249 Image249

Right, where’s that bottle of vodka?

Another mad bad film which we all loved making from way back, anyway, it is, I think, only available to download HERE at – and what’s more, there is also the bonus of a great Jasmine film as well which I promise you will enjoy! ‘Tis the season to be spanky!

Full listings HERE

Oh, before I go, I may have promised to show you some piccies of me in the snow so I’ll try and dig some out before Crimbo!
Take care, and if you download the above film, I hope you appreciate it!
Love and spanks. Elizabeth. xXx


One of my favourite sub movies

November 06, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates No Comments →

I was recently asked if I could recall a favourite movie that I had subbed in that the xerotics boys had made and I told them the “Thrashed PA” film where I got a deserved OTK spanking and a licking with the strap and cane for being so bloody useless! PA is a “Personal Assistant”, I’m sure you all know those high flying execs etc need a glorified secretary to organize all their business shcedules and so on! Now can you imagine a scatter-brain like me being able to do that? Nope! I loved doing this film as it reminded me of one of my first jobs (it was a secretarial/admin type job where I had to report to a boss so in effect was a cheapy sort of PA, and I was crap at it, LOL!) I actually quit before I got fired… so playing this role brought it all back! At the time it felt like a sort of penence (that seems to be my buzz word at the mo!)

All movies including the one I’m letting you know about are here

Anyway, check out this movie, it’s now available as a special cheap one off if you’ve never seen it or never viewed the members area of my site then you can download this film as a one off for just $5 (about 3 Quid now, what’s happening to the Dollar again?) Even if you have seen it in thre past, they have a nice freebie clip of me getting my botty whupped :D

Hope you all have a great weekend, we had a disastrous Fireworks Night, it rained so hard we just stayed indoors, maybe we’ll let off our fireworks tonight since the weather is a lot better now (typical!)
Elizabeth. xXx


Up late rambling & drunk

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Hey, just getting absolutely blitzed on my nice 2nd bottle of red tonight,so sorry if I dont correct my typos, im feelin quite drunk and if I was speaking I know i’d be slurring heheh so you should be able to read my insane or inane or whatever ramblings they are. Its wiekrd being back writing somethign as I havent done this for an age thanks to my clumsyness but I was actually punished for it in private, which I will tell you about before I quickly show you somethign I saw at another site with me in it.

So to get my new (and cheapy!) laptop, it’s some budget Acer thing but it does the job. Him who thinks he knows it all won’t allow me to get something expensive anymore and I was told that I could have the laptop if I submitted to a slipper and caning in our bedroom. I got cocky and refused, and as my cards are maxed out I couldn’t even get one on the sly. The bastard had me, didn’t he? So I gave in after 4 days. I have to tell you I really hated his smug grin, his stupid smile as he triumphed and got his way. It would have made a great film but alas poor people, it is not to be, but I hope you can imagine what I went through. It really bloody hurt and my bum was very sore, I hadn’t been punished for months, I felt like a newbie all over again and even had a tear in my eye. I have to say I really am fully dominant now, I can’t handle the pain anymore, where before a few yaers ago I’d be like “bring it on peeps!”

As I was quickly surfing around with my Spankpass codes I came across this movie, in my drunken state I don’t knwo if you have seen it or if I have talked about it but it is called Wendy and her Bottom. She auditions in her white SOL top and panties to see if she can take a caning. poor thing, she was really sore as she had been filming most of the day and this was, I think, one of the last films and her bottom was really getting red and I know how that felt, I actually took a little pity on her near the end and gave her welted striped botty a good rub so we could continue, only I kept rubbing it as it felt good, lol

Hopefully I dont mess up how to do this centering thing and clip cutting which I got tuition from Headmaster (he’s a grumpy git with no patience for hissy primadonnas like me heheh) so here goes nothing, clip below followe dby some images from this scene

click to play
click wendy’s bottom to play this wmv movie clip

wendy2 wendy3

wendy4 wendy5

wendy6 wendy7

I have to say Wendy was a fair sport and she really took a hell of a punishment all day, I actually eased off a bit but the strokes, as you can tell from the state of her botty still hurt her as she was feeling it and needed rubbing to ease that awful pain I know so well! Gotta admit I do get off on inflicting it as I know what it feels like, it’s a power thing for me now, but here I showed some mercy, that felt good too! I hope I don’;t make a habit of it with girls out there wimping on me, Wendy got the full rubbing treatment as she had been filming all day! Ok, I am sure I’m rambling and I will be horrified when I look at this post after I get over my ineviatble hangover, so I will bid you goodnight and you can check this movie at SpankingOnline

Ok, now to finished off my bottle of vino then go and see if Mister Big, who I can hear snoring upstairs wants some drunken fun (he loves being woken up by an all womanly princess like me)as I’m feeling horny, shhh, goodnight! :D


Elizabeth’s Detention Misery!

August 04, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk 6 Comments →

Sorry I didn’t get back sooner, I had been trying to set up my own little TUBE SITE which is now up and running and I am adding new movies everyday to it so pretty soon it will become a great place to visit (check it out after this) TEEN SPANKING TUBE

Ok, plug over, to make amends, I tracked down Detention Misery in my hard drive and found it and – WOW! I had forgotten this little classic! No wonder you lovely pervs demanded to see it or find out more, Elizabeth looked stunning in her uniform, didn’t she? & what a horrid punishment! No doubt she will be suitably mortified that we are discussing a film she made over 8 years ago, but that’s the price she pays for sunning it up somewhere hot on a Greek Island (jealous…moi? Whilst I slave away at my day job for peanuts and worry about how the hell I’m going to afford to go away on holiday myself?…of course not! LOL!)


Click on the image below and it will lead to her horrendous Hand Punishment scene, this was after she had been waiting for detention, told to remove her knickers and was slippered over a chair, her bottom sticking out high in the air which I know Elizabeth HATED doing, which is why she was in that position – then punished with that nasty hairbrush, however, as she rubbed her bottom she got a really hard dose of it on her hands as a lesson not to!

click here to view

This scene continues and Elizabeth is visably upset and her ordeal isn’t over, she is then caned stood upright getting some very hard strokes that she always used to take, all in all, one of her best films by far and thansk for allowing me to let those of you who have not seen it to share this moment with you! I couldn’t find the original screen grabs, so I made my own, they’re not as good as the originals but you get the idea! (The gallery below is centred, Elizabeth…I shall be lecturing you on that when you’re back!!!)

detention01 detention02 detention03 detention04

detention05 detention06 detention07 detention08

detention09 detention10 detention11 detention12

The FULL Movie can be viewed st SpankMyBottom

OK, the movie was a little before my time, but I do remember talking to Elizabeth about these series of films a few years back and of course at the time this was filmed she was Webmaster’s favourite girl (need I explain more?) and he would often grope or grab her innapropriately (there’s a scene I have protected Elizabeth’s modesty from earlier in the above movie – so those of you who have it will know what I mean, eh? Anyway, there is a definite chemistry you can see between these 2…such was young love in those halcyon days. A lot of the movie plots were scripted and discussed in advance but there was an awful lot of impromptu stuff like the hand thrashing scene where she was told NOT to rub her bottom…and because it hurt so much, she did…she got that awful punishment as well! Fair play to Elizabeth, she took a lot of punishment and you could see she was genuinely submissive and  I think, at this time had barely begun to explore her dominant side she has now fully embraced!

So, any more films?
I promise to get back sooner, let’s have another old classic, or perhaps want me to discuss something else about Elizabeth, if I have the info, that is…OK, back soon.

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