Valentine’s Hinting

February 11, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 6 Comments →

I have been feeling naughty this month, almost goading my husband into punishing me.  I am not sure if it is cabin fever from the weather or the never ending to-do lists, but I can’t seem to reach that point of relief.  I really need a good thrashing and a little foul play to put me at ease.  It is curious how a good punishment can put you right back on track to feeling like yourself.

This week we are searching for some new implements to have on hand for shoots and I have picked a few that I can’t wait to play with.  Our models don’t know what they are in for.

In the meantime, I found a few I would like to have at home and have been hinting around to dear hubby, what a wonderful addition they might make to our collection.  I want something for the romantic spankings, the ones we use for foreplay that inevitably lead to fun and naughtyness. MMmm, just imagining the fun we can have is making we want to forget the dishes and go play.

Here are a few pictures of items I picked out for myself, next week I will post some pictures of implements you will be seeing in new shoots.  I promise if I get something fun, I will post some pictures of what it is capable of.

What naughty implements are you hoping to get a taste of on Valentine’s?


Argentinian Flogger, flat-braided

Argentinian Flogger Braided from McHurt

Vintage riding whip from McHurt

Vintage riding whip from McHurt

Cushioned Crop with Short Padding - Bastinado from McHurt

Cushioned Crop with Short Padding - Bastinado from McHurt


A Few Cane Strokes *Movie Clip*

November 13, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 2 Comments →

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Indignant Worrying Look!

October 23, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →

One of my least fav positions when being spanked has to be when Im laid flat. For some reason it always hurts more than when Im touching my toes. With the touching toes theme your bottom is alot tighter and so for some reason it makes the whole thing easier to cope with. I did a scene the other year where I was made to lie flat over the bed. My jeans were pulled down exposing my behind and laid next to me were a strap and cane! It was one of those few moments that I was concerned about the pain level. I was also quite miffed they made go in the position as the crew know just how much I hate it .. lol. So I was kind of cocky and indignant. However not being one to shy away I took my punishment like a good girl :) Did it hurt ? Hell yes! Also you bum moves more when your like that which adds around 100 points to the embarresment factor …. oh the trials of a spanking model. Below pic is from the movie “Strapped Before Bed” …. I knew you would like that ;) Spanks Elizabeth x

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