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Hello again!

December 10, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Special Offers 6 Comments →

Hiya, I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who left messages of support and though I dont want to go into detail, I feel safe enough to post here again and to be honest, I missed blogging even though I am currently away with family and doing my Crimbo shopping, there’s only so many shopping days left you know!

Thanks to Headmaster and the staff (well, hubby) at SMB who have helped me recently – It’s been a while, I was planning on letting you see me in our recent snow here in England… maybe i will, but I also wanted to share with you something I might (I said I might!) do which is star in a film again as a sub! Hubby (you know – he who thinks must be obeyed) has been hassling me and cajoling me to do a film and rather than hear him whine on and on (it really is pitiful) I might give in and do a film… not sure yet when and where, but we’ll see, anyway, I just wanted to share that with my readers here first!

Back soon. Hugs.
Elizabeth. xXx


Spankumentary “Candid Talk”

October 14, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates, Special Offers 2 Comments →

Hello, Headmaster here just adding something to Elizabeth’s blog, she had requested if I could do a quick review of a film she co-starred in, I think she was being lazy as she’d have to do the graphics etc. but I agreed when she got me full access to the new movie she was involved with.

“Anyway”, I said, ”What film?” … Elizabeth proceeded to tell me there is a brand new movie just released at and she had to call me as she wasn’t making sense on MSN! “What’s the matter?” I enquired, she was giggling as she recalled the insane film that she had thought they were only messing around with at the end of a film shoot earlier this year, but “Oh no” – it’s out and members are now happily downloading the “mockumentary” called Candid Talk where she and her mad hubby Bernard explain to an incredulous interviewer their bizarre lifestyle.

candid talk

In fact, it’s the “nutjob hubby” who does all the talking, the sort of strange fellow that likes to hear his own voice and woe betide any foolish female to “butt in” when he is on one of his rants about the “feral youth of today!” he proceeds to proudly show off his array of “weapons of correction” a frightening collection of straps tawses and canes whilst ranting on about discipline in the home! The interviewer keeps a calm demeanor however Elizabeth can hardly contain her fits of giggles… which of course doesn’t impress Bernard (Elizabeth may be a dominant nowadays, but she still takes old fashioned spanking behind closed doors) and the look he gives her during this interview implies she’s for it later!!!

Click on the thumbs below for larger images to the film scenes
candid01 candid02 candid03


Jodie Carnell & Hannah Crawford play the Simpsons’ urchins, Trish & Brenda…

candid05 candid06

candid07 candid08

That’s more like it, teenagers thrashed on their bare bottoms – to the amazement and astonishment of the interviewer and cameramen… does this sort of behaviour still go on in homes around Britain today? I shan’t entirely spoil what members can now download at SpankingDigital but as you’ll see from this final scene Bernard isn’t happy when the interviewer wants to ask more in depth questions… I think we need to thoroughly investigate this fellow further!

candid talk - free clip here

You can see the Latest Movie at SpankingDigital HERE

P.S.) If you have checked out the home page of this site you might also see that there are other films starring Elizabeth Simpson that she takes a far more dominant role in – well worth a peek, I’d say! Thanks for reading this review of the latest film with Miss Simpson that is out now to download. OK, Elizabeth, I’ve done my bit, get yer butt back here and entertain your army of fans, they don’t want to read my ramblings… :D
Regards, Headmaster.

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I’m such a tease!

July 09, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Special Offers 1 Comment →

Yes, I did enjoy making that film with Sally which is out now at SpankedSchoolgirl and I hope you all realise I had to perform some un natural sex acts to get this clip to you as it’s not shown anywhere else, so I have a little exclusive, I have to got wash my hair again after I write this, it’s everywhere, but that’s another sordid story lol!

So check me out as I prepare for giving young Sal her hairbrushing, they are so cruel with those camera angles, you can see my bottom wiggling with excitement, I actually couldn’t wait to use that hairbrush on her sore red botty that I had just warmed up!

click here

That’s very nice as I’m sure you’ll agree, I also happened to notice that they have added a special lower site entry to my own site which is about 9-10 Dollars to view my stuff at SpankMyBottom if you prefer that for a limited time!
OK, I hope you all have a nice weekend, summer feels like it’s here again and I shall say good luck to the Dutch on Sunday in the World Cup even though I don’t like football I can understand what a big thing it is. We’re off to some friends who are having a BBQ and I have volunteered to help with the food during the Final whilst all our fellas drink themselves silly as the football bit doesn’t interest me (hey, I’m a woman! I prefer shopping for shoes!)

Elizabeth. xxx


No Knickers and Red Bottoms

February 25, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Special Offers 6 Comments →

Hiya everyone
I’ve been a bit tardy with writing anything, guess what, that stupid laptop I had again sort of died on me, fortunately I hadn’t had much spanko stuff on it so got it sent back to PC World (yikes I hope I got most of my browsng habits off it…heh heh, anyway, I’m here, they didn’t looks at me funny when I went back after they it out). Seems it wasn’t my fault and they gave me a replacement, anyway, this one seems to be ok, touchwood.

Oh God where do I start? Well, some of you might have seen there is a brand new movie with me at SpankMyBottom and it’s a funny movie, with the lovely Anita over my knee for a spanking! She is being told off by me and I tell her it’s time for a spanking across her panties, only she gets upset and evasive…I find out why because the dirty slut isn’t wearing any knickers underneath her school skirt! Cue a good hard spanking and of course some nasty verbage from me!

This is an early intro clip I have uploaded for you – CLICK HERE

Image8 Image13


Yes, that last pic has Anita with knickers on, well that’s her coming back next day showing off to the cameras before her “inspection” Doesn’t she have a beautiful minnie? I am starting to worry in my advancing years if i’m turning into a mincing bi “cougar” as the Americans love saying (I love that expression, cougar, so much better than MiLF lol). I forgot to say there’s a barmy clip of Anita on my HOME PAGE HERE of this movie!

Before I disappear (gotta make the tea tonight) I wanted to let you see this naughty gallery from one of the newer sites THEBAREBOTTOM that has 2 girls, Hannah and Justine (I think her name is) who spank each other and show off each others bottoms, lots of girly stuff and plenty of gratuitous red bottom rubbing mmm. Aint spanking naughty?


Back soon (promise) must go prepare the chilli con carne, or i’ll be in trouble!!
Elizabeth. xxx