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Xmas Spanko Specials

December 21, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 3 Comments →

Sorry I’ve been away, but I’ve been so busy with all the Crimbo Shopping and I’m still not finished but I got asked if I’d do something a little Xmassy so I remembered this movie released last year to celebrate Xmas and wondered if it had been reviewed before because I don’t think it really was. So forgive me for blathering on but I’m going to run you all through this long play movie which is nearly an hour long and the total size is a massive eye watering 800Mb! “Xmas with Mr Peters” – my nemesis! Luckily for my poor bottom the punishment is shared with 3 other long missed spanko friends – Kara Jayne (who plays schoolgirl Burton), Nat (Harker) and Chloe who played schoolgirl Sutton. I still remember this film with a sort of fondness as it was quite an epic. (We all went out and got horribly drunk afterwards, it was filmed in Denmark many years ago and I can tell you us naughty girlies thrashed the wallets of the webmaster that night heh heh).

Us opening our presents early when we weren’t supposed to!

Well, I had to ask for access to check out this film and there is also a sweet double bonus as there is also a film of the lovely Jasmine too, and she’s being very naughty in her sparcely decorated room, but today I want to talk about this classic movie that you can only download as a pay per view/download to keep forever from HERE

The guys said show them loads of free images and I asked if they could make me a couple of clips with yours truly thrashed by evil Mr Peters who started out being unusually kind and quite festive but soon showed his horrible nature and he had his way with all us girlies until we were practically blubbing!!! (Mind you, we did try and open the presents he gave us early!) So thanks to my hard working hubby for grabbing a few scenes so you lucky people can see it here as my special treat for all you people this Yuletide! He’s being nice to me cos if he wants the roast Turkey and all the trimmings soon – then I’m the boss at the mo, lol!

Image48 Image56 Image61

Image68 Image85 Image87

Image102 Image104 Image127

click here to play

Image152 Image156 Image159

I actually loved the scenes with all us girls lined up. I remember that we had to cut a few times because a couple of us were a little tipsy and giggly (yes I’m guilty!) and the whole thing was a little surreal as if you were in the presence of that Mr Peters character, it would be a mixture of pure dread, horror and also feeling of sheer pity for such a pathetic but frightening individual! Apparently, he was based on a real life person, I often wondered if he was a member of my site of any other – heh heh. Mr Peters found a variety of embarrassing positions for us to be spanked paddled and caned in, and his verbal comments were designed to further shame us, I remember being really submissive in this film once the film was in full flow – “Do this, do that, bend over here, shut up there, quickly… QUICKLY!” and so on… I was a shambles! I’m so rude, I haven’t introduced you to the other girls! Kara Jayne and Natasha were really given a hard time (below) nat’s botty could take a horrific thrashing, I always remember being impressed!

KJ Natasha
Kara Jayne (left) and Natasha on the right

Pretty Chloe got a real hard thrashing which I also had to endure :(
Chloe me

Watching this movie brings it all back – we had such fun but, boy, was it really hard work too!!! Remember I said I liked the multi girl scenes when we were all lined up together? Lot’s of yelping and bickering as well as a non stop barrage from twisted “tight pants” Peters!

Just check out the movie clip below when he is still angry at us not owning up as to who opened the Xmas presents, we are all lying on the floor, legs up and he is barking his inane ramblings at us as we are all given a paddling and spanking. Mad!

click here to play

Image188 Image204 Image221

Image223 Image230 Image234

I forgot to tell you we all refused to admit opening the presents until Mr Peters was relentless and then Mr Wetherall came in too which meant more mayhem as both of them had their way with us all withthe cane and paddle! The finale was a laugh as we ended with some cheesy music, I think it came from Black Beauty, anyone remember that? You can see we were all ready for the bars and a massive booze up!!!

Image247 Image249 Image249

Right, where’s that bottle of vodka?

Another mad bad film which we all loved making from way back, anyway, it is, I think, only available to download HERE at – and what’s more, there is also the bonus of a great Jasmine film as well which I promise you will enjoy! ‘Tis the season to be spanky!

Full listings HERE

Oh, before I go, I may have promised to show you some piccies of me in the snow so I’ll try and dig some out before Crimbo!
Take care, and if you download the above film, I hope you appreciate it!
Love and spanks. Elizabeth. xXx


Want to see me REALLY pissed off???

June 16, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 3 Comments →

As I mentioned previously there was a new movie being uploaded at (they have told me that there are new movies going up there all the time now) and I smiled when I found out this movie was being put there as it’s one of my favourites as I remember Sabrina very well, she was great to work with and I REALLY loved spanking her big beautiful bottom!

There’s a nice preview at the image below

Want to know a secret? I really was in a foul mood that day as well…you know the sort of days when you don’t really want to be doing what I was doing that day….I think it was one of those impromtu film shoots and I had already planned on doing something else so was a bit miffed. he had to grovel to me later…which was nice!!! Anyway, i was in a perfect mood for humiliating impertinent young madams like Sabrina and I think it showed!


Now how about a nice hard caning!

August 18, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 4 Comments →

Most of  you know I like hard caning giving and taking. Giving especially to naughty brats dressed in school uniform. Found the below to my taste that I though I must share with you all. Dont know the models names but looks like she can take a hell of a whacking. I dont think I ever spanked her ? I do know she got it hard from Miss Valkerie in a eye watering movie I saw yonkkers ago. Anyway spank the thumb below to be transported to the caning movie download page :) Oh and title of the movie is called “Thrashed At School” original Huh? lol. Producers have to be running out of names for movies by now! xxx Elizabeth

P.s was reading a site today with bits posted from Friends Reunited about school memories …. naughty of me I know but it was funny to read about all those now mums talking about how they used to get their bums whacked caned and slippered at school. Made me well er … wet. Ok enough I need a drink. Hugs n Spanks again Elizabeth x


OK Lets See Some Classic Rosaleen Young

August 11, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 6 Comments →

Heylo all a few years ago I did a shoot with Miss Young who came with a bag load of outfits. Without doubt many of the scenes we did together were in part her, my or one of each others fantasys kind of coming real. One of the scenes we did was Rosaleen dressed as a maid , the story line is well ok very tongue in cheek , she was spanked I think for munching on a banana, lol ,but the shots of her gulping on the fruit open up ones imagination if you know what I mean … but hey that’s just my opinion is it not? ;)   Anyway surprise surprise I see this movie has been re-released on another site apparently fully re edited. Funny to see it though, and brings back some very nice memories of time spent smacking and caning Rosaleen’s superb bottom. Below is a photo set and video clip from “Maid For Discipline” …. oh the good old days. Spanks Elizabeth xxx




Spanking Site News Anyone ?

August 01, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 9 Comments →

Well its been a busy time it seems in the world of online spanking. Im always surprised to see my face pop up on other sites probably due to the fact that in the past I have shot alot of movies. One of the guys I worked for in the past has been busy with a new site which deals on with OTK spankings.

Not a cane or slipper in sight it seems lol. So im giving him the heads up to let you know about the site here, plus it has a Rosaleen Young movie I shot around 100 years ago called “Maid For Spanking” I think its been re-edited but have not downloaded it yet to see. Anyway Kudos here and you can check out the site below … ( in case your wondering ;)

Now onto other news. One of the scenes I love most is as you know schoolgirl so was delighted in more ways that one to see Naughty Catholic Schoolgirls preview ;) It has Hannah Crawford starring in it with her adorable bottom which I have had the pleasure in Spanking myself :) Also a birdy tells me that she is now back from an extended holiday and will be coming in for a new video shoot.

My name is top of the list to be in one of the vids with her. I really enjoyed dealing with this minx a true uppety teenager who really could be taught a lesson or 10 about self discipline! See im ranting again ;) Also my backside is in the studio asap seems like they have been delays due to summer hols etc everyone is away ( apart from me :( – will keep you posted on that. So enjoy the free gallery and vid clip from Naughty Catholic Schoolgirls see link below. Spanks & Be Good Or ELSE! Simpson xxxx

Click To View Photo Set >


( check out the way she pulls down those horrid blue schoolgirl knickers … which might I add every school girl should wear!!! )

Click To View Video Clip >


Hard Canings Sore Botty

July 20, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 20 Comments →

Hey guys and girls im back … I should have told you all but I booked a last minute holiday and got a price I could not resist. 7 days of Sun n Sangria and as of yet no Swine Flu ;) I am busy catching up on all emails and big Sorrys for no message before I departed. Anyway first I see my site has been updated in my absence for those not in the know hint hint its The latest movie is with the ver naughty Paige getting whacked by yours truly in “Testing 12″ you might already know her bottom by one of my other movies “Sticky Fingers Sore Bottom” as a reminder check out the free clip from this below :)

Click below to view Free Clip :

Oh and for those suffering with the world wide cred crunch my site is currently on offer at a whoppingly low $9.95 -) full access!

Anyway thats enough about that onto other stuff mainly a really nice clip I found which has what I think is a real scorcher of a caning. Emily Brewster I think the young Ladys name is. But I like these kinds of movies where the girl jumps up – yells – crys out load and such n such. Its worth watching if you like the harder kind of material ;) Enjoy the below and now I must get my bottom back to work Hugs Elizabeth x

Click Image To View The Caning :


Some Rather Nice Spanking Clips

July 07, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 8 Comments →

Hello all I have been doing my usual rounds of seeing whats new and naughty on the net, and lucky for you have grouped together a few links with some nice free clips and pics that took my fancy.  No complaining now … enjoy them for what they are … I know I did :) Hugs Elizabeth x










June 28, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 9 Comments →

Oh gosh I have just seen a clip from an old Rosaleen Young movie … seems like the Xerotics editor is pulling in all kinds of scenes from the archives. This one though is … well er you make your own mind up! It shows Miss Young actually really at break point when a cane stroke hit very very low as you will see by the bruise on her leg. But GOSH again dont she look just Yumshush with her bottle green knickers peeled down exposing her perfect Schoolgirls bottom. I Miss caning & spanking her :( this one though left me soaking lol if you know what I mean ;) Naughtily yours – Elizabeth xx


And also below a few thumbs of Rosaleens very sore caned bottom

oucher3 oucher2 oucher1



New Movie “Too Many Cuts”

June 22, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 11 Comments →

Well alot of you have been calling for my bottom to get some of the treatment that I have been dishing out the past month or 2. Well happy to say today you can enjoy my new video Too Many Cuts. Its kind of like a Real Spank series that I have done in the past.  I was in trouble for attending a small shoot with a banging hangover and even though I wasnt getting spanked much I kept calling CUT! Lol I just couldnt get my words out and when I did they were fluffed! In the end with everyone peeved at me I had to drop ma knickers and take my medicine. Always more embaressing this way for some reason :( any way a few pics from the below for you all to gawp at. Oh and the powers that be over at Xerotics head office have are running a Special Offer for SpankMyBottom – $9.95 gets you and you can download all you want. Rant over Spanks Simpson! XXX

cutz03 cutz02 cutz01



Video Clip Old Fashion Methods Work

June 07, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 11 Comments →

Well hell all I thought it was high time a offered a new clip of yours truly in “mum” mode giving a damn good hiding to a disobedient teenager! Never think your to old and all that :) Below clip is taken from the video “Old Fashion Methods Work” which might I add they still do ;) Spanks n enjoy Simpson x


Download This Full Movie From