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Remember this?

January 22, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 1 Comment →

Hopefully Elizabeth is away filming, I have no idea as I left her a mail asking if she could get some “behind the scenes” stuff and any info on new girls that she said they were working with, which would be nice. I found this a while back and you probably haven’t seen this as it was posted several years ago so enjoy a few scenes behind the camera, it looks very different, doesn’t it?

I will let you know (or maybe Elizabeth will when she is back, whenever that is) about any new stuff she has filmed though it would be better coming from her mouth, of course!


Spanking Shoot Update

January 08, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 9 Comments →

Hiya all, rather than twiddle your thumbs wondering where the heck or if I was gonna be online, I am still around, I must admit I still feel a bit cagey after the “nutter incident” but I won’t let assholes like him dictate how I live, eh girls? Sadly the pics I had of me in the snow were a bit revealing of my area I live in and hubby suggested I don’t post em, so sorry for that! But the good news is I am STILL on for a film shoot where I will get my bottom spanked again on film, I’ll probably only do a  couple as I want to Domme also.

Details are still sketchy, I will know probably next week when it is but have been told to be available on or around 20 or 21st of this month, I like the mystery and not knowing who or what will happen. Anyway, just wanted to share it with you all. I’ll let you know more as and when and am going to ask the guys to take a few behind the scenes images which are always nice so I can post them on here and make it interesting.

In the meantime, I just saw an old Sasha Harvey movie that has resurfaced, though it is on OTKspank (it did have an OTK scene but I remember this for the strapping). I remember her getting massively strapped in this, I was one of the behind the scenes people gasping as Sasha took an almighty strapping and her bottom ended up cherry red!

Hugs n Winces, Elizabeth. xXx