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Movie Update News!

November 29, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk 3 Comments →

I’m keeping you updated with another new movie out now, this one is courtesy of Elizabeth Simpson’s site and she is in the position of being asked by her friend to spank strap and cane the girl! Imagine that…you both get back off your holiday, Elizabeth has been wondering what is up with her friend Wendy until finally in a discussion Wendy blurts out to her that she needs to be thrashed and Elizabeth is the girl she wants to do it!!!

Well, all I can say is that both girls had fun making this film, we all know Elizabeth is naturally dominant in her movies and Wendy is so submissive that she craves being thrashed! So cue the new film, and it’s a winner as you’ll see from the clip above and some images that are taken from the movie itself to leave you in no doubt as to what happens to Wendy!

This movie can be downloaded in full from Elizabeth’s site
Exclusive to


On behalf of Elizabeth…

November 24, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates No Comments →

Hi, Headmaster here… just helping out whilst Elizabeth (understandably) looks at whether it’s worth carrying on blogging, I hope she does after the recent nonsense. Anyway, I helped her track and trace the IP address of the “wierdo” and I think the idiot has decided to move on, but we’ll see. Luckily the idiot had a fixed IP (thank you Virgin Media) so now he’ll have to use a proxy to view this blog, which, I can tell you, is a real pain. I have kept the offending messages and times they were posted and will forward these to his ISP if he was to persist – sadly this is the ugly side of the internet where people think they can post what the hell they like when they think they are anonymous. Well, I’m sure if he suggested anything to my face it would be a different matter. So moving  on swiftly on I have a couple of Elizabeth movies and something I was gonna post on my blog that I have decided to post here as it’s something I think the readers of this blog might like!


OK, so I have 2 films of Elizabeth I’ve seen advertised recently, one is of her doing what she does best nowadays, giving it out to foolish young girls as only Elizabeth knows how and she really has the role of “Mother” as her own! The 2nd film is a new movie update for those that enjoy just viewing the odd films to download and keep and I have a whole load of pics from this plus the link and access to a free clip to view!

Some of my favorite films recently with Elizabeth were with her and Anita and in this movie Elizabeth, in her motherly role, spanks and slippers Anita for her filthy smoking habit that no schoolgirl should ever be doing! Best to nip this filthy habit in the bud, and Elizabeth knows exactly how to do this!!! Click on the image below for a full HQ image stills gallery (images really are amazing) and a nice free clip…

click here to view

This movie is taken from SpankMyBottom

Now we all remember Elizabeth’s many submissive films, well, at they have just released another of her more recent film – and this, I reckon, shows off Elizabeth the best way possible, as all woman! I hope she doesn’t mind me saying that I think she looks fantastic in this film and dressed in black, those boots, her panties, it’s a really sexy sight and I’m sure having her over my knee would be a hard job as I’d fear I’d shame myself through unwanted trouser rumblings! LOL! Click on the images below which I have taken from my own hard drive of this film, these are exclusive as you can only download the movie (it’s a cheap deal at just $5!)

reb01 reb02 reb03

reb04 reb05 reb06

reb07 reb08 reb09


There are more films with Elizabeth included in the FULL List of movies at


& finally today, a girl I rate very highly and who is quite a sensation from the East coast of USA, one Miss Sarah Gregory, who I’m sure you all know by now has her own site and it’s coming along nicely, I have featured her on my other blogs but you can see some excellent images from a recent movie of Sarah in trouble over the knee of Pastor’s wife, Alicia Panettiere!

church spanking - see more here

The story and my own excluisve free images are below: Miss Panettiere is the minister’s wife at Sarah’s church. On the weekend retreat that they are on, Sarah is acting up in all sorts of ways. At the dance she is being inappropriate with her moves and clothes she wears. Her cursing is out of control and her behavior lately is not to be desired. Miss Panettiere has told her she has needed to be spanked for a long time. Well, now it is time. She will give Sarah the long overdue spanking to turn this disrespectful brat into a proper lady. Even as a nurturing mother figure to Sarah, she can still deliver a sound spanking that will make quite an impression!

church_spanking_action-001 church_spanking_action-003 church_spanking_action-007

church_spanking_action-010 church_spanking_action-015 church_spanking_action-018

church_spanking_action-022 church_spanking_action-024 church_spanking_gal1-028

Check out Sarah’s own site HERE and see for yourself the sort of scrapes she gets up to, there are some interesting stories and spanking punishments written and directed by herself that a real spanko enjoys making!

click here


Thank you to the psycho!

November 23, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 13 Comments →

Hello everyone,
I’m sorry I haven’t posted here for a while but I have had some horrendous comments come through and thankfully the individual who had sent them has, at least for the moment been blocked. I won’t go into detail but I suppose this is what happens to a few sick people that think they can post the filth and threats that they wrote and get all big and clever! I had thought about packing in writing on the blog completely, I still feel angry and so have asked Headmaster to help write some stuff in the meantime and he is of course fully supportive.

I’m sorry to have laid this on you but thanks to just one person, I felt violated and scared, I hope whoever you are, you realize that I will involve the authorities if you ever continue, so take your sick shit elsewhere.

I’d say hugs, love etc but I really am still angry :(
When I’m in a better mood I’ll be back, but please bear with Headmaster as all he can do is post stuff on or about me or whatever he thinks you might want to see, maybe help him out and let him know what you’d like to discuss, and once again, I can only apologise until I feel it’s either safe to properly post here or whether I give it up for good! I have better things to do than fend off sick wierdos. naturally I won’t be discussing this so please don’t ask but any nice comments and thoughts might help me realize that the majority of people are decent, hopefully



Classic Elizabeth!

November 17, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk 5 Comments →

Hi everyone, Elizabeth has had some online issues and aked if I’d update her blog but she asked me if I could show you a good movie that she was dominant in and I think I have found the perfect film, I’m sure many of you who are members will have seen this but I have to be honest, I wanted to find something a little different and possibly a few years old that may have missed us by and I think this film does it perfectly!

Remember the film with Joanna caught masturbating? (rather explicitly, I might add…and the intro of this lingers rather long… it’s very naughty and I’m not complaining!) Maybe this image of Joanna below will remind you!

Joanna masturbating

I have also uploaded a special long play streaming clip of Elizabeth’s 1st part of the spanking, which is just classic Simpson as she belittles and verbally assaults Joanna as only Elizabeth knows how to… and of course there is the added bonus of a naked Joanna (who had been close to a genuine climax from fingering herself) who is now placed over Elizabeth’s knee for a hard nasty spanking! I have also included some scenes from this film to remind you as well… I chose this film because it contains all the classic traits of severe discipline and verbal humiliation that Miss Simpson can dish out so well, and of course, seeing joanna play with herself at the beginning and having her spanked naked was another reason – ahem – that I thought you might like ;)

Hope this makes up for Elizabeth not being here for now and serves as a reminder of what she is capable of! I’m hoping she’ll be back online soon, as I’m sure you will all be too! Thanks for reading and have a good day!

jo02 jo05 jo14

jo18 jo19 jo27

jo23 jo30

Check out how Joanna’s bottom got so red in the 2 minute clip below!


One of my favourite sub movies

November 06, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates No Comments →

I was recently asked if I could recall a favourite movie that I had subbed in that the xerotics boys had made and I told them the “Thrashed PA” film where I got a deserved OTK spanking and a licking with the strap and cane for being so bloody useless! PA is a “Personal Assistant”, I’m sure you all know those high flying execs etc need a glorified secretary to organize all their business shcedules and so on! Now can you imagine a scatter-brain like me being able to do that? Nope! I loved doing this film as it reminded me of one of my first jobs (it was a secretarial/admin type job where I had to report to a boss so in effect was a cheapy sort of PA, and I was crap at it, LOL!) I actually quit before I got fired… so playing this role brought it all back! At the time it felt like a sort of penence (that seems to be my buzz word at the mo!)

All movies including the one I’m letting you know about are here

Anyway, check out this movie, it’s now available as a special cheap one off if you’ve never seen it or never viewed the members area of my site then you can download this film as a one off for just $5 (about 3 Quid now, what’s happening to the Dollar again?) Even if you have seen it in thre past, they have a nice freebie clip of me getting my botty whupped :D

Hope you all have a great weekend, we had a disastrous Fireworks Night, it rained so hard we just stayed indoors, maybe we’ll let off our fireworks tonight since the weather is a lot better now (typical!)
Elizabeth. xXx


Humbled and Shamed

November 02, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →


I would like to unreservedly apologise to Headmaster for treating him like the hired help and also taking him for granted! I fully realize that he has a life of his own, a very busy life that doesn’t involve me bugging him and bombarding him with mails/texts to update my blog or treat him as an easy option because I wanted some more free time to myself! I also accept that he was extremely pissed off and that I had to pay a humiliating price if I ever wanted him to help me out (when he naturally has the free time himself) in the future! I have accepted that my behaviour was wrong and fully understand his anger. In future I should neither expect or hassle Headmaster to help me out but stand on my own 2 feet and ask for advice, he in turn will help me where possible and still contribute when he can or cover for me if I am genuinely away etc.

As a price, he shamed me by placing up the one movie I have always not really wanted to discuss, however, this time, as part of my penance I have been asked to talk everyone through it! As he has already posted (that horrible) movie clip and images of me snivelling and afraid, we have agreed that no further clips should be shown but I can explain through images and text what happened throughout and also give you an insight to what I was feeling, and of course who was actually there.

b01Me looking very worried in one of my favourite school uniforms

Ok, the subject of buggery came up in a drunken conversation I had with my other half, it was something I had never done or was really interested in, but over several bottles of wine we made a decision that it could be the subject for a film, imagine the choice, being caned so hard you could not sit down for a week (I didn’t fancy that to be honest) or being buggered, on film (the thought was horrendous) or imagine that really, there was no choice and that the only choice would be if I was caned first or buggered first, but I was going to get both because I had so pissed him off! Ok, I said, it’s a good start, there’s really no choice, what a horrible situation to find yourself in, and of course it was to be done in my school uniform, imagine coming home from school and having that! Oh My God!

I think you have seen from the previous clip that I was given “that choice” and I was genuinely nervous as we had kind of made out the guideline to how it would pan out, I’d get caned first, then when I was genuinely feeling the strokes of the cane I’d be roughly fingered up my bumhole, being greased up while he verbally humiliated me then the ultimate sanction, the buggery and finally, if I was up to it, I had to perform a sex act on him. before we started, I had an enema, we bought the equipment and I had been testing it out so got used to it, I have to say it’s a good feeling, however, cleanliness is important of course! So there I was, shaking in my school uniform, my bottom emptied and cleaned knowing that I’d soon be caned first then the buggery, I must be honest, the caning was a bit of a blur, I had other things on my mind, but a few strokes of the cane brought me back to reality as I do remember the strokes were quite hard! This was going to be one of those days I’d never forget!

b04 b06

Before I go on, I have never seen this movie myself in full, I refuse to and I still have not, so this is from my memory, but the events that followed I remember well, I knew the caning was coming to an end, and there was an air of expectation as the next part had never been filmed before! I can tell you there were many “cuts” as cameras were replaced by the 2 cameramen and there was only one other person present helping out with lighting and getting the direction right! So in between these stoppages there was plenty of time for me to get nervous again and for the first time, my other half felt my nerves and he too was a little worried, what if we’re doing something wrong? I think he was more worried about not rising to the occassion, after all, we were hardly professional hard core porn stars, and there were no “fluffers” for him, well, me… but I he wasn’t about to get a hand job off me in front of the film crew unless that was in the film, lol!

b07 b20

So when “action” was called again, I was bent over the table, genuinely worried and sobbing as he greased up his fingers to explore my most private hole! I had honestly never been violated there and now under the blazing lights, my virginity up there was being taken in a most crude manner! We actually cut the scene a few times and of course, a lot of this was acting as you can imagine but very real tears were welling up inside of me as I had never ever felt as submissive as this and this was just the beginning! Eventually once he could tell I was more relaxed there, I actually felt a tiny bit of understaning of his nerves as now was our moment of truth, his pants were already down and I could feel his cock nuzzling against my greased up piant hole. I was hoping he’d push it into my proper hole and a quick thought of lust overpowered me and something else, deep shame engulfed me as I felt pangs of enjoyment that I was doing something that so many people consider “wrong”. That feeling didn’t last long though as he edged the head of his cock and pushed a little more forcably, that moment of truth had arrived, once past the barrier, I would be his!


There was a moment of unnatural pain followed by him getting it right in, I had swallowed him whole and he was buried deep inside of me, the pain subsided only for a moment as he thrust brutally, and I could hear him grunt! It was at this moment I knew I was being buggered, the tears that had welled up flowed and I cried as he removed my last sacred piece of virginity that I had cherished for so long! I remember looking up towards one of the cameras and seeing the cameraman, his mouth open in shock, yes this really was happening in a kitchen in the early afternoon!

b26 b35

The buggery scene was filmed in one go and I did cry cut when I felt it had gone on too long, they actually told me they were surprised it had lasted so long! Damn them! The next scenes were the sex act, of course he had to clean his manhood and I still felt vulnerable, the feeling of that buggering was now a dull ache but it was a sort of triumphant feeling if you know what I mean, I had dome something I had always considered taboo! The final scenes, I think he was more nervous, as I went down on him, I must admit I was now acting, however, sniffing and sobbing like that, it wasn’t hard to do since I had only to think of what had happened 10 minutes earlier and it’s strange but when you’re acting that you’re crying, it sure is easier when it happens naturally and I did, thinking of my utter shame did it for me and that’s how the film ended with me very tearful and being treated like I was something that I had brought in off my shoe from the park!

b40 b41 cb1

& there you have it, when the final “CUT” was sounded a huge whoop and chereing by the guys and much hugs made me feel better. I knew I had just participated in something I would probably never do again, but in a wierd way, I was glad I had done it, explored my bounderies and capabilities. I don’t think everyone could just go through something like that and become stronger for it! You must understand, this is not something I wanted to discuss, but to make amends to the Headmaster, I did this for him as he requested by way of apology! You can of course view this submissive work only via SpankingOnline - I think by experiencing this humiliation all those years ago, it has made me appreciate the bounderies of others and makes me want to explore with the more hesitant girls just how far I can take them as I know people can go a lot further than they believe they can, I should know!!!

I of course welcome any comments but please don’t get too personal about this experience I had wanting to know much more, I think I have just about told all there is to tell on this matter! OK, I got to go tell Headmaster his article is up, I hope he, like you all, appreciate what a very difficult time I had writing this, but I also hope you have a better understanding of this film and how it got made! Thank you.
Elizabeth. xXx