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Caned and Buggered

October 29, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk 3 Comments →

This is Headmaster from SpankingBlogg and Teen-Spankings just letting you know about this little update and how Elizabeth pissed me off so I have dedicated her most humiliating punishment. As way of recompense, she has also (begrudgingly) agreed to talk about this experience over the weekend when she would rather be out drinking and having fun, so she will have time to think on this, I promise!

To those who have never seen this before, you are in for a treat. I have included a fantastic intro where the full extent of what will happen to her unfolds, she is already close to tears and these are very real, believe you me! “Elizabeth, I warned you not to take advantage of my good nature – here is your humiliating punishment!” I expect a full frank response for your legion of fans, and of course you can all view this via the Gallery that is currently available HERE

Elizabeth Simpson Caned & Buggered - click here

You can also read MY side of why I was “forced” to such a decision when I publish my side of why I did this tomorrow, in the meantime I’m sure you will all enjoy seeing Elizabeth in one of her “masterpieces”!

Have a good weekend everyone, “especially you, Elizabeth… get thinking!”


Wet Bottoms & an Oldie Topping Role!

October 26, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates 4 Comments →

Oops! I’m so sorry I haven’t been more attentive, I’ve been away and didn’t have internet access and could hardly ask my mum to use her archaic machine (I bet she checks the history and imagine the shame of her finding out what I have done hehe!) anyway, I forgot the password as it’s on this machine and some might say I’m such a “Shpaclootz!” (I think that means fool or clown in some sort of derogatory Hebrew or Yiddish that one of my old friends from out there used to call me), but it sounds apt, but I’m not ready to get a spanking for that just yet!!!

I wasn’t feeling so well as well so I watched a few old DVDs that my mother had and at first I thought, “Oh no, not John Wayne movies” but they were really good, I’ve actually become a fan of his sionce I saw some spankings in his movies, like the scene below from McLintock (1963) he doesn’t do the spanking but allows it and helps facilitate it, skip to the 4 minute mark and the next 2 minutes will have you smiling, I promise!!!

Yeah, she deserved that alright, I watched that with mum as well, we both remarked on the spanking scenes (wonder if that’s where I get my spanko gene from?)

The “Duke” as I have now learnt since, did do some spanking scenes when I asked and I was interested to find out more with the help of my spare time when I got back home recently and I thought I’d do a little personal research (as you do) but for now enjoy the image and the extra scene from the end of my introduction to John “Spanko” Wayne (don’t you just LOVE this image below?) Now THAT is a real man – mmm :)

give it to her
Taken from the film – “McLintock” with Maureen O’Hara

I found a clip of this finally that I can show below, skip to around 5 mins if you don’t want the build up, but it’s pretty funny as she (Maureen O’Hara) gets humiliated as he chases her all over town in front of everyone, I kind of like this fantasy myself!

Well, that inspired me to find one of my earliest roles I did as a “Domme” and this has to be right up there, it’s actually showing at and thanks to whoever it was that mentioned this site, I see there’s a few more of my very old films there too, but if you click on the image below it is the full scene of me giving it out as the School Inspector, unhappy that the pervy headmaster is dishing out far too many punishments to the shamed girls, I decide to give one of them a good spanking and strapping too! I do remember this film actually, and remember feeling a little uneasy, I’m sure this was my first film I “switched” but I soon learnt to do both comfortably after that :)

The School Inspector
(click image to view the direct download in RM format)
download free clip here

Hope you liked! There are more old classics and a couple with me in them, these are mainly long play films and done when the internet was in their infancy so you get some great storylines, unlike nowadays when everyone seems to want 10-15 minute clips of girls thrashed hard, I liked the old stories, we enjoyed making them!

& here’s something I just seen on SlutSpanking which I hope you will all enjoy, I actually get turned on seeing girls spank each other even though I am straight and the thought of a girl sitting on my face would make me want to throw up the actual fantasy and thought of seeing girls playing with each other, if it’s not too graphic and of course has some nice bottom rubbing and gentle kissing scenes as well as spanking (there must be spanking!!!) then I find this highly erotic and that’s just what is out now at SlutSpanking! There is a nice freeview clip of some hot botty rubbing and I’ve seen the spanking scene and it’s HOT!

wet bottoms

I begged the webmaster to let me have a couple of preview images like the ones from above and here they are!

Image0 Image6 Image15

Image19 Image17 Image21

“Kirsty & Hanne have an obsession playing with each others bare bottoms. Showertime was the perfect moment when they could indulge in their very private fantasies of rubbing, washing, licking & spanking each others bare behinds. Kirsty is still red from an earlier paddling she was given & is ready for much more.” Tell me that’s not a nice storyline, eh?


I guarantee that movie will keep you warm as it gets more depressing and wintry everyday here, I’m not a winter loving person, I’m afraid, no long walks in the snow for me, or those walks on a cold winswept beach walking the dog (God no!) I’d rather be snuggled up by the fire! & I now intend to have a well earned glass of red wine to warm me up, no holiday for me this week so I better enjoy what I can during half term week. Maybe I’ll work on HWTHMBO (he who thinks he must be obeyed) for a weekend break, I’m sure if I present my bottom for a spanking that might entice him, eh? :)
Hugs. Elixabeth. xXx


Spankumentary “Candid Talk”

October 14, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates, Special Offers 2 Comments →

Hello, Headmaster here just adding something to Elizabeth’s blog, she had requested if I could do a quick review of a film she co-starred in, I think she was being lazy as she’d have to do the graphics etc. but I agreed when she got me full access to the new movie she was involved with.

“Anyway”, I said, ”What film?” … Elizabeth proceeded to tell me there is a brand new movie just released at and she had to call me as she wasn’t making sense on MSN! “What’s the matter?” I enquired, she was giggling as she recalled the insane film that she had thought they were only messing around with at the end of a film shoot earlier this year, but “Oh no” – it’s out and members are now happily downloading the “mockumentary” called Candid Talk where she and her mad hubby Bernard explain to an incredulous interviewer their bizarre lifestyle.

candid talk

In fact, it’s the “nutjob hubby” who does all the talking, the sort of strange fellow that likes to hear his own voice and woe betide any foolish female to “butt in” when he is on one of his rants about the “feral youth of today!” he proceeds to proudly show off his array of “weapons of correction” a frightening collection of straps tawses and canes whilst ranting on about discipline in the home! The interviewer keeps a calm demeanor however Elizabeth can hardly contain her fits of giggles… which of course doesn’t impress Bernard (Elizabeth may be a dominant nowadays, but she still takes old fashioned spanking behind closed doors) and the look he gives her during this interview implies she’s for it later!!!

Click on the thumbs below for larger images to the film scenes
candid01 candid02 candid03


Jodie Carnell & Hannah Crawford play the Simpsons’ urchins, Trish & Brenda…

candid05 candid06

candid07 candid08

That’s more like it, teenagers thrashed on their bare bottoms – to the amazement and astonishment of the interviewer and cameramen… does this sort of behaviour still go on in homes around Britain today? I shan’t entirely spoil what members can now download at SpankingDigital but as you’ll see from this final scene Bernard isn’t happy when the interviewer wants to ask more in depth questions… I think we need to thoroughly investigate this fellow further!

candid talk - free clip here

You can see the Latest Movie at SpankingDigital HERE

P.S.) If you have checked out the home page of this site you might also see that there are other films starring Elizabeth Simpson that she takes a far more dominant role in – well worth a peek, I’d say! Thanks for reading this review of the latest film with Miss Simpson that is out now to download. OK, Elizabeth, I’ve done my bit, get yer butt back here and entertain your army of fans, they don’t want to read my ramblings… :D
Regards, Headmaster.

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Your questions answered

October 06, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 6 Comments →

Hi all, I was waiting til you sent me enough questions, so here are my answers, hope they are worth the wait :)

Q. I seen from your recent posts you are now dom rather than sub in your films etc, do you also give to hubby/bf at home?
A. I do now on occassion submit at home but it is only when I am really naughty, messed up or we’re both feeling horny and we playfully spank more than punishment spanking nowadays! I don’t get caned at home anymore, thank God! I put my foot down on that!

Q.What was your first professional pictures, and videos. And do you have any clips of them still?
Do you think socks or stockings are better for being spanked in?
A. It’s been mentioned before, my first spanking stuff was with Redstripe in the late 90′s. My first ever stuff I did was glamour work, I have never ever seen it published, that would have been top shelf stuff and I have no idea what mags so don’t ask, and it was mainly lingerie and showing off my minnie etc. Socks always make me feel like a naughty girl, so I will go with knee length socks.

Q. Elizabeth may I ask you were you in few Redstripe videos a few years ago with Ivor and the other girls and which ones please , love and spanks, Tim xx
A. and there we go, LOL! Actually I’m crap at remembering the titles as they never told us and I didn’t have internet access back then. I think there are at least 3 or 4 films they made of me and other stuff went to Calstar and Strictly English

Q. Hello Miss S, Its your old mate P9. One quick question….is there ever any footage of u over Audrey Knights knee bum in the air or vice versa????xx
Ps for ref i’d have liked to go over but as I cannot her in my place would be cool to see
A. Nope, have you seen Audrey recently? She’s hot but has a really mean streak in her. I’m never sure whether she has a real life relationship with Abbie Whittaker or not, but it’s a hot one to think and she’s got a few sites out now I believe.

Q. Very new to this, as my obbsession with you is still a recent discovery. One thing I’d love to know is your preference as it were. When you were working with Rosaleen (hope I’m allowed to mention her) you really chucked her around and let rip. Now, when a naughty girl is sent to you, she takes it with barely a squeek! Whats more fun for you? In my dreams always give you a load of lip. Is that better? Do you like to feel you’ve broken their resistence by the end or just have them submit strait away to your gorgeous authority.
Its no good – you’ve got me hooked … But only on dominent you!! Adoringly yrs Bea xx
A. Of course you can mention Rosaleen, some of my best stuff was filmed with her. Rosaleen was just more vocal and could act the part perfectly and brat back. Many girls nowadays grit and bear their teeth which is a shame, even when they are asked to show more emotion, it’s hard sometimes. What I really like is to have a girl brat back to me so I can really give her hell. One such girl was the lovely sabrina a few years back, she always sticks out in my mind as one girl I’d love to spank again!

Q. Dear Elizabeth. I hope you are enjoying your “new life” as a domme even although your many fans will be disappointed you no longer sub. Obviously you are no stranger to the cane whether giving or receiving. So what sort of canes do your prefer & why? e.g. how long / thick / stiff / swishy / straight / crooked / rattan / dragon etc? Which are the best ones for leaving proper marks (that don’t last too long)? Love & best (s)wishes Mikkky xx
A. I’m not the biggest fan of canes, to be honest. Receiving the cane was never a pleasant experience and I am all too aware of what it feels like so will never wield a Dragon cane on a girl now. The heavy rattan canes really mark up if not used properly. The whippy ones look ineffectual but these can cause a lot of marking too with lots of criss cross marks as they are not that easy to aim, so I usually go for something I trust that is given to me, the usual crooked rattan cane, not too swishy and not too thick, you get used to handling them after a while. What I detest is the deliberate low swipe on the backs of my thighs, I’ve had a few do that to me and I know damn well they do it deliberately, which is why I won’t take a caning ever again.

Q. I was wondering, when you look back on all the things you done, is there something you regret doing? And going from being a sub to a domme, is there something left you’d still really like to do?
Also in regards to a shoot, how many videos do you shoot a day a model. I suppose it is related to how much you can take and what you take?
Btw, I like the new video with Wendy ‘back to school’, you both are very good in it. You make a nice duo.
Thanks for your answers. Domi
A. Only one thing I regret and that’s the caned and buggered film. I hated it as I’ve probably said, but it was kind of fulfilling in that I went through with it, obviously if I hated it that much I’d have cried cut and punched everyone in the face, lol! But it’s something I don’t want to repeat :)
Videos depend, I would say anywhere from 6-10 films in a day, it depends on the girl, the length of film and sometimes we can shoot more when there are 2 girls. I sometimes just do afternoons as well, so will do 3 or 4 movies and go. & thanks for the kind comments on wendy, she really is a true submissive in life, I like girls like that.

Q. Hi Elizabeth, what do you like best when spanking a girl? What “qualities” are you looking for, what do you prefer?
Looking forward to reading the answers to all those questions, Gillian
A. Compliant, submissive and willing to do what I say! Lol. Kidding. I actually like it when the girl cheeks back to me as it gives me an excuse to take the punishment up to the next level and it looks far more realistic. I love telling off a girl when she is over my knee and her panties are partially removed, its quite empowering.

Q. Hi again Elizabeth. When going as a sub for a film, did they provide you with the uniform and all the props to dress up in? Was there any parts of the uniform or props that you found perticulary embarrassing in the school scenes?
What age were you when you shot your first film in uniform? Did it take a lot of plucking up the courage before you went or did it all come natural to you as it was something you wished to do. Thanks
A. I had some of my own stuff, notably the grey pinnie I wore which was kind of my trademark for a while. But usually uniforms and such were alos provided, socks shoes and knickers I had, but we were usually told or asked to bring these things. having my knickers removed or stuck there stood up while being photgraphed with them hanging down was always quite embarrassing but it set the tone when I was a submissive schoolgirl ;) I wasn’t a teen when I shot my first school scenes and I was introduced to spanking slowly as part of the party scene that was happening on the south coast where I came from at the time. I quite liked the travelling in the early days and the comraderie amongst the girls, we had some laughs along the way!

Q. Hé Elizabeth, I’ve got one more question, what was your favourite storyline to be spanked in and what is it to spank nowadays?
Thanks. Domi
A. Despite the obvious cruelty, I really enjoyed the schoolgirl scenes with Mr peters as we often had to cut becasue we were all laughing so much! We’d think up things to add to his character like his dirty trousers, what he did at home etc and what a throughly revolting man he was if he was real! My other submissive films I liked more recently were the Real Life series where i’d get punished for something i had done, all were true and I got punished on film for those, I think they jokingly put in one film it was vol 99 as i was always in trouble (I still am). otherwsie now I really enjoy playing the stern motherly or headmistress figure, especially with my harsh glasses!

Q. Hi Elizabeth. Does having a spanking before a caning make a real difference to the effects of the caning? Love Mikkky x
A. Massive difference. Cold canings are awful and if you’re shooting all day it will finish off anyone in minutes. It’s pointless unless you have tons of Russian girls waiting and lining up to get $30 for 3 minutes aof cold caning or whatever some nasty sites do out there! Not nice at all.

Q. Hi Elizabeth, Now that you’re a domme, you get to spank a lot of very attractive young ladies. I’ve read comments from you before stating that you are sexually completely straight and I have no doubt that you are. Is it therefore possible for you to get turned on by spanking a member of your own sex? Love Michael
A. Yes that’s right, I do get turned on even though I am 100% straight. It’s erotic, I know what the girls are going through and I find the power i can wield quite an aphrodisiac. However, I’m not some old dyke who loves her girls in that way, lol.

Q. Hi again Elizabeth, I hope it’s okay to ask more than one question. During your sub days I know that your lovely bottom was on the receiving end of a variety of implements but I guess I have always associated you with my favourite, the cane. In the many films you were in as a sub I have seen you given reasonably mild canings right up to extremely severe and prolonged canings. My question is was it you who decided how hard and for how long you would be caned or was this up to the domme or the film maker? It always looked as though Mr. Peters (I think that’s what he’s called) probably gave you the hardest canings of all, am I right?
Love, Michael
A. This was up to the film makers, we discuss what’s going to happen, all the more severe films are natuarrly towards the end of the day as I wouldn’t really be up to much after a severe sustained caning or whatever was given to me. I rarely cut but did on occassion when the odd belt, strap or bloody cane would go too high (ouch) or too low on the thighs (another ouch) when you brace yourself for the sting on your botty and get it elsewhere, it kind of puts you off waiting for the next swat! I think I amswered before that Mr Peters gave me the hardest strokes, he broke a hard hairbrush on my bottom too in Music Lesson, that really hurt!


OK, I hope you got the answers you were after. A friend of mine recently sent me some images from this old movie and it was with some of the girls I first started filming with, it’s an oldie and I think this is out at Calstar. Hope you like the images, can you believe I don’t really remember much of this at all (we were all a bit unprofessional in those day drinking on set which I guess is a no no nowadays, but it’s one of my early films, good to see the old crew of Monica, ‘Tash and Sally, those were the days.

f2 f4 f5

f8 f15 f16

Sites featured that I appeared in are below

Some of my 1st films I appered in courtesy of Redstripe Spanking

You should be able to find some early films of me at Calstar too

All my work since 2002 naturally located at SpankMyBottom :)

& some HOT PPV films with me in Music Lesson or spanking Sabrina at