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Ask Elizabeth time again!

September 19, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 14 Comments →

I’ve thought about this and it’s time to ask me any question you haven’t already thought of.
I’d be happy to answer some on films/girls I’ve worked with (if I remember what you’re asking, lol)

So get your thinking caps on and when I got enough questions together I’ll answer them all in a future post! OK, have fun!!!


Elizabeth. xXx


Up late rambling & drunk

September 12, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 3 Comments →

Hey, just getting absolutely blitzed on my nice 2nd bottle of red tonight,so sorry if I dont correct my typos, im feelin quite drunk and if I was speaking I know i’d be slurring heheh so you should be able to read my insane or inane or whatever ramblings they are. Its wiekrd being back writing somethign as I havent done this for an age thanks to my clumsyness but I was actually punished for it in private, which I will tell you about before I quickly show you somethign I saw at another site with me in it.

So to get my new (and cheapy!) laptop, it’s some budget Acer thing but it does the job. Him who thinks he knows it all won’t allow me to get something expensive anymore and I was told that I could have the laptop if I submitted to a slipper and caning in our bedroom. I got cocky and refused, and as my cards are maxed out I couldn’t even get one on the sly. The bastard had me, didn’t he? So I gave in after 4 days. I have to tell you I really hated his smug grin, his stupid smile as he triumphed and got his way. It would have made a great film but alas poor people, it is not to be, but I hope you can imagine what I went through. It really bloody hurt and my bum was very sore, I hadn’t been punished for months, I felt like a newbie all over again and even had a tear in my eye. I have to say I really am fully dominant now, I can’t handle the pain anymore, where before a few yaers ago I’d be like “bring it on peeps!”

As I was quickly surfing around with my Spankpass codes I came across this movie, in my drunken state I don’t knwo if you have seen it or if I have talked about it but it is called Wendy and her Bottom. She auditions in her white SOL top and panties to see if she can take a caning. poor thing, she was really sore as she had been filming most of the day and this was, I think, one of the last films and her bottom was really getting red and I know how that felt, I actually took a little pity on her near the end and gave her welted striped botty a good rub so we could continue, only I kept rubbing it as it felt good, lol

Hopefully I dont mess up how to do this centering thing and clip cutting which I got tuition from Headmaster (he’s a grumpy git with no patience for hissy primadonnas like me heheh) so here goes nothing, clip below followe dby some images from this scene

click to play
click wendy’s bottom to play this wmv movie clip

wendy2 wendy3

wendy4 wendy5

wendy6 wendy7

I have to say Wendy was a fair sport and she really took a hell of a punishment all day, I actually eased off a bit but the strokes, as you can tell from the state of her botty still hurt her as she was feeling it and needed rubbing to ease that awful pain I know so well! Gotta admit I do get off on inflicting it as I know what it feels like, it’s a power thing for me now, but here I showed some mercy, that felt good too! I hope I don’;t make a habit of it with girls out there wimping on me, Wendy got the full rubbing treatment as she had been filming all day! Ok, I am sure I’m rambling and I will be horrified when I look at this post after I get over my ineviatble hangover, so I will bid you goodnight and you can check this movie at SpankingOnline

Ok, now to finished off my bottle of vino then go and see if Mister Big, who I can hear snoring upstairs wants some drunken fun (he loves being woken up by an all womanly princess like me)as I’m feeling horny, shhh, goodnight! :D


Miss me?

September 09, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →

Oh I am so ashamed! Been hell without my lappy, but I’m back. I’m still hopelessly trying to retrieve data lost on my other one, could hardly take it into PC World with all my spanking data on it, could I? Well, I didn’t back up very much, the ditzy airhead that I am, so have lost a lot of stuff! :(

Please bear with this foolish woman while I still try and sort it all out, I’ve asked Headmaster to try and update whenever he wants as I know he’s busy and thanks to him for keeping some stuff on here going  (I liked that Rosaleen update yesterday btw, I remember that movie very well)

I was really miserable that day when we filmed that and Rosaleen jimjams were like a red rag to a bull, they infuriated me, heh heh! Girls, you know when it’s that time of the month? That was me that day, she really got it from me, you can even see me a little bloated, I was feeling crap and it’s true, never cross a girl with PMS!!! lol


(and yes, I have centered the pic, OK?)
Thanks for staying patient, I will be back soon when I have some pics and stuff to show you!
Elizabeth. xXx


Who is over Elizabeth’s Knee?

September 08, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Spanking Site Updates 2 Comments →

Sorry, still not that lazy hussy Elizabeth yet…still me “Headmaster”, just popping by as I just posted a brand new post on my own blog but in case you don’t read mine I have got you a link to it, it’s well worth a read as it features Elizabeth and a certain brat we all know and love as well…

Enough of my waffle, click on image below and read the post with a chance to view a fantastic free intro clip!!!


This new update is from the site


Who wants Chowder?

September 07, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates No Comments →

Well, I did get a text off her majesty (not Queen Elizabeth but Elizabeth Simpson) last night apologising but she does now have a new laptop and will be sorting this out today (I know that feeling when you gotta sort out your data etc so I expect she’ll take another week, lol, only kidding!)

As I wasn’t expecting to write here again for a while I thought I’d better update it with something amusing and a little spanking off topic but I hope you’ll like it as I have the hots for this girl and I know Elizabeth has mentioned her to me in the past so I hope she doesn’t mind!!! I’m sure you won’t!

OK, first up, this will hopefully make you laugh, from probably the BEST adult (it’s far too clever for the kids) cartoon on the planet “Family Guy” comes this classic where dumb Peter makes a bet who can last the longest without puking to win the last slice of apple pie…after taking “Ipecac” (that’s something to make you puke very quickly!!!) the question has to be asked….”Why??” LOL! If that doesn’t make you smile….go take some Ipecac!

“Oh God, please make it stop….blurrrrhhhh!” LOL!

OK, moving swiftly on, I’m sure you have all heard of the delightful Michaela McGowen? Most of her work (and it’s alot) can be found at and they usually do a series of films, Miss McGowen is currently in her “Legal Penalties” series and, oh, I just wanna scoop her up and hold her, she’s so adorable…such a cute little accent, a great little actress and of course, has an ass to die for…she also can take quite a beating on that fine derriere, which of course is why I love her stuff! Check out some full size images below and I’ve got a link to a the first part of the movie that shows you just why I rate Michaela so much!

legal_d001 legal_d002

legal_d005 legal_d011

legal_d014 legal_d024

Michaela’s incompetence has lost her law firm more business and her Boss knows just how to take it out on her, can’t say I blame her! This clothes brush is basically as effective as any nasty wooden paddle! Check out the free clip presentation below: (note Michaela’s comment on 36 seconds in…heh heh)

click here to view

Check out more of Michaela in this present series and the other stunning girls with some more free content only from

click here

Oh, and a big pre “welcome back” to Elizabeth S very soon!
Regards, Headmaster.


Elizabeth where are you?

September 01, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates 5 Comments →

Still no Elizabeth, just me still….sorry again. I will try to get hold of her later and find out about her online situation, I know she wanted her own laptop, obviously…can’t have others seeing what she’s doing, eh? LOL! OK, in case you haven’t seen this here is a great reminder of what Elizabeth was capable of with when she worked with Rosaleen. “Oh no, not another old rehashed Rosaleen movie” I hear you ask, yeah, I know…Rosaleen was great but she’s gone and never coming back and it’s been quite some time now since she left the scene altogether. However, I feel this film deserves a mention and it is a remastered film (naturally) and looks brand spanking new as I think it was only available in a very low playback format since it was filmed about 6 years ago (I actually hadn’t seen this film for ages anyway) and it was never upgraded til now! So it’s well worth checking out and I have got you access to a free clip with Elizabeth being really mean and some great images of the 2 girls together!

Image5 Image9 Image17

Image27 Image39 Image53

You can click on the image below and this will take you to the current free movie clip at – this is a great film and one I recommend you see in its full screen format, never doubt that Elizabeth has a mean streak after watching this film! OK, now to find out when she’s online….laters. Headmaster.

Click below to view this free movie scene
click here to view

This movie of Elizabeth and Rosaleen can be viewed in full at CanedSchoolgirls