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Elizabeth is away! Let’s all play!

July 29, 2010 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

Hi, this is Headmaster from the SpankingBlogg – I am sorry that Elizabeth hadn’t said goodbye before she went on her Hollybobs, unfortunately you’re stuck with me updating her blog whilst she is away playing in the sunshine!

So I thought we could discuss some of her wierd and naughtiest movies, and we can discuss anything like the films where SHE is thrashed, her big wobbling bottom turning red that we would all love to see again, eh? I will start with this fairly recent film which is available in full from FetishFlixx and it had a very bizarre storyline!

Imagine Elizabeth as a trainee nun? Yes, that thought is ridiculous, even more so when the head of the Order at the convent is Miss Smith…and she has found disgusting tools of masturbation that has made all the other nuns wince with shock anger (and possibly envy??) !!!


Elizabeth’s pretend pious appearance is fooling no one when the rabbit strap-on dildo is discovered in her room! Check out these nice free images below to those that haven’t see this and I have got a nice clear clip of her punishment for your viewing pleasure. I remember helping to film this a few years ago and she was in a lot of pain, I can tell you! It’s what makes this film all the more enjoyable to watch!!! Knowing her cries were very real!!! Maybe I will also teach Elizabeth how to centre images, I notice she has an annoying habit of ignoring a simple feature on her blog! Another excuse to see her thrashed, I say!

sis02 sis03

sis04 sis05

sis06 sis07

sis08 sis09

sis10 sis11


OK, so I have thrown the gauntlet down, if there are any scenes of Elizabeth you’d like to see or we can discuss it, then let me know in the comments sections and I’ll get to work finding the content! I aim to make this a Red Bare Bottom Shrine to Elizabeth by the time she is back! (I happen to knwo she has no internet connection so will be either shocked surprised or shamed or all 3 if we get to work on this now!!!)

For your info, the above movie is available to download at

Regards, Headmaster.


New Movies!

July 21, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 5 Comments →

Hiya, I’m sure some of you have seen there’s lots more stuff just been uploaded the last few days, I got a mail to let me know yesterday that thses movies I did were up, they were from that Film Shoot I told you about last time! The new model is called Lucy but it seems they have decided to call her Wendy on the site but that’s not so important, seems I’m a little late on the uptake for my “Angry” film I loved doing. I did ask Headmaster at SpankingBlogg not to do too much of a review but if you want check his last review out, it’s actually pretty good as it covers 3 films that I was in and there’s some great free stuff there! Then come back here and check out my review of my own film Here at SpankMyBottom as I wanted to do that one.

Review at Headmaster’s Blog yesterday – click banner for the review

I’d have got it up yesterday, but I have been out shopping around online and at travel agencies looking for a great last minue get away deal. I’ll be off soon for a short holiday so have asked Headmaster to look after the blog even though I know he bitched at me cos he’s a busy chappie but he said he’d keep it going so I’ll let you know when I’m off (sorry, I won’t say where or when til I get back , I’m such a tease!)


Want to see me Angry? (again!!!)
The below clip you WON’T find anywhere else and I’ve also asked for some preview images that no one else has got yet to make this special! This storyline meant something to me as this actually happened recently. Though it was ME that did the ruining of my expensive top, I was gutted as I had only worn it once, it was a really nice top which I’d seen on Gok Wan’s show in England that lets us girlies dress up looking glam for less and look great, anyways, bloody iron was set too high and the delicate fabric shrivelled, I actually cried out loud!!! You can see me take it out on “Wendy” below and I really enjoyed thrashing her as she was a talkative submissive, I like my girls subdued, so had to whack her that little bit harder to get my point across :)

see me angry here

Actually to be fair, she was a good sport and had a great bottom that took a lot of punishment that day, even I secretly winced when I whacked her a little too hard at one time! So that gives you an idea of what to expect from this lady, you’ll see on film how petite she was as well, but as we say in Britain, “built like a brick shithouse”, lol! She is a tough madame, I hope we work together again sometime! Hopefully I’ve sorted out the images correctly below which show you more of the film!

A02 A03 A04

A05 A06 A07

A08 A09 A10

I’m sure many of you have seen there is a long play intro clip on the home page of SPANKMYBOTTOM and you members are probably already downloading this film as I tippy-type this!

Hope you enjoy these new movies and take care all!
Elizabeth. xxx


Have you seen this?

July 16, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →

I did a private film last week with a wierd couple, to give you an idea take a look at the fellow below and decide for yourself! Isn’t he adorable? I especially love that sort of unwashed and chafed look at the top of his delightfully hairy thighs, I’m leaving hubby for this handsome hunk!!!


Yummy, lol! Ok, he wasn’t really this guy and was very nice if somewhat wierd with his storylines which I must admit I had issues with – red is NOT my colour, lol! Some stories were just bonkers but here is a sort of sane version of what is up already. It’s at a small site, I must be honest and say I never seen this before, they explained they buy in content and cater to the cheap end without ripping people off which seems popular enough but regular people to the mainstay sites will have seen this stuff before so I gotta be honest and say that won’t suit you at all. But I was told to take a look at this since it’s still fresh in my memory and the film is not anywhere else, apparently.


As it’s a cheap sign up site you could take a look just for my film, some specialist sign up PPV spanking movies can cost moreso I dunno if there’s gonna be more exclusive stuff, I guess they will get some stuff bought in if their feeling flush (judging by the webmaster’s appearance and his car, I think he needs all the help he can get! Bless him) Anyway, I also looked at the billing options and the cheapest way to view this is by the Epoch billing agent (that’s the large Green E one) as they have the best conversion rates if you’re outside of the US Dollar zone) the rate of exchange to the Pound or Euro is better at this option :)
(Aren’t I helpful?)

Below you will see me giving my choirgirl buddy a good paddling, we’re hardly “girls” are we? But I can tell you during the film shoot she took some wicked canings, I was well impressed, and she really does have a very nice tight bottom.

fgchoir100115 fgchoir10042

See more from this movie update here

That will teach her to reveal her slutty side job, I did like the lingerie though, nothing like spanking a woman looking very sexy!!! So, another weekend looms and the weather is again iffy here, heavy rain at times, I will no doubt just potter round the house and give it a good clean, exciting times for Elizabeth, eh?

click here

I was surfing the web yesterday and came across this quite beautiful image above (if you click on it it shows a really gorgeous gallery of their stuff) I found it advertising PunishedBrats – isn’t it adorable? That was an early Juliet Valentina film – now there is a girl I’d love to have over my knee! She made a recent return to the site with her new brunette look after a disappearance of a few yaers so it was nice to see her back again. She also has a blog HERE which you can look at

Oh, I feel I may need a spanking soon, because I have been annoying my other half by starting to get into watching our version of Big Brother here in England, I vowed NOT to, but I’ve got hooked again, damn those Channel 4 bigwigs. I really like Josie from Bristol with her “babberrrrr” accent, she’s a girl I could really have a good night out on the town with and she has the best story as there’s an on off will she won’t she “romance” with toyboy John James who looks a little like David Beckham! personally I think they’re just good mates but it’s all a bit of fun eh? (she’s really blonde but wearing a brunette wig as they had a superhero challenge)


oops, this is what I’m like at home – I’d better log off or I’ll bore you all with it heheh!
Take care my lovelies (as she says). Elizabeth. xXx


I’m such a tease!

July 09, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Special Offers 1 Comment →

Yes, I did enjoy making that film with Sally which is out now at SpankedSchoolgirl and I hope you all realise I had to perform some un natural sex acts to get this clip to you as it’s not shown anywhere else, so I have a little exclusive, I have to got wash my hair again after I write this, it’s everywhere, but that’s another sordid story lol!

So check me out as I prepare for giving young Sal her hairbrushing, they are so cruel with those camera angles, you can see my bottom wiggling with excitement, I actually couldn’t wait to use that hairbrush on her sore red botty that I had just warmed up!

click here

That’s very nice as I’m sure you’ll agree, I also happened to notice that they have added a special lower site entry to my own site which is about 9-10 Dollars to view my stuff at SpankMyBottom if you prefer that for a limited time!
OK, I hope you all have a nice weekend, summer feels like it’s here again and I shall say good luck to the Dutch on Sunday in the World Cup even though I don’t like football I can understand what a big thing it is. We’re off to some friends who are having a BBQ and I have volunteered to help with the food during the Final whilst all our fellas drink themselves silly as the football bit doesn’t interest me (hey, I’m a woman! I prefer shopping for shoes!)

Elizabeth. xxx


Me, a hairbrush & a nervous girl!

July 06, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates 4 Comments →

I got told that there was a new movie going up at today and it had me in it with a bumbling foolish schoolgirl called Sally! I was quite surprised as I don’t much feature at this site but they so loved my discipline of Sally they wanted to place it there, who am I to argue? :D

You may have seen me already thrash skinny Sally at my own site and at SlutSpanking already, so this is a great addition for members of spankedSchoolgirl and I remember this well as it wasn’t shot that long ago…heh heh! Sally has to report to me for a weekly interview and thrashing when I punish her, theres no slacking with My House rules…ever! I asked for some images from the movie and these are the 1st ones through, I have been told that right now, I’m the 1st to get them, but I know many others will be following with their own updates etc.

Image1 Image3

Image7 Image22

Image24 Image30


I also noticed that Miss Wood who has dealt with bad brat Helen many a time is featured in this great gallery which I think has just been released and it advertises the latest movie at HD spank. Some nice images there too!!!


OK, I gotta get back to my viewing of website, they gave me a free pass for allowing the advert I showed yesterday and I have been checking out some movies I hadn’t seen before though I was at some of these film shoots, I was filming in another room so it’s good to see girls like Lottie or Jodie taking a good caning or strapping when I was dealing with foolish girls like Sally! :D

Hugs. Elizabeth. xXx


Girls I’d like to spank again!

July 01, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

I was asked this the other day by the casting guys and in a vain hope that it would mean a return for a girl, I told them Jenny. “Jenny?” they said, which one?? “The friend of Ellie Maye from a few years back,” I said – “I reckon she was vastly under rated, a totally new girl to the scene at the time, I really enjoyed spanking her as she just squirmed and had a bottom that did that amazing speckling thing (like her mate Ellie Maye – maybe it’s something in the water where they come from?) Anyway, that was the girl I mentioned, I was really impressed with her and she was a real sweetie off set. Now I know from the past that she did some great OTK spanking and strapping films and could take a far harder punishment if pressed.


So I nominated Jenny and I thought I’d share a movie I did with her a few years back. I think it’s hot as I loved playing that stern role and forcing her to undress after spanking her over her here’s “Jenny’s Departure” – members will be able to see this on my site HERE

JenDep-09 JenDep-14

JenDep-23 JenDep-25

Remember her now? She had called her boyfriend and said she was leaving…however, whilst in my care she’d be going nowhere so of course I had to spank her…it’s a crap job, but someone had to do it!!! :D

JenDep-27 JenDep-32

JenDep-33 JenDep-34

I’d love to get you a clip but I’m not very good at that editing malarky but there may even be a free clip on the home page of SpankMyBottom (I haven’t checked) but I have to tell you I enjoyed spanking Jenny very much and she had quite long slinky legs as well as you can see (she was some sort of dancer as I recall)

If anyone has a request to see me and another girl from the past, let me know and I’ll see what I can find!
You can find most of the girls I’ve spanked at the following sites in the sites in this network from the last few years.

oh…and pinch punch first of the month! Hugs. Elizabeth. xxx