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Humiliation, Rosaleen & diapers?

June 23, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 3 Comments →

I know, I actually hate that word “diapers” but it’s so accepted and of course when people talk about diaper positions (now there’s an embarrassing position, I don’t think I really did that, afraid that all my privates and big cheeks would be on display…I used to think “what would my mum say?” if she came across a webpage with me in a diaper position getting spanked lol) So we are into that nice fetish I have discussed before, playing at being treated like a baby, the fun and humiliation aspect of it which Clare Fonda has captured so well with her Naughty Diaper Girls website! There’s a couple of latest updates below with some hot girls I’d love to have over my knee, diapers or no diapers, have a look at the very tasty Sarah Fay, Isobel Wren and Kay Richards who are all very well known spanking actresses having a blast! Pity they didn’t think of this 10 years ago, you might have seen me in one of those heh heh ;)




click here for more

Those are from the latest movie updates and if you check out the long tour pages, just check out all the girls that Clare uses, it’s like a who’s who of the spanking world! I can understand why they want to film this though, it looks fun, in between the spankings!!!

I have also seen that there’s a new site where all Rosaleen Young’s movies have been added together, I haven’t seen inside the member area, but I’m guessing they’ve made sure all her films are up to date and remastered? I was told that the old Rosaleen Young gallery at my site was a bit dated and to be honest those RM films from all those years ago just don’t do her justice, so they? Oh, and also it’s the site about me, not her :D

The site is called

However, the site design looks hot and Rosaleen looks like she shot all this stuff yesterday, so it might be worth a visit, anyone who’s signed up, let me know?


Want to see me REALLY pissed off???

June 16, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 3 Comments →

As I mentioned previously there was a new movie being uploaded at (they have told me that there are new movies going up there all the time now) and I smiled when I found out this movie was being put there as it’s one of my favourites as I remember Sabrina very well, she was great to work with and I REALLY loved spanking her big beautiful bottom!

There’s a nice preview at the image below

Want to know a secret? I really was in a foul mood that day as well…you know the sort of days when you don’t really want to be doing what I was doing that day….I think it was one of those impromtu film shoots and I had already planned on doing something else so was a bit miffed. he had to grovel to me later…which was nice!!! Anyway, i was in a perfect mood for humiliating impertinent young madams like Sabrina and I think it showed!


Filthy habits must be punished

June 15, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 17 Comments →

Far be it from me to complain about smoking, but I certainly don’t like it when I see girls in uniform smoking, it’s a disgrace and let’s down the school. So in this little movie which you can all view at my site now, you’ll see me catch out arrogant Anita and give her a good spanking and slippering for trying to lie to me about her smoking habit!

Is Anita that dumb? I come into the room and it’s reeking of stale tobacco!

here is my latest “victim” to go over my knee, the impudent Anita, but I’m glad she’s naughty as I just love smacking her soft white bum!

You can click here to view a free movie clip of this movie – note how “happy” and eager I am to get Anita over my knee, if only you had “touch-o-vision” (if only I could market that) you’d be able to feel what I feel, as well as the movie to watch, her bottom is so beautifully smooth, a real joy to spank!

Webmaster sent me some piccies earlier today so you can see for yourselves what will happen to Anita! It’s all good for me and bad news for her! heh heh

Image4 Image14 Image23

Image30 Image46 Image52

I hope you like this, I have my “stern” glasses on again (I really am starting to need them for reading now!!) I also have news about the special offer that is still available, but not for long.

So you can see me whupping the daylights out of my girls at SPANKMYBOTTOM (of course) and all my archives of my sore bottom being bared there!!!

OK, I have to go food shopping, least it gets me out of the house and my lazy oafish other half mooching about watching the bloody football, if I hear another flipping vuvuzela or whateveer they’re called buzzing in the background on the telly I will go spare! That noise sounds like a bunch of bees! (I don’t like flying insects)

Oh, before I go, I have been told that another new film (pay per download film) at will soon be out for those that like to just buy the odd movie stars me and this naughty lassie, ah, I remember her foul mouth so well…do you?  :D

Remember this foul mouthed bitch? I so enjoyed taming her!!!


A naughty confession

June 08, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 11 Comments →

My heart is trembling as I write this as I’m confessing a spanking sin as a viewer…now I’m not sure how many people do this and I’d love to find out. My hubby says he does it all the time and laughed at me when I confessed to what I’d done and showed him what had made me hot and bothered. I think it was good for my soul and also he gave me a good hard spanking and fucked me like he hadn’t done in a while so I guess it turned him on knowing what I had been doing secretly in private!

So what had I done? Well, (this really is difficult…heh heh) I got so turned on watching the below vids of Carolyn Reese getting a hard filthy punishment by Chelsea Pfeiffer (some who reckon we are kind of similar in appearance, if you have glaucoma!) and then giving it nasty and sexy to a girl I really like, that hot vixen Sinn Sage. Ok, I admit it, I got wet viewing these punishments, in fact I got so turned on I stopped to finger myself off! I hadn’t known such feelings watching spanking erotica, though I guess the word is erotica, eh? I fantasized, I wanted to be Chelsea giving it to Carolyn, to even touch Carolyn’s beautiful pink hole and feel the warmth of her freshly spanked bottom like she did, and I wanted to spank Sinn over my knee, just like Carolyn had, and even kiss the girls…am I turning into an old dyke? I don’t think so, it felt like a one off but it was just the girls – the situation, perhaps I needed a damned good spanking and servicing myself? (which I got without any problem later!!!) but here you go, something a little different and a confession from me! I’d be interested if anyone else, male or female has had the same naughty urges vieiwng movies, maybe you’ve had them about me? I got to admit, like most women, I find watching porn, well, not disgusting, just rather pointless or boring…but this was different. Anyway, let me know, I could get into this very naughty spanking fantasy stuff…but I still prefer to be the dominant one!!!

Here is Carolyn Reese over Chelsea’s knee, this si what started getting me turned on, you’ll see why as the punishment progresses, this movie is just so HOT and sexy!


ch02 ch03

ch04 ch05

ch06 ch07

ch08 ch09

ch10 ch11

Tell me that doesn’t tickle your fancy? I’d love to know what you all think, of course, I’ve long admired Chelsea’s work, she’s a firm no nonsense diciplinarian, and takes the odd spanking herself, but I just love seeing this when she gets intimate! You can see all her recent updates at her excellent GoodSpanking Site below!

goodspanking here

Chelsea also has an offer to join her Classics and GoodSpanking sites combined for less HERE – the classics go way back and she is remastering all the old films which predate most internet sites today making storylines and such look fresh, I might one day show a few images, but following advice from others, this promoting thing long term gets too busy and I never have the time so maybe I’ll shoot a mail to one of the other guys if they have links etc to other sites like these with some nice previews as this post seems to be taking me an awful long time to write!!!

Now Chelsea has helped run or had a big hand in the very sexy Sinn Sage website SPANK SINN, I am not ashamed to say I have been a member on and off at this site for over a year and it’s DEFINITELY worth a peek if any of you are into very hot and sexy girl girl spankings and a little more as Sinn is a practicing bi-sexual, though I think she definitely prefers the ladies from what I’ve seen, I’m not sure I could spend the night with any lady in that biblical sense, as such, but I’m sure Sinn could help, and in this feature with the very hot Carolyn Reese (who I guess most guys would say they wouldn’t kick out of bed either, lol) So it  makes this another pantie ruining visual treat. (Seriously is there something I don’t know as I am getting really turned on seeing 2 girls playing and getting spanked!!!)

Again I’m trembling as I relive what I did yesterday and post up these images, I’m such a naughty girl!

sinn01 sinn02 sinn03

sinn04 sinn05 sinn06

If you want to see much more of Miss Sage and her spanking exploits you can see her very own girl on girl spanking and hot discipline site at the banner below. OK, I have to end now I’m all of a fluster! ;)

see Sinn here

I’d be interested to hear your replies and if anyone else has viewed these sites?
Elizabeth. xxx

PS. I had been asked to mention, if you don’t know already that the 16 SITE OFFER that the xerotics sites are on is ending in days, so if this is something you were also thinking about getting at a very silly knock down price for the year, then CHECK IT HERE before it goes!



June 04, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 11 Comments →

Ok, I know there are many of you who want to see me weeping or getting severely thrashed (for some reason) and the guys who run the Canedschoolgirls site have uploaded a newer remastered version of one of my punishments! I asked for some images etc to place here and they gave me some links etc which you can see below. I have to be honest and say that I don’t remember a lot about this particular day, it was filmed about 5 years ago but I do remember the uniform and actually the tight knickers that I had as I had worn these before and since that punishment…they were a pain, literally, digging into my (as they would say) plump cheeks! See the image gallery below and click on my face full of despair and misery ;)

despair of my caning

As you’ll see these are the video images and I checked out the tour page of CanedSchoolgirls and there’s a free clip of me and those bloody pants digging into my behind!

Oh, as it’s about me and it’s my blog I got you some images, but I think maybe members of SpankMyBottom may have seen these before, but to the rest of you, I do rather like these studio stills, they are reduced a bit so they are a bit smaller and easier to download.

IMG_1014 IMG_1020 IMG_1029

I’m sure you’ll all be horrible and be happy that there’s a remastered movie of me getting thrashed (you are all so cruel!!!) I shall retire to my garden and take in some rays of sunshine to cheer up with a glass of wine or 3!! Enjoy this movie, it’s actually quite severe…

Love Elizabeth. xXx