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Jodie’s School Report

May 25, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →

I saw this earlier today and asked one of the guys who uploads and makes galleries and stuff if they could do one for me, so this, apparently is the first time it’s shown and I requested they get the new remastered movie at StrictSpanking for me as it stars yours truly and a very cute blonde haired Jodie in that teeny dress. I liked spanking girls in those Gingham dresses, it always felt naughtier, heh heh.

Anyway, they’ve done a good job, see below there’s a couple of clips and movie images which I remember like it was yesterday – oh Jodie, I got to admit I enjoyed having you over my knee, but you know that anyway, right? ;)

click here

You can also check out more on this fine movie at StrictSpanking

This warm weather always makes me angrier when I get someone over my knee, so I am hoping when I do my next film shoot that it’s quite warm so I can give whatever poor brat that crosses me some proper stick that you all know and love ;)

I also saw in my mailbox today that the offer might be closing soon, not sure when as I’m never told those sort of things, my last post covered that, anyway, I have chores to do, I have been putting off the big food shop – can’t wait any longer otherwise there’ll be full scale rebellion in the house and I’ll get a horrible spanking in my bedroom and I don’t want that right now…!


Jodie’s Underwear Problem

May 18, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 6 Comments →

Hiya, I got back from a relaxing break to find that my site was updated with this naughty movie which I had helped produce with the storyline as it was from my life in my long lost youth when I dared to rebel against my elders when I was still under their roof! It makes me laugh to see that I guess nothing changes as Jodie admitted she had a sort of similar issue at home recently and we both enjoyed making this movie as it meant a lot to both of us!

I’m about to erupt like an Icelandic volcano from Jodie’s continuing defiance! underwear

The new movie has a great intro clip HERE explaining how I’m pissed off that Jodie has once again defied me by wearing slutty underwear, now I like to think I’m fair, I’m letting her go to her party…but NOT with disgusting whore like flimsy nylon down there on her crotch, good god no! Has she no shame? I asked for a few intro images and just got them this morning so as best as I can recall the whole movie, this is what happened (as you’ll see from the piccies below)

u02 u03 u04

u05 u06 u07

I’m not as threatening or caustic as I can be as this movie as I’m more concerned for Jodie’s wellbeing but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to berate her for her slutty underwear and get her to try out the agreed white knickers from a ceratin famous store here in England (nice product placement lol) – hey, if they’re good enough for me then they’re good enough for Miss Hussypants Jodie! Of course when she’s in her correct underwear then I get to spank and strap her impertinent bottom for my own satisfaction and hoping that the lesson has finally got through! The strapping scenes are not patty cake either, you’ll be happy to know! We had a lot of fun making this movie and there’s some nice banter between us before I lay down the law (Please note some of Jodie’s replies to my underwear questions…like “I’m wearing underwear now!” oh Jodie, you are such a minx and I can see why she drives the guys crazy in her hometown!!!

There are also some top image sets with this film which I remember we had taken and I got a couple of those as well here nice n early so you get to see me stern faced and Jodie’s underwear before and after. awww, her poor face, she looks so upset! I reduced the size of the originals but you can click on the 2 thumbs below to see the larger size images that members will be able to view soon enough (in much larger size than I got here, I guess!)

IMG_8658 IMG_8699

INAPPROPRIATE UNDERWEAR is out now to download for SMB Members!

I hope you like the new film, there’s a lot of me and Jodie in this production from our lives so hopefully it comes across, I tell you now, I really enjoyed making this film as it represents a sort of crossover in my life when I remember being in Jodie’s shoes, (or should that be dodgy knickers???)

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen it, my previous sparring partner and nemesis, the beautiful bratty Rosaleen Young has a long lost film found and edited for members to download at SpankingOnline – I begged “He who thinks… (must be obeyed etc)” for a personal preview and it’s a cracker, a top FF treat if you’re into snivelling wretches given a good spanking and strapping! (I know I am!!!)

See more of Rosaleen below

Gosh, bit of a serious review from me today!! Hope you liked it :D
Hugs. Elizabeth. xXx


Elizabeth & Hannah

May 14, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

Hey all, sorry I haven’t been online, I had some little issues again but nothing serious with our connection. We live out in the countryside so it’s not always tip top, wish I could get cable here..oh well. I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed what is now the full HD movie with me and Hannah, I think it was our first film together and the moment I think (at the time) that I wanted to domme girls full time on film as Hannah is one of those girls I adore punishing!

Image gallery of me and Hannah below
me with hannah

Why? Well, she’s naughty, I like my girls to be naughty, when I say that, she is a bit of a harlot, even her stories shocked me and it takes a lot to do that, anyway, she’s a great girl and I’ve had her over my knee and been in some bizarre films with her, but this one sticks out as I really gave her a few hard strokes of the hairbrush on her poor botty! What was I saying? Oh yes, it’s now available in HD at HDspank and if you check out the home tour pages then there are plenty of sample clips and even some older ones of me in HD getting thrashed in the recent past!

Have a nice weekend everyone, I’m off visiting some relatives which isn’t so bad as they are by the seaside but I won’t be having my laptop but do check out that site as I just saw there is some sort of trial offer on it, so makes it even more worth a looky!

Hugs. Elizabeth. xXx


Missing Questions answered!

May 05, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk No Comments →

Hey Jack, thanks to Askimet blocking your question/s I found at least one of them accidentally as I was about to delete what was in that folder… so here’s my reply so you see it.

Your questions are below:
I’ve ’sent’ two postings in already but niether of them have appeared so I’m not sure what happend to them.

First of all I wanted to say how nice it was to have a ‘non-action’ pic and how pretty you look in it, from a while ago I should think. Thanks too for all you have done and continue to do in the spanking scene. I can’t afford to sign-up for anything so just pick up stuff here and there off the net (you know what I mean).
I think that pic might be the one which is now on the top right of the blog header?

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had to switch in the same shoot, but do you find generally that you have to prepare yourself for a shoot? I don’t mean just keeping yourself presentable and unmarked but psyching yourself up to get into it more, or after all this time do you find you don’t need to? I would assume the spanker and spankee would need to be in a different frame of mind at a shoot, which is why I’m wondering if its actually difficult to switch during one shoot.
Preparing yourself and “pyching” yourself is important. Like I just mentioned in a previous post some models just turned up, not giving a damn and expected to get paid regardless. that really annoys me and I will write about that in another post sometime soon. But yes, you have to be in the mood, get ready and prepare. I guess I’ve always naturally been a switch so it’s easier for me. Some girls just won’t or can’t do it and that’s understandable. However, at a shoot they used to have me do the dominant stuff first or early as it got difficult sitting down later! can’t think why!

You seem to like scolding your ‘victims’ when you’re domming, do you enjoy doing that? Do you get more out of a shoot if you can give it some verbal, tear a girl down a peg or two?

I discovered I had a knack for scolding girls and got well known for my verbals and yes i do get off on the feeling of control and a girl quivering on my lap with her poor botty exposed, I know how that feels and it does excite me, and yes, I do get wet and with some girls you can see them get excited too! I’m not a Bi but I vertainly do not mind seeing a beautiful girl splayed open across my lap, it’s more appreciation but my excitement is real for other reasons as I described1 (However, if yoiu just read my last post that Amber might just “turn” me if I was given the chance lol)

You’ve mentioned before about getting wet when discipling a girl, but have you been aware of girls getting wet when they are on the receiving end from you?

I hope none of that is too inappripriate or personal, wasn’t meant to be. And I hope you are just as successful domming as ever you were on the receiving end, and that you get alot of enjoyment out of it. But please don’t ‘retire’ your bum completely, your bum just wasn’t made for retirement!!!

ps, what’s with the specs, are they supposed to make you look more ‘dommy’???

I still get spanked in private, I might do something one day (maybe on MILFs or grannys spanked lol) but please don’t hold your breath, people! & yes, I need those specs, I wear contacts but also been told to wear them more as it does make me look more “dominant” don’t you think?

There you go Jack!
Elizabeth. xx


Amber’s Bubble Butt

May 05, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates 1 Comment →

I love that expression “bubble butt” and I know many spanking models are often proud of that expression when they got written about. I was always more “rounded” and “full” when they described me but I didn’t care at that was me and I could take a spanking far more than some models. That could be another post sometime:  some of the stupid brats that I had co-starred with over the years (I won’t mention names) God there were some whinging bitches and they’d come to a shoot and had basically lied about their capabilities which meant yours truly here had to take the brunt of harder punishments which really pissed me off no end! Why the hell lie to get yourself a few hundred Quid? (They usually negotiated a much lower fee or told the girls to piss off quite rightly for wasting their time, and of course there are models who are repeat no shows and I get called in as a replacement when I really wasn’t in the mood! (surprisingly you have to be in the right frame to get your bottom thrashed on film etc)

Amyway, someone remind me of this, I feel a good moan coming on about some of the girls I had worked with lol!

One such lovely, as I was saying, is Amber Dawn of SpankAmber and AmberSpanks fame. Unfortunately, I reckon unless she comes to England I doubt I’ll ever get to have her over my knee, I might even allow her the return favour cos she’s so hot! If you don’t know who she is, take a look at these lovely impact shots as Amber pokes out her beautiful red bottom and slippery slit while it’s getting spanked, if any girl could ever “turn” me, she’d be the one :D

IMG_2885b IMG_2889b

I got a new “toy” from Ann Summers the other day so feeling the urge to try it out again. See why Amber is so naughty and hot at her sites and you’ll see why I enjoy watching her spanking movies (yes, I am a secret member…shhh!) It has all sorts of things that are nice and naughty like sex and spanking, girl girl and Amber doing what I like to do in private!

I also found she is featured at EROTIC Spanking Clips - and I remember this site as that is how I got into her in the first place, a good naughty site to start with if you are liking this hottie mucho grando like little o’ me!

Hugs. Elizabeth. xXx


The new site redesign!

May 01, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates 2 Comments →

Hiya all, this is just a quickie text update and I’m sure many of you know that the pages of have been redesigned to accomodate my new style domme spanking nature! Of course there are still all my archives of me getting spanked and all that but those days are over online, I’m afraid.

Anyway, the tour pages have lots of great free content including, I think, some stuff of me from the archive areas on page 2 or 3 of the tour section, so well worth checking out!

As I’m really pressed for time and away and updating this on my moby, check out Headmaster’s SpankingBlogg as he did a recent “facelift” type update which details more of what has happened to the site – well worth a peek!

Have a great weekend, I’m off to visit relatives in the south, just hope the traffic isn’t too bad!
Elizabeth. xxx