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Your Questions answered!

April 26, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 11 Comments →

First of all, to those of you wondering why I haven’t answered, I did say that I wanted to wait until there were enough questions to make a post worthwhile, so here it is!

1.  Slug_man asks:
I just have a couple of questions. Firstly, is your bottom considered to be on the large side for a spanking model’s? I’ve seen a couple of your movies where you’re mocked for the size of your butt and so I wondered if it was considered larger than what passed for normal within the spanking scene .
Secondly, how often have you been buggered as part of a movie? Was it just a one off thing? Thanks.

Elizabeth: Yes, they are cruel and have often made jokes of my bum but its all good humour really. Seriously, like any girl, I think my arse is too big but I can live with it. It hasn’t harmed me from having an extra layer for spanking and taking harder punishments!
Caned & Buggered was the only time I did anything like that and will NEVER do anything remotely similar again, sorry if that disappoints everyone!

2. Jane asks:
In the remastered flixx video (punished for the huge phone bill to Australia), that old man gives your lovely bottom a ferocious spanking. I’ve seen clips of him spanking other miscreants but not nearly as vigorously. Is there a reason he spanks your behind with so much enthusiasm? Lol.

Elizabeth: Yeah, he was a well known guy in the spanko circles in the Sussex area where many of us all hailed from and he was/is a very good spanker and knows exactly how much to give each girl. I haven’t seen him for a while now but I know he still goes to parties etc and has worked with many of the UK’s established spanking stars like my old favorites (Sam Johnson, Natasha aka Dublin and Monica) We used to do shoots in Denmark together and the flights home we were always on a high getting drunk being rowdy brats with very sore bottoms!!!)
In that film (shot in Sussex!) he did seem to be enjoying himself a little too much, eh? LOL

3. Aristotle asks:
Hi Elizabeth……may I again ask you…..although you might consider it too personal……what is the size of your lovely bottom?
Also, if I may, which spanking implement do you personally find the most painful? And, when you are the spanker rather than the spankee, which spanking instrument do you prefer to apply to another girl’s bottom?
Lots of affection to you and to your naughty bum!
Aristotle xox

Elizabeth: Now now, a lady never reveals her true size ;)
I hated the cane, especially in the early days as they really whacked me hard! But to be honest, that hairbrush in the Music Lesson movie was probably the most painful, it even got completely broken such was the force of it being used, I still wince at memories of that film!
As for tanning a ladies’ behind, I actually like to use my hand, does that sound boring? I like to feel the heat and the swelling of the cheeks especially on newbies as I have to smooth and stroke them as they often are unsure how to take the spanking and it reminds me of my early naieve years! otherwise, I like to use the cane if it’s an implement you want, I think I am becoming better at it!!

4. Michael asks:
Hi Elizabeth,
I’ve often wondered if your fantastic contribution to the world of spanking has provided you with enough money to live off or whether you still have to do a ‘day job’.
With kisses on the bottom,
Michael xxxxxx

Elizabeth: Oh my, LOL, I wish! No I am a housewife, I don’t actually work as such anymore so depend on HWTHMBO
I’m very high maintenance!!! :D

5 paul asks:
just wondering simmo in all the movies i have seen of you i have not seen your titties have you never let them out in a movie and what was your hardest punishment you recieved and why
carry on being naughty
muah paul

Elizabeth: Well, I already answered my hardest punishment, that was the Music Lesson video (Caned Cheeks was also nasty) – I don’t know why I feel uncomfortable being totally naked, I feel it’s not right, that’s something for me and HWTHMBO in private, sorry if that sounds daft! I think having something on top helped me cope with what was going on down below!!!

6. Sabrina asks:
Hello Elizabeth. Here i am again. i am gonna try this one more time
( and i hope Domi is gonna join me again) How can i pursuit you to a private session???!!!
i really need a OTK:P:Pi just hope if i neg enough you finally would accept me well i hope you will react to this desperate message
Spanks and kisses

Elizabeth: Sorry to disappoint, but I had a bad time with an old 1-2-1 (I used to do some) and had to get someone to intervene and kick out this guy, it was really scary. Fortunately I have moved so no threats of stalking. I won’t do any form of 1-2-1 again. Thansk for asking but it’s a “no” from me, as Simon Cowell would say

7. domi asks:
Hi Elizabeth,  Thanks for organising this question round… as I did have a few questions, so I think it’s GREAT you’re doing it! Thank you!
So a few questions from my side… I’ve looked on the net and found only about 2 hand spankings and that they are delicate… so I was wondering, why are they so delicate? And are they more painful like say, the cane? And also how do you feel about them?
I’ve also seen your collection of uniforms and the other girls wearing their uniforms, so I was wondering, is this from changing school so often, or is a different tie a different grade or something? I’m not british, so I have no idea… Were you really still physically punished in school?
Apart from this would you mind sharing your mail address with us, or is that too private?
What made you decide to chose for this kind of career? As I gather you do what you enjoy and earn money, but you can’t go around say to everybody what you really do… isn’t that strange?

And finally, I’m not sure you’re gonna like this, but I for sure bear a big smile on my face…   … Of course…
Hiya Sabrina! I am here to join you in your pursuit… So tell us Elizabeth, what will it take for you to reconsider 1-2-1’s? In particular one for Sabrina and me?!
Thank you very much for all the answers you’re willing to share with us and speak to you soon!

Elizabeth: Hi Domi, see my reply to Sabrina on 1-2-1s – sorry, won’t do em anymore for anyone.
Wow, lots of questions. here goes.
I am always spanked first to warm up my (big lol) bottom, they are often never that delicate even if some might look it, some spankers can be deceptive and some of those OTKs were bloody painful! pain is relative, when we filmed and I was being spanked, I might have done 5 or 6 films (the last few were always the hardest and the 1st was alwasy more of a warm up)
School uniforms got better and better over the years as they purchased genuine uniforms which I enjoyed wearing, especially my trademark grey pinnie (worn in Music Lesson and that awful buggered film etc) I think the guys liked seeing us in them too, they were a rowdy bunch, the old film crew!
I’m not bothered as I am a housewife and I am so don’t have to lie to anyone…oh, and the email thing, I prefer to answer comments here now as I also had a bad time with some pervert before who hassled me, I won’t take that shit anymore, as you can understand

8. Emil asks:
Hi, Often in english spanking movies the topic is that the girl have a big bottom, especially you and Jodie carnell have done that.
Do you like it and it is a turn on for you? I love your movies where the topic is that your bottom is big

Elizabeth: LOL, I don’t mind at all, I am used to their “abuse” but that doesn’t happen anymore now I am a dominatrix! I starred in the movie measuring Jodie’s “big” bum (of course it wasn’t, she has an incredibly cute ass) but the subject is funny and I know it makes good storylines so I’m sure I’ll be lecturing Jodie and other girls on the size of their growing bottoms again, I hope!

9. johndee asks:
Hi. Just wanted to ask do you do 1-2-1s if not why not?
why do people think you have a big bottom it looks fine to me and do
these comments upset you? John

Elizabeth: I think by now I’ve pretty much answered your questions already, and no, it doesn’t bother me ;)

10. Gillian asks:
Hi, what do people who don’t know what you’re doing think you do?
Hugs, Gillian.

Elizabeth: I am a boring average suburban housewife ;)

11. domi asks:
Hi Elizabeth, I just have one other question, did you ever get punished/spanked by your parents and would you punish/spank your children? Thanks! Domi

Elizabeth: No, never was and No, I have never needed to. You’ve heard my withering “put downs” well, that’s all I need to lay down the law!

12. Sunny asks:
Hiya Elizabeth, I already left these questions, but at the wrong post (yes, I am a donut).
Anyway, my questions are:
In real life, what is your job or if you’re full time at this now, what job or jobs did you do in the past?
And also, have you ever acted or taken acting lessons, as you make a very convincing dominant lady, my fave on the scene in fact!Thanks, Sunny.

Elizabeth: Housewife and I did the usual admin and secretarial stuff when I was younger.
No, I’vbe nenver taken acting lessons, that’s very kind to think, but I really think it’s becasue being a Domme was my calling, I was always a switch and learnt to Domme with one of the best spanko actresses around, Rosaleen Young! I miss working with her and I guess I learnt how to become far more nasty, dominant and convincing with a real bratty submissive so I hope wherever she is now (since I lost touch) that she’s doing OK!

13. Martin asks:
Hi Elizabeth. Just wondering, have you ever been recognized on the street or in the shops? Martin.

Elizabeth: Oh my, imagine when I’m bogged down with shopping bags at my local supermarket, hehe. No, never been seen outside of any spanko networks. I’m not planning on a life in the public or politics, so I’m not worried if I ever would be “recognised” one day.

14. tim asks:
Elizabeth do you prefer to be spanked by another girl or male whacker? love and spanks tim xxx

Elizabeth: Well, I don’t liek to be filmed being spanked anymore, I think that time is up and I have retired from that publicly. To be honest, no, I never liked being spanked by girls, when I was being filmed I always preferred men as it suited my submissive nature at the time, even if they hurt more. However, I “LOVE” spanking women and do get off on it. My spankings are in private now when I’ve been naughty so I try to be good!!!

15. Michael asks:
I know you’ve been making spanking films for quite a while now and still look amazing, but I am curious to know what year your first film was made and what it was called. Kisses on the bottom, Michael xxxxxx

Elizabeth: Ah, that would be Ivor Gold’s Redstripe Spanking films. I’m sure many of you know he was killed several years ago (nothing related to spanking) which was very sad. I did a few movies for him after I was introduced to the scene at the time in the 1990s…sorry I can’t remember the title of the film but you’ll see me credited in a few titles at Redstripe if that helps.

Red Stripe spanking

16. Sabrina asks:
Hiya to you Domi. Great to see you back again. well i don’t see any responses of Elizabeth to any of the questions…………….why?????Elizabeth how long must Domi and i neggin to get you so angry to response?????????
i’m almost losing my mind to it – please give us a response and okay i will ask you something for your questions round

How old where you when you found out you like spankings???
i was 16  :P :P

well domi hoping you will help again with some persuasion
Spanks and kisses, Sabrina

Elizabeth: I was a late starter, I was never spanked when I grew up and discovered it when I was about 19 or so with an old boyfriend!

* HWTHMBO – “he who thinks he must be obeyed”

There, I’ve answered all your questions, anymore on the other thread will have to wait until another time!
Hope they help
Elizabeth. xXx


Humiliating Punishment

April 23, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates 2 Comments →

Hiya all, the weather here has been a bit iffy earlier today, I called some of my friends down south as you do when bored and they were out sat in the sunshine enjoying a few drinkies at the pub, I was so jealous and I even had to put on a cardie earlier to keep warm. Well, I just seen that they have put up an older film of me when I got a real good blithering across my bare bottom at StrictSpanking. I remember this one and it was kinda like the early version of some of those Real Life series I did, as this was sort of based on yet another shameful episode where I enjoyed a few drinks too many.

Well, I was just told there’s a new free movie gallery with a flash clip, I laughed as it plays straight away and I remember that dialogue with those humiliating undertones like it was yesterday (even if it must’ve been over 4 years ago hehe) it’s a good one and I’m sure you’ll remember this!

trailer here

I also got a call about this movie (guess they liked it) and there’s a post by Spankmaster from the SOL blog with some extra images and stuff like that, just click on the piccie below and it should lead to that (I like these images too and he did a good job there!!!)

caned on my bottom

Oh, and thanks to some blog posts that I have been reading, I see it is supposed to be our national day as they were banging on about it (st george’s day) – meh, I had hardly noticed but I’d notice if they made it a national holiday, eh?

I just wanna say thanks to everyone that’s taken time to send me some questions and I will make a post next week and answer them all, if I can. Ok must rush, I’m supposed to be going out tonite so want to look my best, it takes longer to look stunning nowadays!
Hugs. Elizabeth. xXx


Q & A

April 14, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 27 Comments →

Ok, this is a sort of “Ask me anything” type post.

Leave your questions below and when there’s enough i’ll do a Q & A in another post, no questions will be replied to here and I’ll wait for a little while so there’s a  shedload of questions. Remember, you can ask me anything, but I might not reply if they’re far too personal or innapropriate, I’m still a lady after all ;)

Wanna ask me questions, leave your comments below
Ask Elizabeth

Hugs. Elizabeth. xxx



April 14, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 2 Comments →

Hiya! I’m sure some of you have seen the first parts of this movie at SpankMyBottom (webmaster has said there’s been some nice uptakes on the Trial Offer – so hopefully more people get to see me in action, which I kinda think is cool!) I really liked making this movie as it gave me a chance to discipline 2 pairs of insolent cheeks and I’ve always enjoyed seeing Anita bare her round rump and it was a real pleasure to smack Sally’s bum as well (I don’t think she thought so though lol)

Anyway, I was struggling whether to ask for some images when I came across this cracking gallery that Headmaster at had made (I missed it and he said apart from me being lazy and thick – bit harsh I thought) I could use the gallery to let you lovely people check out my latest film properly (that’s if you are not members of SpankMyBottom) Any feedback on my domming is always welcome. As I notice that there’s a few questions that I need to answer, I will write a second post after this for a sort of new Q & A and once there are sufficient questions I’ll answer them in a later post, hope that is ok?

NO FIGHTING – see the preview below
click here

There’s also a FREE Clip on the home page of SpankMyBottom here

Ok, before I rush off to Tesco to hammer HIS credit card (got a text there’s a “wine festival” on again meaning I will be stocking up on decent half price rioja and sauv blanc before it all disappears)
Poor ”He who thinks he should be obeyed” (HWTHSBO) since he’s being a right shit at the moment (dont you love domestics? haha) I better go before he reads it, he’ll know from the sound of the clink clink clinking bottles later ;)

Here’s a girl I have admired for a long time, I’m sure you all know her, Amber Dawn from SpankAmber fame (image below is from Nude in San Fran) where models like her strut around naked in the SF Bay area, what an incentive to visit! I don’t think I’d have the guts to do that, imagine me running round starkers in grey Yorkshire, goosebumps on my goosebumps and my nips frozen solid, no way!


Check out Amber’s blog HERE

and if you feel like a fix of some seriously hot spanking of Amber or seeing Amber give it back check out her site links below



Righty-ho, time to stock up my wine cellar!!!
Elizabeth. xxx