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A Remastered Beating

March 25, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 11 Comments →

I had a little nose around some of the sites today and was pleasantly surprised to see this old movie crop up and remastered as I remember this OTK spanking quite well! I wasn’t feeling too well that day and when I found out it was Master Agean spanking me, my heart sank a little as his hands are like sandpaper shovels (I think he does that deliberately heh heh) and any sustained spanking from them really redden my bottom! The movie is out at OTKspank and there’s a free clip where I’m getting strapped (after his horrible hard spanking!)

You can see the free clip here (if I’ve linked it right lol)

Ouch! Painful memories!!! I asked for a few images and the webmaster gave me these for you to look at!
worried1 worried2

worried3 worried4

OTKspank is quite a nice site with lots of traditional spankings over the knee of course, I see there’s a few other films of me there too
I have to say being spanked over someone’s knee with my bare bottom, knickers down, makes me feel like I deserve a hard spanking when I’ve been a real bitch or been very naughty :)

Hugs. Elizabeth. xXx


Re education for Paula

March 19, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 5 Comments →

Hiya, I’m thinking of going on that Masterchef programme we have here in England! Contestants compete against each other with their cooking skills with 2 top chefs overlooking our efforts…nah, I’m kidding. I’d die a death despite my Italian evening going well on Wednesday, I’ve just recovered and got everything back to some sort of normality again! No spankings for me, HWMBO (he who must be and all that bollocks) was impressed and so were the others, maybe ‘cos I plied them with lots of aperitifs, booze and after dinner sambucca which went well with my now infamous risottos!!! I’d have taken some pics but I somehow think my Aunties and Nonna might have objected (I think one of the Uncles knows what I do…OMG!)

Now, back to masterchef…imagine also when they ask what I do “Ah yes, have you seen SpankMyBottom?” LOL

Well, imagine the looks of surprise, as I would imagine telling some stuck up TV celebrity chef what I did when I checked Spankingmags earlier today – as they have just upped a newer version with me in a motherly role helping to chastise and embarrass poor little Paula from Poland. aww, she was so cute, I could have scooped her up and taken her home.
I think we were discussing this one a few months back as I found some images, remember?


It’s a beauty, I’m sure, if anyone wants to view it…have fun!
I’m off out tonight, rewards for being a perfect hostess, think I might get a little tipsy again LOL!
Elizabeth. xxx


Wish me luck

March 15, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 1 Comment →

It’s that meal this week, so won’t write again until it’s done on Wednesday. I was out shopping earlier today for some final goodies that were missing and whilst out in the countryside on the way back I came across this little scene below, aaaah, lambs, it made me smile as it’s a good sign of Spring arriving at last, no more horrible cold, it can be grim “oop north”

lambs lambs2

I took a picture of them with my phone, aren’t they adorable? Do you prefer them with mint or rosemary? lol

I also had a quick look at this site below, I had a membership there until He who thinks he ought to be obeyed saw my credit card bill and realized I had subscribed and I got a bollocking as I only had to ask – well, he should have been around when I was feeling spanky-horny, right? Anyways, SlutSpanking has got loads of stuff with me on there too giving the girls what for and you’ll know the gorgeous naughty minxes (Jodie and Paige) Check out these lush galls below which I found, hope you likey!

I don’t know who she is, all I know is I was told she was at the last film shoot and she was very cute, I’d LOVE to have her over my knee pleading with me! LOVE it!

cutie2 cutie3

cutie4 cutie5

You can see more mucky pups getting a good Girl/Girl spanking on the HOME page

OK, that’s got the old fetish juices flowing, nice…now off to fullfill my domestic chores (get the tea!)
Elizabeth. xxx


Slippered in Pyjamas

March 10, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 8 Comments →

Hiya, I saw this in my mailbox earlier today and it made me laugh, and also wince with the memory as that slipper, that awful black plimsoll has my name inside of it, lol! Anyway, check it out, it’s a nice trip back to seeing me thrashed hard by Miss Smith and I know there are you lovers of seeing us girls in our jimmies (pyjamas) so I hope you like it!

dorm discipline

If you check the tour pages of SpankMyBottom, they still have movie clips of me on all the pages, there’s quite a bit of freebie stuff there, there’s a few movies I had (conveniently lol) forgotten about so it made me cringe seeing my bottom swaying there getting spanked!

SpankMyBottom Tour pages HERE

Now on the subject of a girl getting a good spanking, take a look at this “After” image as this beauty sits there contemplating the beating she had just taken across her cheeks! Ouch…such a beautiful image and this is a nice site that I often frequent, if you’d like to see more let me know but you can check out more below for yourselves, yum!


OK, early next week I have to cook a traditional Italian meal for 15 and they aren’t letting me know what is best for all the family, it’s like a test or something, I’m worried. So anyone out there know what traditional Italian types prefer? Spag Meatballs? Lasagne? Carbonara type pasta or perhaps cooked meat like veal (I’m hoping they read this and help me out as I think it’s mean) Any help, anyone read this from bella Italia? & what are the easiest prima plates?

Elizabeth (worried of Yorkshire) xxx


Miss Smith canes hard

March 03, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

I know she can be ferocious with the cane, and enjoys wielding it, as do I…however, thanks to a recent comment, it got me thinking about a session we all did with Pandora Blake a few years back and it’s such a pity I can’t work with them all again, maybe the powers that be that sort out the spanking shoots will see this, eh? lol Well, I couldn’t find the movie where Miss Smith (and me) chastise and punish Pandora as cruel aunts, but on the same day, this film took place in the same location, the same room and over those blue sofas…

Seriously one of the best films with Miss Smith and Pandora that I could find, I doon’t think they had worked together anywhere else, so these films, which I have found advertised at STRICTSPANKING are also remastered so we get the best possible viewing experience (like you do with my films, you’d need super duper widescreen for my botty nowadays!) The images below lead to a couple of galleries, great pics, and for me at least, some good memories of this day :D


Pandora caned

More spanking goodness at StrictSpanking!!!

oh, and as a tribute to the lovely Pandora, if you want to see more of what she’s up to, check out her blog HERE, she’s so much more dedicated to the blogging cause than me (it’s the time for me, I’m so so sorry….but where does she find the time?)
Elizabeth. xxx