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No Knickers and Red Bottoms

February 25, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Special Offers 6 Comments →

Hiya everyone
I’ve been a bit tardy with writing anything, guess what, that stupid laptop I had again sort of died on me, fortunately I hadn’t had much spanko stuff on it so got it sent back to PC World (yikes I hope I got most of my browsng habits off it…heh heh, anyway, I’m here, they didn’t looks at me funny when I went back after they it out). Seems it wasn’t my fault and they gave me a replacement, anyway, this one seems to be ok, touchwood.

Oh God where do I start? Well, some of you might have seen there is a brand new movie with me at SpankMyBottom and it’s a funny movie, with the lovely Anita over my knee for a spanking! She is being told off by me and I tell her it’s time for a spanking across her panties, only she gets upset and evasive…I find out why because the dirty slut isn’t wearing any knickers underneath her school skirt! Cue a good hard spanking and of course some nasty verbage from me!

This is an early intro clip I have uploaded for you – CLICK HERE

Image8 Image13


Yes, that last pic has Anita with knickers on, well that’s her coming back next day showing off to the cameras before her “inspection” Doesn’t she have a beautiful minnie? I am starting to worry in my advancing years if i’m turning into a mincing bi “cougar” as the Americans love saying (I love that expression, cougar, so much better than MiLF lol). I forgot to say there’s a barmy clip of Anita on my HOME PAGE HERE of this movie!

Before I disappear (gotta make the tea tonight) I wanted to let you see this naughty gallery from one of the newer sites THEBAREBOTTOM that has 2 girls, Hannah and Justine (I think her name is) who spank each other and show off each others bottoms, lots of girly stuff and plenty of gratuitous red bottom rubbing mmm. Aint spanking naughty?


Back soon (promise) must go prepare the chilli con carne, or i’ll be in trouble!!
Elizabeth. xxx


Playing up and being naughty

February 14, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 6 Comments →

Every girl, including me is guilty of that, eh? I can tell you in my time I have stropped and bratted with the best of em, I still do when I don’t get my own way, maybe it’s hormonal, maybe becasue we women are right and men are wrong,, I don’t know but what I do know is that I love a good argument from time to time just because I want to. Is that wrong? It feels good somtimes so I actually get off being a bad girl throwing a strop until I get my own way, of course it’s risky as on film and in real life, I’ve been thrown over the knee for a damned hard spanking or worse. Well, I saw this old movie which has been remastered the other day and it’s a beuat, just how I REALLY acted back then and this was in part based on a true story (I still wince at that phone bill now!)


CLICK HERE for this great gallery and movie clip of the 1st part of my long punishment which I have to say I had coming. I had such a potty mouth that day too (cringe).
Also I know that FetishFlixx have some other of my older films here all restored, it’s actually a nice site for those that like their spanking films all in big screen playback.

Now talking of naughty girls, I have recently been getting into this secret fetish of mine thanks to a fairly new site called Naughty Diaper Girls (diapers, or nappies as we call them in the Queen’s English!) – no, I haven’t got involved in scat, god no, this is the sexy punishment and submission of girls made to wear “diapers”, play feel and act like a baby and generally get to fool around, play upon each other and of course get spanked too! I’m getting wet thinking about it, it’s a real turn on for me. Check out a couple of galleries which give you an idea of what happens at this naughty site!

lily anna lily anna
Lily Anna is a big and very sexy spanking star in the USA, I’m sure you know that, however, she also enjoys fooling around in these diapers and in this movie she is a maid caught rooting through Clare’s stuff and then gets the full diaper treatment as she’s forced to wear them and get spanked over Clare’s knee!

tink and lavender tink and lavender
Again, 2 well known US girls Tina Tink and Lavender Rayne (wearing her diaper) fool around and get off on each between a spank shoot other which is quite hot and they let off a lot of steam, phew, feeling quite horny now. You can see more of this at the site HERE

Lots of naughty love. Elizabeth. xxx