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Severe Goodness

January 19, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

Hiya, I got sent a mail that a film I did (early last year, I think) is once again out as a pay per view and download to keep jobbie at If you haven’t seen this one, as I don’t remember this being on SpankMyBottom (it probably is as I’m such a scatter brain, but I’m sure someone will let me know) Anyway, as I was saying if you haven’t seen this film it’s in HD and was a deliberately severe film. I really got my bum strapped and caned hard that day.

Now if you want to see a preview in HD and SD (both clips are different, I just checked) please check it out here.

I was quite proud of this movie as they had told me beforehand that they wanted to make a really testing film and you can see the power of those cane strokes, god I remember that bloody cane biting into me as well….ouch!!! Ok, so here’s the blurb (which I see I now have 3 films they have placed there)

All films are priced in US Dollars & all films have also been re-priced so the films are far cheaper as well as being in Dollar value which saves a further 30% or so. Films start from $4.50 and most are around $6-8 max unless they’re real special ones (like mine) or multi film packages. They have told me my Music Lesson film has been quite popular, as well as the packages, I’m not surprised, they are great movies, eh?

The banner below shows all current films on offer from

more films here

Elizabeth. xXx


Cancelled Party

January 12, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 2 Comments →

cancelled party - new film

No, it’s not me cancelling 1-2-1′s (sorry, please don’t ask me for those, I don’t do that anymore, lol). No it’s the title of my new movie out now at SpankMyBottom with the delicious Jodie. I could spank that brat all day long, it’s a pity we don’t have the technology so you can feel how soft her cheeks are, but that Jodie seriously has the softest smoothest pair of buns I have had the pleasure to spank in a long long time.

Anyway, I need to be quick so have been given some resized stills for your precious people as a 1st up so drink in the sight of me and Jode’s as I teach the impertinant little madam some good old fashioned home values over my knee and with the help of my leather strap!

Image8 Image22 Image24

Image33 Image36 Image37

I’m off out to stock up at the supermarket as the next snowfalls start to creep in, we Brits don’t do handling snow very well, do we? Oh well, may as well join all the other sheep and stock up lol. Regards Jodie, I hear she may be at the next film shoot with me and she has agreed to be caned hard, I hope she turns up as I’d love to wield my new rattan cane I got at Xmas!
Elizabeth. xxx


That goddawful Music Lesson

January 07, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates 8 Comments →

Hey, I’m such a fool, I had a hard time driving in the snow that I almost crashed the car, god, I’d have really got a horrific caning in private if that had happened, yes, no thought spared for me, of course, just that I was gonna get a hammering if there was a dent in the car. (yes i’m rollin my eyes in disdain) I’m of an age now I try to avoid severe thrashings, it’s something my poor botty is becoming far more sensitive to, as well as growing (remember I’m far more mature now, someone called me a MILF the other day and that made me laugh!)

Anyway, I’m babbling and the reason is because of this movie that I have been informed about!

Hmm, I don’t know whether to cry or be happy seeing this movie crop up again! “Thanks(?)” to Headmaster at SpankingBlogg for reminding me of this movie that he has said has been re-released in US Dollar payment format, meaning it’s cheaper. You can see the full explanation of this most painful movie, don’t know why they never put it on my site, guess they thought it was special, and it was! It still is, I just watched it again and it made me wince!!!

I don’t really cry that much or lose it on set, but this was one horrible movie I remember so well, and I still find it painful to watch…you’ll see me wince as I break all manner of instruments that Mr Peters (that most hateful of teacher characters) put my way! Ye-ouch!!!! See it here

Headmaster also told me he’s going to add a special image gallery later on his blog as well as providing me with a link to some FREE Clips of this movie HERE

Really, if any of you haven’t seen it, now’s your chance to view my half hour of torture at $9.75 *sob*
Elizabeth. xxx

PS. You all know I’ve been dropping hints that my butt baring days are about over, well, after viewing this movie, I know why, I could NEVER take a thrashing like that again, all good things come to an end, as they say, but I have developed a dominant streak which I guess I’ve always had and will continue to spank and chastise girls they throw at me! Damn, if only I had the chance to thrash Miss Valkerie – let’s see how she’d “like it” lol One model told me she genuinely “feared” me…now I must be doing something right, eh?