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Here’s to 2010!!!

December 30, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →

I hope you are all not feeling to stuffed with your turkeys, or as we had in our household, we tried goose this year and it went well, I can tell you goose fat is the biz for roasting potatoes as well. Anyway, enough of my culinary tips, you didn’t come here for my cookery tips – not from what I read in my mails though, seems some of you nasty fellas all want to see me suffer and have my bare bottom thrashed, you heartless people, even in this season of goodwill, eh? lol

I got some very suggestive mails about asking me about some of my most memorable films personally when I was bent over getting my poor bum whacked! Well, as it’s coming up to 2010, here are some old classics that I found across a few sites. Boy, these bring some painful memories back! just click on the images below from the galleries I found etc

Detention Misery – and it was! This made me cry as I was slippered and caned really hard!!!

Truant Punished – yes, the strap and cane (again) and I remember feeling really embrassed at this punishment. Why, because behind the scenes in that movie there were about 10 blokes all eyeing up my minnie and red bum when I was bent over, I could feel them peering. Daft, I know, but I felt very ashamed that day getting thrashed! Good film though!! :)

Caned & Exposed – this was a humiliating film and a long one, not sure if it was split into 2 parts, but I loved playing this movie as I really felt naughty and got quite excited in this movie despite the hard and rude punishments, it’s something I think I’d feel very uncomfortable with now, but I’m glad I did this when I felt I looked at my best!!!

One of my defining old movies – Caned Cheeks! This was remastered at FetishFlixx and I think it’s available at my site but in an older version, this was probably the film that really hurt, just check out the marks on my poor bum cheeks!!!

Finally from Spankingmags there is a remastered movie I loved with ME as the domme with my fave partner, submissive Rosaleen and I loved thrashing her in this movie where I punish her really hard for smoking, images and a great clip which kind of captures the spirit of it, and of course there’s tons of me and rosaleen at SpankMyBottom too!


I’m gonna be out most of tommorow so I will wish you all a happy new year and feel free to write to me as I know you do, I do get to read all your mails or comments here, of course!
Have a great 2010!!!
Elizabeth. xxx


Self Pleasure Punishment

December 17, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

There’s a new movie with me sorting out one of the most popular girls at Xerotics (naughty Ms Crawford). So I asked the webmaster at SlutSpanking for some images to this very naughty movie that I remember all too well recently from the last filmshoot, why? Well, look at the images and the FREE Clip on the Home page HERE and you might understand a little more about this rather vulgar film, and I rightly thrash dirty dildo dipping Hannah!

self pleasure punishment

I feel embarrassed writing this, I really do lol. I catch Hannah pleasuring herself with that ridiculous rabbit dildo and decide to let the slut finish herself off, hmmm, let’s see if she thinks it’s so funny and nice when I spank and strap her bare bottom afterwards, eh? Of course, I have to verbally humiliate her and tell her to put that disgusting thing in the rubbish bin before I start to spank her!

self1a self2 self3

self5 self4 self6

I, ahem, take the disgusting object out of the bin when I finish with sorting out Hannah’s big bottom (which I have to say is ever so spankable!) and, well, I am a lady so can’t tell what happens next but I’m sure members of SlutSpanking will enjoy this new movie!! See more here

OK, I have to pop out and start my Xmas Shopping, I am such an airhead at the moment, hardly anything is sorted, what present can I get for “Him”? (please no slipper or cane suggestions!!!)

Elizabeth. xx


A visit to my Office!

December 13, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →

There’s a new movie out at SpankMyBottom which involves me giving poor gorgeous Anita a damned good thrashing as only I know how to when I’m in a bad bad mood! Anita had reason to be worried as you can see below!


Now when I order a naughty girl to remove her underwear and get over my knee for a spanking, I expect her to do as she’s told so don’t too kindly to girls like Anita trying to wriggle out of the situation…there’s a free 20 mb intro clip on the HOME PAGE, or just click on my gloriously stern face below…hehe


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!!! See it HERE
Elizabeth. xxx


Web archive thingies

December 08, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →

Hi all, I was given the below poster to a very old cover of SpankingOnline and I had the address saved but have lost it again now, a bit of it had web archive in the title and it allows you to check any website cached from way back (I’ll google it later), and it was quite addictive seeing covers and what the sites looked like from yesteryear. Anyway, I don’t have this particular film or photos saved anywhere and don’t remember it either, but I do remember the uniform. Anyone who is a member of SpankingOnline help me locate the link? Here is the cover below:


Ok, I tell you what I did find, and it made me laugh as I remember the cover and the day so well as it was filmed at my old place years ago! She blubbed like a baby, and they were all getting shots of her with tears streaming down her face, tsk, so cruel, would I reduce a brat to tears? hmm


I even saved the description of this movie at the time and I got a few images that you can see, she was a little cutie, eh?

This is what was said at the time: “It seems she has and does have a real need to be kept on the straight & narrow. Beatings are so common in her own country that without it she feels almost lost. She did explain it is not something she looks forward to, but an event in her life that if not nice, is at least understood and needed. She is in herself a very shy girl, and the shame of having to lower her knickers is something she always struggles with.”
Ah, bless her little pop socks, here are some piccies I had saved from their 2 set photosets from the movie.

sol0301710002 sol030172009 sol030173004

sol0301720009 sol0301740002 sol030172002

Hope you are enjoying my new movies out at a few of the websites at the moment ;)
Elizabeth. xxx