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“Momma” Simpson

November 22, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 3 Comments →

I love playing these roles, I had this with Jodie in the new movie which you have all seen by now. Nothing better than a verbal lashing from me, I actually get off on reducing my girls to an embarrassed wreck, softening them up before I tell then to remove their panties. Anyway, I have noticed that there are some promotional tools which first of all show you some more pics of me and Jodie in my new movie.

OK, I gotta be quick as I keep popping out to update this between preparing the Sunday roast, if I get the beef burnt, I’ll surely get a caning, I’ve been promised that at home for a while now and you’ll all know how I HATE that so I’m trying to be good, but it’s hard (hehe) So update below on my new movie at SpankMyBottom


Now before I go and try not to ruin the roast, I noticed that at SpankingOnline the newest movie stars ME and delicious Hannah who I adore, she has the cutest rump and (secretly) she told me to give her a real good slippering – and so I did, bliss! You can see this new movie “Must Try Harder Hannah” now and of course I am playing a mumsy role giving her hell over her crap school report, I actually swore at her and said it was “all a load of shit!” god I sounded so mean lol.

You can see a special special preview clips at the home page here

Then check out the special freebie gallery which I was mailed below, I love my work…ok, back to my roast, god help me if it’s ruined!!!


PS! Oh crap, the beef is overcooked, I’m bloody for it! I hope your all happy now, he’s gonna thrash me for spending too much time on my lappy :(
Elizabeth. xxx


My new film out now ;)

November 15, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 2 Comments →

I was still hoping to get some images off the photographer, but since he can’t be bothered to reply to me, (don’t you hate that?) I apologise but what I have for you is my new film (at last, yes).
You saw some special pics earlier which I managed to grab, but now check out a clip which is advertised on the home page of SpankMyBottom and it’s a great little movie, also shot in HD high Def so you get to see the action of me spanking beautiful Jodie even more clear.
Aren’t we girls a sight for sore eyes? :D

new film cover


Hope you like it, I certainly did!!!
Elizabeth. xxx


Jodie & me! 1st images

November 09, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 3 Comments →

As expected, working with the young precocious brat Jodie was a breeze for me, as she is just so easy to subdue and tame. She has a real genuine submissive side I really adore and of course, as Madame Simpson, I revel in punishing cute teens like her! I’ll let you know more about me and my sore bottom and the shameful interview and those questions…the secret ones, good grief!  (and believe me I DID get a right tanning when it was my turn to bare my botty…ouch!) But check out some nice freeview full size images that members at SpankMyBottom can now download from this new movie!

Jodie returns, looking as cute as ever!

Some images below with me and Jodie, yes I’m looking stern as hell, eh? lol well, she was late back after partying with her friends and we cant have that, can we?

IMG_8203 IMG_8208 IMG_8220

These are just some of the photos from the latest update at SpankMyBottom

Sorry about not getting any other images from the filmshoot yet, I’ve asked the photographer twice but he hasn’t got back to me yet
I’ll get u some piccies soon hopefully,
Spanks. Elizabeth. xxx


Off to the Film Shoot!

November 07, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 2 Comments →

Quick update, got to get this out of I’ll be late for my bottom punishments. I will be honest and admit I’m nervous about this film shoot, they have promised to thrash me severely, humiliate me and make me work hard! If I’m lucky I may get a chance to dominate a few girls as an extra reward (shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I know Jodie is coming back today, now there is a girl with a nice pair of cheeks and a great reward for me to do well)

Wish me luck, they guys have said they’ll send me some piccies later when I’m home nursing my (probably) very sore red bottom, so I’ll try get some images up.

In the meantime, here’s a great movie I remember from the past, with some girls who I really had a good time with (KJ and Dublin) we filmed this in Denmark and what a funny perverted theme it was too..hehe  :)


When I was looking at this site I found this movie starring a girl called Caroline who had a big wobbly bottom that I just adore, and I know she’s getting a hard punishment as I’ve been over Shanelle’s knees receiving a horrible punishment or 5!


These naughty films were taken from FetishFlixx

Okay, I must go, will let u all know how it went laters.
Nervously, Elizabeth. xxx


Caning Rosaleen Young

November 04, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 1 Comment →

Contrary to what some people thought, I used to love working with Rosaleen Young. However, I don’t think she liked working with me as I could be quite mean at times. Something the guys would get off on as they then used this against me as it was my turn to take one across my botty!

Check out this great free view thing as it shows the latest film over at Caned  Schoolgirls – I remember this movie well, Ros was being a real brat and I gave her a bloody hard thrashing with some new heavy canes. She was a real sweetie though, never complained that much (and I must admit I used to cane her harder for it…shhh!)

The calm before the caning storm…

You can see another preview at CanedSchoolgirls

Right gotta go, have a bottle of vino with my name on it!
Elizabeth. xx