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Happy Halloween

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A quick post to say thanks to all you that have sent in questions, only a few days left. I’m just getting ready for the Trick or Treaters later. It’s nice to see the kids enjoying themselves and for once it isn’t raining cats and dogs here so just got some treats ready for them. I’m so kind, eh?


Personally, I’m not into scary movies or things that spook or frighten me, like the heavy dragon canes, lol! But take a look at these galleries and stuff I got from SpankedSchoolgirl – these are situations that make me feel very uncomfortable, I guess that’s scary, I spose? (& don’t go asking me to pee in pots, my panties or whatever for the next film)  that just aint happening…ok?  :D

Happy Halloween everyone.
Elizabeth. xx


Help me make a film!

October 23, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 19 Comments →

A couple of guys at work have come up with a naughty idea during my next film shoot and if you want, you can make sure that this interview style movie will be a great success!


Here’s all you need to do. You can leave a comment as you’d normally do on this post, ask any question you want (and I mean any, well, those within reason, lol) and I’ll answer them on film. You can also make any request for me to be punished after or during the interview. Obviously if you make requests for what I am wearing, or not wearing, I can’t accomodate all these, of course, so bear with this. It’s an experimental and interactive interview and I hope that you take time to ask or make requests. PLEASE ENSURE ALL QUESTIONS/REQUESTS ARE SENT BY NOVEMBER 3RD. Be aware of course that I will see these questions here, and if you want to ask questions I won’t see in advance, then that ol’ perv Headmaster from SpankingBlogg (who will be assisting at the shoot) will accept mails/questions and requests via his email address so I don’t get to see them in advance. He has promised to hand a print out over to the interviewer on the day, so if you fancy doing that, as well as asking questions here, please feel free!


Elizabeth. xx

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Me tamed in High Definition

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Webmaster asked if I’d mention that this has been updated at SpankMyBottom yesterday. The film where I got my poor bottom thrashed witht he hairbrush, yes it was all my fault for being cocky thinking I was beyond mere spankings, until they brought me down to earth and I can tell you that horrible little hairbrush really bloody hurt. Anyway the film is something like nearly 500mb in size and it’s in HD as well as their usual standard size, gotta say, when I watched it, I placed it onto my large screen Tv, and wow, I’m a telly star getting my poor cheeks pummelled. Check out the special promo clip below they’ve made.

click here to view this HD clip

members can now download and view this full HD movie here

I thought I’d send you a couple of my fave pics from a shoot a few years back and it was with tiny Paula from Poland, a bubbly little girl, as you’ll see when we stood cheek to cheek at the end of the shoot, I look huge compared to her, lol!
i love taking photos of pretty girls
Yes, I adore taking pics of naughty girls, I also love spanking them too!
smb2 smb3 smb4
As you can see I really enjoyed my time with Paula until I was told to stop larking about and then got a spanking and strapping myself, as usual i was asking for it getting above my station
smb5 smb6 smb7

Ouch! I remember this shoot very well, from tears of joy to tears of pain, i really don’t like being strapped or caned with my bottom poking out like that, as many of you know :(
Oh, and the comedy picture is below, Paula really is tiny, eh? About 4 feet 11 or so, she was!

Hugs n Spanks
Elizabeth. xx