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Moi? Drunk? Never!!!

September 30, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 13 Comments →

Somtimes a girl just has to have a few glasses of vino, and to be honest, I was sent this link and am ashamed to say I had just about forgotten this mad summer afternoon, but it makes fantastic viewing. I think if you check out the spank clip below you’ll understand! Actually I do remember bits, but it was all a bit of a blur, I think I got thrashed later for almost ruining the film shoot with my love of the ol’ grape juice, oops! :)

I usually try to be as professional as possible (ahem) anyway, they have placed this full film on the SpankingTunes network and it’s a wheeze of a site, I got a membership on there the other day to check it out as I hadn’t even been aware that there was a site like that, there’s actually some good stuff on there, and more of me too!

Elizabeth. xx

Weekend Hot Botties

September 25, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

Hiya, I’ve been super busy so please forgive me for not typing a few lines sooner, i think webmaster will be wanting to thrash me later for my online blog idleness :(

I was forwarded this damn hot gallery by the SOL guys as they asked me if I remembered this cutie’s name and I had no doubt, she was called “Paula” & the possessor of this hot red welted bottom, was, I think from Poland. She was a real trouper and got me excited as I had a chance to spank and cane that delicious rump too! Check out the image gallery, some of you may remember her, if this is the 1st time you have seen her, isn’t she adorable?

hotbotty click here

Her movie and the following images I found (from my SOL archives) are available at SpankingOnline
I like to keep a record of what I star in :D
Check out the naughtyness I got up to, I remember this day vividly, i could virtually toast a teacake on her hot red behind, hehe

solsg06_14_10007 solsg06_14_30005

I know i know, where is MY bared bum, all red and sore?
Well, as a treat, from that time, I remember this punishment called Girls Reformatory & I was given a right old caning thanks to Miss Bradley, damn she can cane a girl to tears, check out these images taken from my site below which I hope cheer you up, I can tell you this punishment bloody hurt!!!!

smb06_sc02_10012 smb06_sc02_10023 smb06_sc02_10035

Wanna see more? – check out the latest updates HERE

Ok , I hope you all have a great weekend, i now have all the boring chores like food shopping to do, pay the bills (i got a few overdues…oops, hide those under the mat) and have the family around for a hectic few days, so i better get in the bottle of Pino Grigio!!!
Elizabeth xx