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Now how about a nice hard caning!

August 18, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 4 Comments →

Most of  you know I like hard caning giving and taking. Giving especially to naughty brats dressed in school uniform. Found the below to my taste that I though I must share with you all. Dont know the models names but looks like she can take a hell of a whacking. I dont think I ever spanked her ? I do know she got it hard from Miss Valkerie in a eye watering movie I saw yonkkers ago. Anyway spank the thumb below to be transported to the caning movie download page :) Oh and title of the movie is called “Thrashed At School” original Huh? lol. Producers have to be running out of names for movies by now! xxx Elizabeth

P.s was reading a site today with bits posted from Friends Reunited about school memories …. naughty of me I know but it was funny to read about all those now mums talking about how they used to get their bums whacked caned and slippered at school. Made me well er … wet. Ok enough I need a drink. Hugs n Spanks again Elizabeth x


OK Lets See Some Classic Rosaleen Young

August 11, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 6 Comments →

Heylo all a few years ago I did a shoot with Miss Young who came with a bag load of outfits. Without doubt many of the scenes we did together were in part her, my or one of each others fantasys kind of coming real. One of the scenes we did was Rosaleen dressed as a maid , the story line is well ok very tongue in cheek , she was spanked I think for munching on a banana, lol ,but the shots of her gulping on the fruit open up ones imagination if you know what I mean … but hey that’s just my opinion is it not? ;)   Anyway surprise surprise I see this movie has been re-released on another site apparently fully re edited. Funny to see it though, and brings back some very nice memories of time spent smacking and caning Rosaleen’s superb bottom. Below is a photo set and video clip from “Maid For Discipline” …. oh the good old days. Spanks Elizabeth xxx




Spanking Site News Anyone ?

August 01, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 9 Comments →

Well its been a busy time it seems in the world of online spanking. Im always surprised to see my face pop up on other sites probably due to the fact that in the past I have shot alot of movies. One of the guys I worked for in the past has been busy with a new site which deals on with OTK spankings.

Not a cane or slipper in sight it seems lol. So im giving him the heads up to let you know about the site here, plus it has a Rosaleen Young movie I shot around 100 years ago called “Maid For Spanking” I think its been re-edited but have not downloaded it yet to see. Anyway Kudos here and you can check out the site below … ( in case your wondering ;)

Now onto other news. One of the scenes I love most is as you know schoolgirl so was delighted in more ways that one to see Naughty Catholic Schoolgirls preview ;) It has Hannah Crawford starring in it with her adorable bottom which I have had the pleasure in Spanking myself :) Also a birdy tells me that she is now back from an extended holiday and will be coming in for a new video shoot.

My name is top of the list to be in one of the vids with her. I really enjoyed dealing with this minx a true uppety teenager who really could be taught a lesson or 10 about self discipline! See im ranting again ;) Also my backside is in the studio asap seems like they have been delays due to summer hols etc everyone is away ( apart from me :( – will keep you posted on that. So enjoy the free gallery and vid clip from Naughty Catholic Schoolgirls see link below. Spanks & Be Good Or ELSE! Simpson xxxx

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( check out the way she pulls down those horrid blue schoolgirl knickers … which might I add every school girl should wear!!! )

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