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Ouch The Hairbrush

April 23, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 5 Comments →

On my main site Spankmybottom im sure quite a few of you have downloaded the recent movie Hairbrush For Hannah. Me in mum mode and Hannah in naughty schoolgirl mode getting her bare bottom whacked with the hairbrush. As im feeling in a happy sunshine mood today i think its only fitting I share a gallery and a video clip with you all from this bottom smacking video production. Don’t know why but I like this one and do admit to getting a certain amount of “pleasure” shooting it if you get my drift. Enjoy the links below Elizabeth x





Waiting For A Smacked Bottom

April 18, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 2 Comments →

I really love domestic spanking scenes especially those involving teens with attitude! You know that kind of “you can touch me and I can do what I want” arrogance. Reminds me of a girl I used to know ;) But hey that’s another story. Anyway it filled me with joy when I visited yesterday and saw that oh so Naughty Hannah Crawford is back … and in trouble again.

Her latest movie (no im not in it) is called Nervous Wait. Such a horrible feeling when your hanging around knowing that soon you will be taking your pants down getting your bare behind tanned! I remember that all to well. lol. Anway below are a few pics from this movie with some naughty comments from your host Miss Simpson. Feeling in a very dirty mood today. Spanks and enjoy xxx

The Lecture With Your Bottom Bared – Do you think about what is being said or what is going to happen to your poor behind. Awfull but nice – Click thumb to view big pic >

Indignity of going over the knee you try to keep your attitude but its hard when your in such a posistion been their done it! - Click thumb to view big pic >

Not so cocky now. Bottom throbbing you shuffle away all composure gone with your pants by your ankles … will I be naughty again ? – Click thumb to view big pic >

Images take from the new Movie “Nerovus Wait” out now at


SlutSpanking :)

April 15, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 8 Comments →

Hello all hope you had a smashing Easter hols. I took a few days and stuffed my face with chocs n all things way to nice for me. So a new week (almost) and some new spanking! The other month I did some work for another site the mainly deals with F/F punishments so I fitted in quite well in giving a “helping hand” later today they will launch a new movie called “The Foul Mouthed Secretary” and no it was not me ;) Paige was the young lady under my hand and I must say she has improved greatly with the level of discipline she can now take across her tight bottom. I have upped a few pics for  you to enjoy and I know will be uploading a free clip later this evening. Enjoy Elizabeth x




2 Bottoms Are Better Than 1!

April 08, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 9 Comments →

Hi all as the title says why settle for 1 bare bottom when  you can have :) Kind of runs along the theme of the latest movie to be added to SpankMyBottom. Title of “Learning Their Lesson” I play the role of Very angry Lady in charge!

In fact I was in real life quite angry as the  models who were due to take a spanking on film were really playing up. It went on and on and on. One of those really frigging annoying film scenes to shoot. Anyway they both ended up over my knee as any naughty teenager should if she steps out of line ;) I will get a preview clip posted here shortly – in the mean time a few screen grabs for you to gawp over. Spanks Elizabeth x




Miss Valkerie – Strap Video Clip

April 04, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 10 Comments →

I have been digging around in the archives of today and had a bit of a laugh at some of the movies I have been in. If only you knew ;) But amoung that lot I found a few clips that can still bring tears to my eyes just thinking about them and my poor bottom! Miss Valkerie is one of the doms that stands out as being harder than most. And before you as … I dont know where she is and I doubt I will ever work with her again. Anyway I have uploaded a free clip for you all to enjoy today so you can see what im ranting on about. Clip taken from the archived movies Enough Is Enough from SMB. Spanks n smiles Elizabeth xxx


p.s for those of you in the UK I did NOT back the grand national winner. Lost a tenner :( Sulks Simmers


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