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Just How It Should Be!

February 26, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 17 Comments →

In one the movies that was uploaded the last few weeks to Spankmybottom members area, I played the part of very angry momma! Harsh Consequences is the aptly named title. Today the set of video stills from the movie has been added. I picked out a few for you lot to take a good look. Along with comments from yours truly. As you know I am a fan of such “domestic n naughty” settings. Spanks Simmers xx

Nothing worse for a girl than being stook with trembling bottom bared getting a strong word or 2 from mother. Worse still she is made to hold the slipper herself! Horrid

Lecture over and its time to get over my knee! A very HARD spanking first I think while telling between spanks what a naughty girl she has been and that it is the slipper next!

Spanking over and now I get my slipper ready. 12 very hard strikes in the full of her bottom. And yes she will be brought to tears with this. Then of to bed with her clutching her behind!

Oh my I think its one of those days for Miss Simpson. About time I got my own bottom smacked ;)


Rosenburgh Bottom

February 23, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 7 Comments →

Last year I had the pleasure of putting Justine Rosenburgh over my knee amoungst other things for a taste of English style correction. Those of you who have seen some of my movies will know her as the naughty minx from Norway. I am hoping that soon she will be back over here ready for same of the more. As always not to disapoint you included are a few clips below so know who I am on about. I really like spanking girls with bigger bottoms, makes for better impact and also means I can up the stakes in the severty area.

Clip From “False Information”

Clip 2 From “False Information”

I will of course let  you know if she does come back to work on set with me. Right now time to answer an email or 10. Spanks n stuff Simmers xxx


Spanking Tube

February 20, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 10 Comments →

Hello all I have been asked to let you know of a new tube thingy site. This one though deals only with Spanking. You can check out all the nice spank stuff here

Seems to be updated quite alot so worth a wander over if you aint got nothing else planned :) Also was sent the below gallery link. Prichart and her very sore looking bottom OUCH!

Oh boy do I need a glass of VINO -) Spanks Simmers xx


Movie Clip Attitude Correction

February 16, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 12 Comments →

Heylo all I have been ill the past week with a horrid bout of cold. Misery all round it was with a runny nose and very sore head. So sorry if emails have not had a reply yet or your blog comments. I am playing catch up now. Anyway lets start the week with a clip from my new movie Attitude Correction. Poor Jasmine spanked before being sent to bed tut tut …. I liked playing this one ;) Spanks Elizabeth xxx




Attitude Correction!

February 06, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates, Spanking Videos 26 Comments →

My new movie Attitude Correction will be out this coming week for Spankmybottom members :) I get to play the role of very unhappy (and angry mother) Jasmine my undercharge seems to have been doing things with her webcam that is a certain NO GO! Well you get the idea. I love playing this role of stern lady dealing with naughty teenager. And the indiffernce you have to show when they are baring bottoms for a harsh spanking or slippering (even though Im soaking wet seeing it happen ;)

A few pics below from this movie and Jasmine plays the part so well. Cocky with lots of attitude and then has to go through that awfull process of getting over my knee for a long hard spanking with the Slipper on view … she knows what is coming next! Have fun viewing the pics and for the movie they will be soon some free clips on my SMB Tour pages. Spanks n stuff Elizabeth x


“Attitude Correction” out soon on

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Navy Blue Gym Knicks :)

February 04, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 13 Comments →

I was watching a report on TV today about school uniforms in the UK and if they are still needed or not. I didnt enjoy having to get into my school outfit everyday but things were not as bad as they used to be! At least we could wear our own knickers lol. I read alot about green / blue school underwear and not sure if it was ever really a set rule to have to wear such dreadful items. I hate the humilation of having to put them on but I enjoy seeing another girl having to wear them, strecthed tight across her bottom.

Rosaleen Young had quite a few pairs of what we term traditional knickers, the best in my view being a pair of blue cotten panties she wore on more than 1 occasion. See the pics below and how Rosaleens bottom sticks out from under the knickers. Really yummy to look at and even better to SPANK! Naughtyily yours Elizabeth Simmers -)


(C) Rosaleen Young Archives –


Classic Spankings

February 01, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 7 Comments →

I love (as some of you might know) watching older spanking videos. And love when a tape falls in my lap of a movie I have not seen before. Well didnt get a tape as such for the below link but I did get to download the whole movie :) What a way to waste a Saturday evening. Its from Strictly English who do see to have produced a huge amount of spanking movies. Not sure of the models name but she looks good in this set ;) – Hugs Elizabeth x

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