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Some Pics :)

January 28, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 9 Comments →

Got a few video pics for you all today from my recent movie Slovenly Simpson. You can now take a good look at just how red my behind was after getting the full treatment in this video! I think I need more spanking lol if this is the result every time. Im sure though they wont be that many complaints ;) Click on below and have a good gawp … Spanks Elizabeth x



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Early Work!

January 26, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 14 Comments →

Hey all hope your weekend was good! Just got back to my PC after a few days offline and tonight will be catching up with all my emails. In the mean time … ahem think you should check out the below photo & video clip gallery. It features Me and my old freind Kara Jayne plus I think Dublin. I have not seen these naughty girls in ages so its good to be able to look back on some of my earlier work :)

Click To View Smut > :)


New Movie “Slovenly Simpson”

January 22, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 6 Comments →

Hello all, the first batch of my new movies are being pushed up to Starting with myself getting a real telling of and hard caning in the kitchen across my bare arse!

The new Mr Collings that weilds the cane has some of the hardest hands I have EVER come across. It might not look it but the caning he gave me hurt like hell. Short strokes but delivered with force … just look how Red my bare bottom is!!  Enjoy the free clip below Ouch and Spanks Elizabeth xxx


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Teenage Indignance!

January 20, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 8 Comments →

The films that I was involved in shooting last week are starting to come of the edit line. I have a sneek preview from the new girl to hit SpankingOnline and simply love the look on her face from certain parts of her movie Crawfords Bare Bottom Detention. I also was lucky enough to give the below girl a dose of Hairbrush amoungst other things. Considering she has just turned 18 she was very good on set. A really cocky actor who took her punishment as well as could be expected. But just check the look on her face.

Image 1 : A realy sulky look. One of I don’t care and its NOT fair! But still no modesty as she bends and takes the first of her hard slippering across her bare bottom. Yummy!

Image 2 : Now the distress on her face. Her bum is really hurting she is close to tears and can not really cope. Surly now she is regretting being so disobedient! Even yummier!

Image 3 : End of her thrashing. Tears and throbbing bottom. No dignity left and all trace of arrogance gone. Just how it should after getting a well deserved hiding. Now that is Yummy!

Yep im on one but these images really do turn somthing on in me. Kudos to SpankingOnline for pushing the limits on these movies – ) Well at least they float my boat ;) Spanks Elizabeth x


Last Weeks Shoot

January 19, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 12 Comments →

Hi all last week I shot my latest movies. Location was superb and no less than 4 new girls for the xerotics suit of sites! I was given a really hard and I mean really hard Spanking from a new male dom I had not worked with before. So hard in fact I actually had to cut for a few mins. This was a first for me in all my life as I can normally take a very sustained spanking! Lol you should have seen the faces of the crew when they heard me yelp “cuuuuuuuut” but not to be out done I then submitted to a rather severe thrashing with the cane and hairbrush.

 No pics yet from the shoot but I will load some as soon as I can grab them from the editor. Lots of new spanking goodies in the pipeline so its going to be a fun few weeks as I roll out my new movies. One young lady I did give a stern lecture to along with a hard dose of the slipper was new comer Hannah Crawford. Just turned 18 a few months ago her bottom got the full treatment from Miss Simpson.

You can check out her first movie now over on

Spanks n watch this space Elizabeth x


PJs and the Slipper

January 14, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 21 Comments →

My new spanking vid Dormitory Discipline” is out now on member area. This is 1 for those of you who enjoy seeing a naughty girl punished in her PJS. Nothing works better than a cold hard slippering across the seat of a girls PJS before she is sent to bed with a sore stinging bottom!  A nice clip of yours truly below getting this treatment from Mizz Smith below – Spanks Elizabeth x


Some SpankIngs

January 09, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos 10 Comments →

Well im ready to hit the weekend and take a good rest as next week I will be busy in the studio as yet another shoot is planned. I am lucky in that I will get the chance to spank the bottoms of a few new faces who have taken up the Spankingonline and Spankmybottom challenge ;) So to get you in the mood I have dug up the best of what is free in the way of spanking caning and all things yummy like that. Don’t complain now just ENJOY IT! Spanks Elizabeth xx

Rosaleen Young “Medics” click to view >

And Rosaleen Again Click To View >

Shay’s Spanking Click To View >

Teenage Trouble Click To View >

Finally Xerotics are still running the 14 Site 1 Year Deal

Full Info for those interested here >


The Correct Way To Bare A Bottom

January 07, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 30 Comments →

I know a thing or 2 about having my own bottom bared, and so also understand how best to bare the bottom of a girl who finds herself on the wrong side of Miss Simpson :) Never advised to rush the procedure, I like to take my time as this adds gravity to the situation. It also makes sure that the naughty girl over my knee fully understands that she is going to be given a long hard spanking for her own good and of course as punishment for being naughty. Im sure you will like the clip below, a slow pull down of Jodies pants and then when fully bared I can begin! Miss E Simpson – )




A Well Spanked Bottom *Video*

January 05, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Videos 11 Comments →

Well decided to upload another video clip of yours truly getting her bare bottom soundly spanked. Its from a movie I shot around a year ago title of “Rebellion Punished” not much in the way of modesty left for Miss Simpson as I had to drop my knickers and take what was coming to me. A Damn good spanking somtimes really wakes up and leaves me raring to go! Enjoy the clip below boys and girls :) Elizabeth



Naughty Teen Discipline

January 02, 2009 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 11 Comments →

Hi ya you all. Hope your hangovers have cleared up from the new year partys! I actually ended up having a very calm evening and didnt over do it on the food or drink. In fact I was a very good girl! So now we are firmly into 2009 and already I have lots planned. A new shoot coming up this month with some new models, of which im pleased to say I will be personally spanking the bottoms of a few of these unruly girls. Which brings me directly on todays message about Naughty Teens.

What is a better way to start the new year than with a nice photo set of a large bottomed teen girl being given the full treament from mother. Down in the basment, jeans down in the undignified “bent over” pose getting a full hard strapping! Just the thought of this makes me … well tingle. Spanks Simmers xx