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Simpson In HD

November 27, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 5 Comments →

For around a year almost most of my new movies have been shot on these high definition cam thingys. Im not super tech minded and leave all that boring stuff up to the camera team. I do though see that quality is really good (must remember make up on next shoot ) Every so often the webmaster of my site Spankmybottom adds 1 of my newer movies with the Hd file. Well worth seeing but dont worry as always Miss Simmers is on hand to give you somthing for free :) Check the smut link below and a HD clip of yours truly getting her bottom smacked by Mizz Smith can be grabbed. Oh they are also some pics on the link below as well. So dont say I never do anything for your lot! Now which one of your horrid boys and girls is first in line for the cane ;) Simmers feeling in Dom mode tonight xxx

Click thumb below to see page :)

= Spanking Good Offer =


Detention Misery

November 26, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 8 Comments →

One of the earlier movies I shot quite a few years back was titled Detention Discipline Misery or somthing like that. And I had all but forgotton about it until it has started to re-appear as a remastered video. Its quite funny to see myself a few years ago, dressed in my neat uniform and tight knickers (which before you start still DO fit me and my bottom! ;) I do remember I had to take a caning while stood upright which was awfull. I hate being in the position as its almost impossible to keep still. Plus you cant clench your bum so every stroke hurts twice as more. Any girl who has had her bottom caned will know exactly what im on about! Anyway I have dug out a movie and photo gallery for you all to enjoy a trip down memory lane. Oh and they are rude putting minnie shots of me like that in the public domain! Spanks Simmers.

Spank Thumb Below :)


And The Winner Is ?

November 23, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 1 Comment →

Well boys and girls the moment you have all been waiting. The winner of the 1 Year 14 site membership is :


With the quote of :

“Rosaleen had simply suggested that her outfit was too revealing to perform in and it was only when she saw Cheryl Cole over her shoulder holding the cane she realised she should’ve read that X-Factor contract a bit more carefully.”

Well done Harlequin the 1 year 14 Site membership is yours to enjoy :) Please forward an email directly to myself and on verifaction your codes will be emailed to you!

A big THANK YOU also to all others who joined in. Im sorry not everyone could be winners but hey thats life! You can still grab a 1 year 14 site membership (superb value) see link below for full details. Spanks and again CONGRATS to our winner :) Elizabeth xxx



Competition Now Closed

November 19, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 1 Comment →

Hi my Competition to win a 1 YEAR 14 SPANKING SITE Membership has now closed :) A Big thank you to all who took part! I am now sorting through all entries and will announce the winner here shortly. If its your lucky day I will post your comment and then all you need to do is send me an email , confirm your details and your codes will be issued! It really is a superb prize for 1 lucky winner and those who dont win you can still get your hands on a 14 Site pass which does give superb value for money. Full details by clicking below. Watch this space …… Elizabeth x


A Few SPANK Links

November 16, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 11 Comments →

Happy Sundays to you all. Today I thought I would just drop in a few random links to what I think are nice sets n clips all to do with Spanking (of course) Pls don’t moan or shout if you have seen these before and they don’t cost anything to view so no bitchUn now. Oh and my Comp is due to be closed of at some point today so if you have not already done so get those entrys in. Winner to be announced shortly after I close of the ability to post your entrys to my blog. Be good now – Spanks Elizabeth x








A Few Cane Strokes *Movie Clip*

November 13, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 2 Comments →

{vidavee id=”16289″ w=”320″ }



Hard Strapping anyone ?

November 11, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 2 Comments →

Just found this clip which really took my fancy. Thought I would share with you. 2 bare bottoms on display of which only 1 gets the strap thingy. Not sure actually what you would call the instrument. Cross between a strap and a paddle maybe ? Maybe someone can advise ? Take it or leave it but I like! Hugs Simmers x


Paddle For Elizabeth

November 09, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 28 Comments →

Over on one of my new movies is out “Paddle For Elizabeth” this is the second movie in which I am subject to a rather harsh paddling across my bare behind from Miss Smith. And like the hairbrush the Paddle really does hurt! Its one of the few instruments I have a genuine fear for. I will be adding a video clip here soon from the movie for you all to enjoy – for now below are pics :) Simmers!


Upgrading Me Blog

November 07, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 14 Comments →

Im busy today boys and girls the techs in the office are going through my blog upgrading the software so I got shi* loads to learn. They are saying I can now add somthing called Tags to any posts I want and Tag Clouds what ever they are. Anyway if you see anything weird just close your eyes as its just Simmers getting or trying to get to know the knew set up. But I can see it has some spanking good features like adding galleries and so on. Just need to get my thick head around it all. I will be back soon to answer comments and check emails n so on. Oh my I am busy today. And in the meantime I have added a link to a gallery below of Rosenburg getting her bum whacked – also lets me learn how to add pics with the new software so enjoy – Spanks n stuff – Simmers xxx



A Few Nice Pics

November 05, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 5 Comments →

As my current comp deals with Rosaleen Young getting her bottom caned I thought it only fair to drop in a few images of Miss Young getting her bottom caned. Just look at her big clumsy green knickers … ugh imagine schoolgirls actually used to have to wear such horrid things. Good to see though that those tight green horrors are pulled down allowing Rosaleens bottom to be exposed just enough for a proper caning. And no doubt about it when it came to caning Rosaleen really did take the real thing! Spanks Elizabeth xx

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