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Hairbrush on the bare bottom!

October 31, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 16 Comments →

I have been spanked with many implements cane tawse strap hand and so on. And only 1 or 2 times with the paddle brush. I was prompted to post the below pics of my poor bottom getting the full “hair brush” treatment after speaking to a friend of mine who has had more than her fair share of hairbrush spankings in the past. Guess what she is American and it seems from what she told me that the Hair Brush was and is high the tools list for correction implements in the States. I admit to listening intently as she talk about more than 1 hair brushing given to her in real and of camera at home! I know from my own experience (see below pics) that it can be really painful. A deeper pain than say the strap or even cane. Someone slugging away at a ladies exposed bare bottom can cause havoc! I’m not against using it and think its a good deterrent for any madam who feels like breaking the damn rules ;) The trick as I see it for those who have never had the hairbrush is when its first pulled out you think uh so what! It don’t look like any thing hard … I can take take and walk away smiling! Oh dear … afraid its not like that for first timers as I well know. Those first few wallops I was given really took my breath away and I’m a brave girl LOL. Think its time for more hairbrush spankings especially before bed … don’t you :) Spanks Simmers!

hbs00.jpg hbs02.jpg hbs04.jpg

hbs01.jpg hbs03.jpg

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Rosaleens Bottom In Summer Time

October 26, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk No Comments →

Seeing as we are now officially in Winter time with the clocks going back I thought it was time to give you somthing Sunny to look at :) The below pictures were taken a few Summers ago when Rosaleen Young was still working in the Spanking scene. I remember the day well, super hot, great location and lots of outside spanking. I love the voyer style of some of the below pictures and of course we get a few very nice shots of Rosaleens bottom. I wonder what it would be like to come across a scene like the one below in real life ;) A stunning looking woman being bent over and strapped in an English countryside garden! Stuff of fantasy maybe but the below shots are very much real. Oh I can’t wait for summer time again – pls may winter end quickly!!!! Spanks and Enjoy Elizabeth x

smb04_1039_100004.jpg smb04_1039_100002.jpg smb04_1039_200008.jpg

smb04_1039_300001.jpg smb04_1039_400008.jpg smb04_1039_400009.jpg


Nice List Of Spanking Gallerys

October 24, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 2 Comments →

Ok Boys and Girls Im out tonight with an old girlfreind so will certainly have a bad head tomorrow morning plus I was in trouble at work today for missing a photo session …OOOOO GOSH! Dreading going back in next week I can just imagine the scenes the director will be planning as I speak. So a stiff drink certainly the order of the weekend ;) Below are a nice list of spanking gallerys and movie links. Take them as you like they are free to view and oh apologies if any have been posted here before. Im sure though some of you will find somthing you like. Now where is my hairbrush (I NEED TO DO MY HAIR ;) Spanks N all things wet n sticky – Simmers!

Free Spanking Gallery N Movie Links Below >

Drunk Nurse Caned

Piano Lessons

Hard Punishments

The Discovery

Jasmines Revenge

Cane Master Video

Uniform Special Video

Simpsons Promo Video

Tummy Ache Video


Indignant Worrying Look!

October 23, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →

One of my least fav positions when being spanked has to be when Im laid flat. For some reason it always hurts more than when Im touching my toes. With the touching toes theme your bottom is alot tighter and so for some reason it makes the whole thing easier to cope with. I did a scene the other year where I was made to lie flat over the bed. My jeans were pulled down exposing my behind and laid next to me were a strap and cane! It was one of those few moments that I was concerned about the pain level. I was also quite miffed they made go in the position as the crew know just how much I hate it .. lol. So I was kind of cocky and indignant. However not being one to shy away I took my punishment like a good girl :) Did it hurt ? Hell yes! Also you bum moves more when your like that which adds around 100 points to the embarresment factor …. oh the trials of a spanking model. Below pic is from the movie “Strapped Before Bed” …. I knew you would like that ;) Spanks Elizabeth x

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Knickers Down Please!

October 21, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 9 Comments →

Helloa to all you naughty boys and girls just to let you know I have been passed a rather nice spanking gallery which Im sharing here today. Its starring Ashleigh Mackenzie , some of you will remember her from recent times. She was in alot of spanking videos then seemed to drop away from the scene. That happens. Anyway its a nice photo set with some yummy shots of the Madam in question fumbling with her knickers as she takes them down. Try and guess from the below link which image Miss Simmers likes best ;) Oh and coming up a new comp where you can win a whole 1 YEAR PASS to 14 spanking sites. So you have to WATCH THIS SPACE! Spanks Elizabeth x

Share New Look

October 16, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 4 Comments →

Hi all I have been asked to let you know that SpankedSchoolGirl has been given a whole new pair of Knickers! ;) Both the free pages and members area have undergone a total overhaul. The free preview pages now give you a much clearer view of whats on offer. Also I think they are adding a few free clips so if you do 1 thing today be sure it includes a quick visit to

Elizabeth (always following orders) xxxxx


Very Naughty Knickers!

October 14, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 12 Comments →

Hey All :) Every so often a new girl drops into the Spanking scene, pulls down her panties, bends over and gets her bottom spanked or caned for the 1st time. I do take some private delight in watching this when ever im hanging around the studio just to see the reactions. Oh and dont worry every care and I mean every care is taken to ensure the health saftey and well being of all girls, even those like me who have been on the scene the past 100 years. Anyway have a new face and bottom. If you check The site you will see an image of her (Paige is her name) kitted out in a very naughty pair of knickers. The back has been cut away exposing her bum cheeks … see picture below to get the idea…



Oh and the Bared Bottom belongs to this cutie >



I have not yet seen the full film but have peeked at the parts already up on the Schoolgirl site  and it is very much up my street! A very pretty girl with a certain air of true arrogance about her being made to wear such knickers. Sure she has to feel exposed and silly but then thats part of it is it not ;) Her bum is a lovely shape and she takes quite a nice strapping considering she has never had so much as a tap across her backside in her life! Certainly this is another 1 I would love to punish and I dont think I will be alone in wanting that …. will I ? -) Enjoy N Naughty Spanks Simmers xxx

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A Nice Shot!

October 12, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 8 Comments →

Oh just look at poor Jodie in the picture below… that sorrowfull face as I gave her bare bottom a sound spanking! The shot captured the impact perfectly and leaves little in the way of dignity for the young lady in question don’t you think ;) I remember my own thoughts in days gone by and the shame I felt as my bottom would shudder and move when being punished. Almost as bad as the whacking itself! It does though certainly make a very clear point of “Your in trouble Missy and now I am taking control!” It is heaven to have a naughty girl over your knee with her bottom fully bared and ready for a long over due well deserved thrashing. Much better than a cold shower especially on a Sunday morning ;) )))) Spanks Elizabeth



My Fav Instrument

October 09, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 6 Comments →

Hi, the first of my new batch of bare botty spanking vids is out now in the member area of Movie title is “My Favourite Instrument”. Its an honest movie with me and Stern Miss Smith where I discuss what instrument I like most, detest most and which I think is most suitable to correct a naughty girls behavior. The weapons of choice were Cane Slipper Strap and an American Paddle. The latter of which I only managed to take 3 or 4 swipes with. It really does hurt getting the paddle and its not pain in a nice sense like the cane ;) I do though now understand fully why all those naughty cheer leaders in America dread having to assume the position and bend over for a whacking with such an item …. ugh I would rather take the slipper and thats saying somthing! The video is very clear with some some superb stills. I have posted a few for you all to enjoy. First parts to the movie are up along with a free clip on my SMB Tour page -> Spanks Simmers -)

mfi_6.jpg mfi_2.jpg mfi_5.jpg

mfi_3.jpg mfi_4.jpg mfi_1.jpg

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A Nice Rosaleen Young Movie Clip :)

October 06, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →