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Site Updates

September 29, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 12 Comments →

Well I have seen the first of 5 new titles I shot last week already on the editing line and hopefully the first of my new batch of movies and other stuff will start to appear on Spankmybottom next week at some point. One of the last films I did was with Miss Smith where she tried a number of impliments on me and asked my honest opinion of each one. The objects of horror were Cane, Wooden (american style) Paddle, tawse, and slipper. It would be spoiling things if I told you exactly what I thought of each one, both postives and negatives. You will have to see the movie for that ;) Another film I shot was the long awaited scene with me being punished in my PJs. That was I think the first movie of the session which is normally the lightest to get me warmed up. However this time I had to face the full onslaught of Miss Smith’s horrible plimsoll with only a few minutes hand spanking to my tingling bare bottom. As soon as the boys in the office pass me some pics and clips from the latest movies I will upload a few here for you all to gawp at. Oh and another update on the SMB member area is a full screen re-edit of Rosaleen Young’s movie “Cheek” well worth a watch! More smutty spanking is comin’ up very soon. Be naughty!
Spanks Elizabeth xx


Every girl needs a spanking now N then!

September 20, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 17 Comments →

Oh I can hear the PC brigade running and shouting as I type this. But its something I honestly feel that “most” ladies would benefit from a damn good thrashing every now and then. I have as quite a few of your will know had the pleasure of having more than 1 young lady over my knee or bend over presenting her bottom for a firm seeing to. What better way to imagine a very very naughty girl than in the below pic. Very very yummy Im sure you will agree :


And for the experts amoungst you rowdy lot you get a free badge and pencil if you guess who the bottom above belongs to ;) But it is a darling image,white cotton pantys neatly turned down, bottom high in the air, hands in front. Then hard application of a thick leather strap given with enough force to make the buttocks red and throbbing and yep enough to get those tears rollin. I assume you can also guess since I recovered from my sick bed im aching for a hard spanking myself. Thank fully I have a shoot next week ;) so at least I will be able to assume the correct posture that I so need :) Guess im feeling very rude and naughty tonight – ;) which means im back to FULL HEALTH YEAHHHH – Be good now -Spanks Elizabeth x

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Back from my sick bed :)

September 19, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 7 Comments →

Hello all just a quick note to let you know I have been laid up in bed the past few days with a horrible bout of cold. So am behind on emails blog posts and such like. Rest assured I am now back up and feeling human again ;) must have sneezed around a 1000s times the past days. Ugh I so hate being ill like this and had to self nurse myself back to health. Anyway I have lots to do and will be catching up with all posts here later today and tomorrow along with reading my emails and such like. Oh and the forum is being installed :) sorry for the silence but had no choice ( Spanks and good to be back hugs n stuff Elizabeth xxx


A Few Pics N Stuff

September 13, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 13 Comments →

Hello all below are a few video images from one of my movies “Simpsons Shame” the shot of my bare bottom getting the slipper is as painfull as it looks or at least was :( and that silly Naughty Cupord they made me sit in …. i felt such a fool lol but it was fun shooting this video. Oh and I have decided I will be setting up a forum also, this will start being put together next week. I will post on here the URL and stuff for when its ready :) And dont worry I will not be leaving my blog -the forum will just be another place to chat and talk about all things spanking if you so wish. Anyway gotta dash as I have to do my laundry —- exciting eh !!! But no clean knickers and such like you know the story. Enjoy the pics Spanks Elizabeth xx

ss_05.jpg ss_06.jpg ss_37.jpg


A Very Good Read *Link*

September 04, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 9 Comments →

If you do 1 thing today make sure it’s a visit to Dave’s ”Cherry Red Report” Blog - see the post below which is a must read for all you Rosaleen Young fans.

Cherry Red Report – Post On Rosaleen Young

Enjoy! Elizabeth x


New Movie Absent Without Leave

September 03, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 7 Comments →

Hello all, just to inform you that my new movie “Absent Without Leave” is due to hit the netwaves later today or tomorrow. Its not my bottom getting spanked or caned this time round, rather its poor Jodie Carnell. Dressed in a neat green and white uniform I had to teach Jodie a lesson or 2 about proper time keeping ;) One thing I liked about this session was the air of arrogance she showed before hand. I like Jodie and maybe the arrogance was more of her normal cheeky attitude. However it soon became clear thats its not wise to smirk when they are a couple of rattan canes hanging close by ;) I have pushed up a few pics below. Oh and for those interested SpankMyBottom members will get this movie in Normal and High Def format. Not that I really understand all that stuff but was asked to mention it, and you know me always willing and ready to do as im told :) Big Spanks Elizabeth x

awl01.jpg awl_1.jpg awl_2.jpg

awl_4.jpg awl_6.jpg


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Spanked Before BED!

September 01, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 10 Comments →

Ohhh my you must check out the latest Picture Of The Day sitting neatly on the top right of the blog. It shows Miss Rosaleen Young bent fully over the knee getting her bare bottom soundly spanked as well as by all accounts having quite an earfull from momma! Dont you just love the way her Pjs are neatly rolled back exposing just enough of her bottom to leave very little dignity and to ensure she is in no doubt what happens to naughty girls when they misbehave. Yep they end up getting a very red bottom and then sent to bed for the rest of the night! I could speak alot about that picture but dont want to offend any you good people. Just what would Elizabeth do with that bottom ????? Maybe thats a good theme for the next comp , which by the way is coming up hopefully by the end of this week. Click on over and enjoy seeing Miss Young getting what we all know is best for her. Spanks N smiles Elizabeth x

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