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Yet Another Bottom I Like :)

August 29, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 17 Comments →

Every so often I come across an image or a video (usually spanking) and somthing about the girls bottom makes me say WOW. Well today was certainly a WOW day for naughty Simmers!!! I check out the latest filth over on Spankingonline and the picture on the main page really got me hot in the collor (and in the knickers) The model I think goes by the name of Jasmine Lowe. A relative newcomer to the Spanko scene. But the pics of her dressed as a slutty secretary with balck tight suspenders and such a wonderfull FULL bottom …. oh its to die for. I nicked a few pics …. he he he so you can see what I mean. I am certain to request that I get my chance to start in a video or 3 with this girly on the next video session lol I will not take no for answer. I wont tell you what I would do to her bottom after spanking and caning it …. have a good think … feeling so naughty tonight !!!! Anyway enjoy the piccies im of back to the site to gawp at her some more.! Spanks Simmers xxxx

lowe01.jpg lowe02.jpg lowe03.jpg



New Movie “Simpsons Shame”

August 27, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 23 Comments →

Hello all , just to let you spankos know that my latest movie is now online on my site the title aptly named “Simpson’s Shame” its a schoolie girl theme which sees yours truly decked out in some very tight fitting bottom hugging white cotten pantys. For some reason I end up sat in some kind of “naughty Cupord” thingy. Took me all my time to keep a straight face as I sat there waiting to be called for my thrashing. Im not sure which was more embarressing , sat there or having to drop my pants, and get over the knee for quite a sound bare bottom spanking. Near the end of the movie I have to bend right over and present my aching bottom for a horrible dose of the slipper. Its one of the black rubber plimsols which really really really sting like mad. But like a good girl I kept bent down, kept my comments to the minimum and took my punishmend. Then when I had been fully spanked and slippered I was told to stand ont he school bench, hands on head facing the wall. Not a nice feeling knowing that so many people can look at your bottom :( Anyway a few pics from the movie below for you to enjoy, I hope to get a clip or 2 from this later in the week. For the download ya all have to go over and visit my SMB main site -) Spanks Elizabeth …

122221111_18.jpg 11111111_18.jpg 1233333331_18.jpg

(C) 2008 – Rights reserved from MY Bottom :)


You Know (and Dread) whats coming!

August 19, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 9 Comments →

Yep you have been naughty and you suddenly find yourself caught doing what ever it is you shouldnt be! It is a horrible feeling that I have felt on more than 1 occasion in my life. A real sinking feeling that leaves a knot in your tummy. Im sure any girl who had been in a similar situation knows exactly what im talking about and more so if the punishment for wrong doing is just a standard grounding or loss of tv pc Ipod ect for a few days. Nope with me it always was loss of my dignity and any sense of modesty throughout the duration of being punished (still is ha ha)

The below pics I have dug up for you from the SOL Archives capture this well. Im sure quite a few of you heard of Ellie Maye who caused quite a storm a few years ago when she starred in a number of sets n shoots for Spankingonline. The look of utter acceptance on her face says alot and the way she seems to be slowly and with great reluctance lifting up her skirt getting ready for that awfull moment when she knows her knickers must come down! The final shot shows how she has had to fully submit her bare bottom by touching her toes and offering it up for a hiding. I can almost hear her embarresment as she bends forward knowing that all eyes are on her! Thing is any girl should know that if you cant do the time then …. etc etc. I find the below pics really sexy with Ellie in her smart English outfit and its nice to dream that she had arrived home from school with a dreadfull report and is sent to the living room to be “dealt with” will she ever learn ? (I hope not!! ;) Have a good gawp same as I am doing now. Spanks and Deeee-lush thoughts Elizabeth xx

ellie_0102.jpg ellie_0102.jpg ellie_0100.jpg

ellie_0112.jpg ellie_0113.jpg ellie_0114.jpg

(C) – The Ellie Maye Spanking Archives


Rosaleen Young (todays pic)

August 13, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 24 Comments →

Morning all , I have spent an hour or so looking through the SMB Rosaleen Young archives for a nice image for the pic of the day. (See top right ;) I delved into the Rosaleen gallery section and a cheer leader set caught my eye. I like other naughty girls seem to assosiate cheer leaders with getting hand spanked or paddled. Must be becuase its such an American thing. So its actually nice to see Rosaleen decked out in a classic cheer girlies outfit with her wonderfull bottom fully bared, getting what was a very hard caning right after getting her bottom soundly spanked! There is just something about certain sentances and scenes that really get me going – ” You have been a very naughty girl and your going to get your bottom soundly smacked!” YUMMY!


And in my “not” so humble view the above picture seems to say it all. The look for acceptance on Rosaleens face as she contemplates what it about to happen to her. Thoughts no doubt turning to her bottom and how she will have to shortly bare it in full public view. So nasty yet so damn horny to think of a busy room in the house and the poor girl having to expose herself in public. Zero dignity left and even less when she bends over and starts hopping around as the cane swipes across her tender cheeks. This is a subject I could speak for hours on … I get sooo carried away lol. Anyway Miss Simpson has work to do. Just wish I did not get distracted all the time with gawping at rude smut on the net. Oh and 1 final question does anyone know where one could purchase old spanking magazines or publications in the UK ? Anything really from the 50s 60s onwards …. help on this would be appreciated. Spanks and Hugs Elizabeth xx


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Some Pics Of My Bottom!

August 09, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 15 Comments →

Well the debate seemed to be on about Miss Simpsons cheeks … how rude lol! Anyway I thought it was high time I showed a few pics from this movie. Miss Smith plays the part perfectly and certainly saw to it that my bum was given quite a hard strapping! Also (and im red in the face on this one) if you play the movie to the end I say somthing that makes me blush. But its hard somtimes especially after you have been over the knee then thrown over the chair with your bottom sticking out getting thrashed. Enjoy the pics below and yep Im almost caught up from my hols. Jetlag is a horrible thing it took me days to recover and get back into a normal sleep pattern. Think I need another holiday ;) Spanks Elizabeth x

mb_08.jpg mb_31.jpg mb_38.jpg

(C) – Movie My Bottoms Not Big Miss!

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Im Back :)

August 04, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 26 Comments →

Howdy All – Im back from my MEGA holiday from the USA :) )) Still suffering somewhat from jetlag (not helped by also having a grade A Hangover) but slowly im starting to come alive again after the long haul flight. Anyway a big thanks to the Headmaster for taking care of my blog in my absence albeit with a few rude comments! I will be taking things back over from now. I’m going to check the latest updates on and then get back to posting here. I have lots to tell and cant wait to get back to work and blogging. Watch this space as Elizabeth KICKS SOME ASS! Hugs n Spanks Me :) xxx