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The Music Lesson

July 29, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 6 Comments →

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I hope I don’t offend anyone by showing poor Elizabeth in distress, however, this is the one film we all talked about in the past and it was one of Elizabeth’s most memorable, for example, in the film, Mr Peters, the sadistic teacher, broke his hairbrush across her behind! Her bottom destroyed it, rather than the other way around, lol! This talk led to the editor taking it upon himself to find the original tapes and re edit the film, it’s over 30 minutes long and the original was shown as a pay per view way back and in a crappy rm 280 or 360kbs format by today’s standards. What we got now was still a PPV as it was thought this film too unique and special to go anywhere but back as a PPV movie event again. Now in Hi Res WMV Playback, you get to see the movie as it was intended!
Music Lesson
I have decided to cut some clips from my movie file and share these with you all, so I hope this i a treat for you that have not seen this movie before. I can tell you the below 2 clips have never been shown before. Obviously Elizabeth is in trouble here, but her most severe scenes I should keep for the people that order the PPV, ’tis only fair! ;)
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Yikes! Elizabeth broken? Surely not! She has another 12 minutes of SEVERE & humiliating punishments to endure, I’m afraid! I have also included some additional free images from this movie, some of which I know have not been shown before. Click on small thumbs for the larger vid grabs.


Finally, there’s another clip below which shows poor Simmers prostrate over the stool, ass up in the air and caned across her exposed buttocks, all the while being verbally chastised as well as the physical challenges of lasting 30 minutes with Mr Peters! I feel sure no other girl could or would last the distance at that time, making Elizabeth one of the finest girls to show what taking a hard punishment is all about!
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If you really want to download this most fascinating movie (IMHO) then it is only available from
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I also noticed that there’s a new Simpson Movie out at SpankMyBottom, you can catch a freebie clip of this on her Tour Pages
Regards, Headmaster.

PS. I have heard that Elizabeth is in DEEP Trouble as she really has gone mad with her shopping exploits in the USA! What with the weak US Dollar against the GB Pound, her poor credit cards have taken a right hammering! She can’t stop! LOL. I feel and hope a “Real Life Series” film coming up on her return with us all getting to see her tanned bod revealed and her bared bottom “tanned”!


Your Fave Elizabeth Movies?

July 21, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 13 Comments →

Hello everyone, this is Headmaster from SpankingBlogg,  just filling in whilst Simmers takes an unnecessary break, I hear she is lazing about in the sun, getting a tan whilst the rest of us work hard, and in my case, I am filling in here as best I can on her popular blog. I have just about finished an upgrade of my second popular blog which features mainly FF Punishments, feel free to check it out, it’s called Spanking News Blog. So, in a bid to keep you guys interested (for I am a reader here too, of course!) I have made a special gallery and free clips of her latest movie available below, it’s BRAND NEW & there are 8 free pics and 3 movie clips of that recent movie “Attitude Correction”. It’s got some great shameful moments, as Elizabeth is chastised for the state and filth of her bedroom! :)
Attitude Correction - click here

Maybe you’d like to see & discuss Elizabeth’s bare buttocks thrashed, or see HER take charge and give a wicked verbal assualt and trashing some poor teen’s backside? Perhaps we should have 2 categories? Elizabeth’s wobblesome womanly cheeks thrashed and your fave Elizabeth Film where she dommes some poor soul! OK, I await any replies, comments and suggestions as to what films we should be seeing, the above are only suggestions of course.

Ok chaps and chap-esses, I’ll be back soon to answer and forward your comments.
Regards, Headmaster.


A Few Days Holiday

July 14, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

Hiay all I have managed to book my self a last minute holiday in the Sunny USA -) So I wont be around for the next 2 weeks after tomorrow to answer your posts. However the owner of has kindly said he would do some posts here and answer any questions etc in my absence. He is known for throwing quite alot of free stuff at his blogs so Im sure he will look after you all. I will be asnwering All your emails and posts when I return. But please do keep checking back as the Headmaster from spankingblogg will be doing his stuff here. So now you know even spanking models get to take a break every now and then ;) I wont have access to a PC so please accept apologies in advance if you think im ignoring you cuz I aint :)   Anyway I have posted a few links to some freebie spanking smut for you to all enjoy – and I really cant wait to hit the States :) Im hoping to buy an all new American paddle of my own and a few other naughty things. Take care and Speak n Spank to you all in 2 weeks time. Hugs n stuff Elizabeth xx



And finally the very naughty (and sexy) Jodie Slipper Bare Bottom


Katie’s Bottom

July 11, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

I think a few of you know about some of the girls I have enjoyed having over my knee and a few that I would have liked to but never got the chance. Katie Leigh in the picture below was one that falls into the latter category of “wish list” Just look at the naughty naughty image below. Katie stood with that look on her face, defiant and trying to maintain some sense of self dignity. Which is pretty damn hard when your stood on a table with your big bare bottom fully displayed. Ok we know its fantasy, and I doubt anyone was ever made to stand on a table. I know I never was lol. But it is sexy and the below kind of image always manages to turn me on and give me a ruuuude thrill. Alsoin real life Katie was or could be very curt and arrogant , I used to sit of set and think how I would just love to throw the biatch over my knee and give her the hiding of her life. Sadly I was for reasons unknown to me never given the chance. Ah well we can wonder cant we. Spanks Elizabeth x


Image (C)


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Up N Cummin SMB Updates :)

July 05, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 11 Comments →

Im up early today and raring to go which is unlike me especially on a Saturday morning. Checking my emails I have seen the movie list for the next few weeks Spankmybottom updates and im glad to see some of the latest videos I shot the other week are now rolling of the editors desk. I always have a favourite movie from each session and the one that I kind of enjoyed most was “Attitude Correction”. We see the return of Miss Smith who is this video chastises me for a messy bedroom. The crew managed to get some rude shots of me sat with legs open on the bed, must have been while I was not looking! Anyway reason I like this ? probably becuase its somthing that could happen to any girl and it certainly happend to me! Miss Smith plays the part of Angry Aunty perfectly which reminded me very much of how things used to be!! I end up taking quite a hard slippering which stung for ages afterwards. (See todays pic of the day) Other movies coming up is one which seems to focus only on my bottom. Miss Smith made some rather curt comments about the size of my cheeks and did her best to leave me both red in the face and the bottom lol. When the videos roll out next week I will post some clips here. Today I have lunch with an old school freind I have not seen in years so im looking forward to that. We grew up in the same area and under similar rules so im sure the dinner date will be interesting, I will report any of the juicy bits here as soon as the head clears from the Dry White! Right time to put my face on and get my drinking head on. Spanks Elizabeth X

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