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A Girl In Her Own World

May 29, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 10 Comments →

Heya, one girl I really wanted to spank and cane VERY HARD was the l’il minx Miss Heather Stanton. I never got the chance and not sure if she is returning to the spanking movie scene. Something always came up when I was due to be on set with a chance to get my hands on her tight bottom. I think the reason I wanted to throw her over my knee is she was a really cheeky brat. And I mean really cheeky and full of herself! I have nicked a video grab from where she seems to star in quite a few movies on that site. (Have only downloaded a few of them so far) But this pic delights me. The look on her face as she is bent over with bottom pertly in the air makes me gush. I can tell she is in a world of her own, trying hard to endure her thrashing and no doubt totally focussed on her bottom, its bareness and the fact that its being given a damn good caning!

Check above and you will get my jist. Miss Smith though from what I have seen on the vid does a superb job of putting this girl to rights! Do I sounds cruel … oh yes I am ;) But I have an excuse as its my .. ahem …. time of that month. Im always in a horrid mood, very sentisitve and this is the only time I really dread getting my bottom smacked. I can only imagine what will come next !!!!!! Grrrrrrrr I hate PERIODS … PERIOD…. Right I am going to grab a large glass of white and settle down and watch the rest of the smut I’m downloading from HDspank. Spanks and Anger …. Elizabeth :(


My New Movie Dishonest & Disgraceful

May 28, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 8 Comments →

Morning all, i’m glad to see one my new movies is out on my site Spankmybottom. I have included a few pics below which show just how sore my poor bottom was after Le Judge had finished with me. I enjoy getting out my uniform and acting the naughty schoolgirl, but am not sure I enjoyed the heavy thrashing I was given! A Few swipes hit really low and almost brought me to tears … which Is rare for me. Also I dont often welt up so much but with this one it really hit me hard. Theme is around me trying to lift the Judges wallet and getting caught! The first parts are out now on my site, and the movie download will come complete with HD Video stills/ some really high resolution studio photos and im hoping they add the full High Definition format of this movie. Its a real oucher which will bring a smile to those of you who like the more severe kind of discipline. Enjoy the pics below – Spanks Elizabeth xxx

dis02.jpg dis01.jpg dis03.jpg

(c) 2008


Yesterdays Shoot (And Some Pics -)

May 23, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 19 Comments →

Well i’m back after a long gruelling day in the studio! First of I got lost and arrived nearly 1.5 hours late. Not good! But I blame my Sat Nav certainly was not my fault. Studio director though was NOT  a happy bunny. Anyway better late than not at all I say. But it was a superb day after a slow start. Strange thing about this shoot is I was not caned at all. I think that’s a first lol! Plenty of hand spanking , a really really hard slippering in a schoolie girl movie thingy I did and then much to my horror a really hard dose of the hairbrush. It was an authentic paddle brush much like the type our American spankers love to use. I was quite shocked at the level of pain it gave over my freshly spanked bare bottom, but NO I didn’t cry! Anyway I have managed to lift a few pics from yesterdays dramas for you to all enjoy. Oh and one final word, my co-model Jodie who has been on a number of movies for Spankedschoolgirl and Spankingonline was a real trooper! Quite new to the spank scene she certainly upped her level in both what she can take and what she can give in the brat / cheek factor. So Kudos to Miss Jodie for keeping calm as I had her over the desk for a dose of the “Pump” as she called it (refused to call it a slipper) Enjoy the pics below … some freebie vid clips to follow soon. Spanks Elizabeth xxx

smb06.jpg smb04.jpg smb02.jpg

smb01.jpg  smb031.jpg smb051.jpg

All pics copyright to &


Just A Quickie

May 22, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 25 Comments →

Hi boys and girls just a quick note to say I have been in the studio today getting my big white bottom soundly smacked (slippered) and caned. I will post more on this tomorrow and answer posts etc. In great pain – Elizabeth xxxxx


Holding Ones Cheeks ;)

May 21, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 17 Comments →

I found some pics yesterday which kind of blew me away! They star Miss Valkerie (one helluva strict girl) and 2 quite sexy looking lasses who I think were / are from Poland. Couldnt help but post them here in all the glory for you mucky lot to gawp at! My fav pic is sol_05AG_14_500005.jpg simply deeee-lish! The way she is gently touching the top of her bum cheeks. And speaking of her bum cheeks they seem the perfect shape. I have myself been under the wrath of Miss Valkerie on a number of occasions in the past, and I kid you not she is as hard as they come. Im still looking at the pic now on my pc screen as I write this. Ashamed to say its actually making me wet ;) Filthily yours Elizabeth x

sol_05ag_14_700002.jpg  sol_05ag_14_500005.jpg  sol_05ag_14_600004.jpg

Above pics are copyright to – (just in case anyone was asking ;)


Its Comp Time Again -)

May 20, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 15 Comments →

Well it’s that time again for another compition boys and girls. Check out the picture below from the SMB movie Thrashed At Home and try to work out what im thinking! You can be as rude or as un rude as you like -) The winner will get access for 1 month to my site. Comp will run until Friday the 30th May so get fingers to keyboard and start posting your entries. Usual rules apply, keep it legal, use your imagination and you can enter as many times as you like :) It’s that easy. Good look – Spanks Elizabeth xx



Movie Update

May 15, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 20 Comments →

Good morning all. Just a quickie note to say one of my Justine Videos has been added to Seems like they have uploaded the full high definition movie as well which is nice for full screen playback. Pls dont shout at me for this plug :( Even I gotta do as Im told somtimes. Anyways link is below for those interested of seeing yours truly take Justine Rosenburg in hand. Spanks Elizabeth :)



School Girl In Tears ….

May 12, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 13 Comments →

Is it the sun that is making me feel horney as hell …. some of you may already how much of sun lover I am. Almost as much as the sight of a well spanked or caned bottom. Between my long walks yesterday out in bright skys I managed to catch a few hours doing some very naughty surfin! The belows pics really caught my eye and gave me a thrill down below. It shows Joanna from a movie that is out on Spanking mags getting her bottom well and truly blistered. I adore the shot of her in tears, a real mess, buttocks throbbing, no modesty left, cheeks welted and head no doubt throbbing (as much as my cunnie was) with the thrashing she was given. Gawd I love this kind of pic and video. The video I downloaded but only managed to spy a few mins of it so far. To my dread it was the Judge himself who thrashed Joanna on her bare buttocks. Any boys and girls please do enjoy the pics below as much as I did (and am he he he) Filthly Yours Elizabeth x

real_tears2_b90006.jpg real_tears2_10009.jpg real_tears3_c10001.jpg

Stills taken from the movie True Tears (c)


Some Freebie Spanking Pictures & Movie Clips :)

May 10, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

Im happy to be able to share a freebie image and video gallery with you starring yours truly and the dreaded Judge! He has to be one of the sternest gentlemen I have met in a long long while. Anways boys and girls click my thumby thing below to grab the spanking goodies. Spanks Elizabeth xxx


Some SpankMyBottom Update Info :)

May 09, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 4 Comments →

Well hello all I have been in the garden today as finally summer seems to have got out of bed. Luckily I have a wireless connection (yep router is fixed ;) ) Its funny though I often wonder what my neibours would think if they knew the kind of smut I somtimes look at. Surprise I do look at other sites apart from Spanking naughties but at least 1 time every net session I do a quick surf of the sites and see whats new. Which brings me onto yours truly site Spankmybottom, which has just had a full high def movie file added for Credit Crunch. I love HD formats as its about a good as dvd as you can get. We all remember the days of awfull video quality so its good to actually see the action. Anyway they are quite a few HD movies on SMB members area with lots more in the offing. Coming upon my next shoots im trying to get Miss Smith back to give me a well deserved thrashing. Seems that the pic of her stood over me hit a nerve , so I thought why not ;) Somthing so natural about an aunty / mum style ladie chastising another girl. Big smiles and a very unspanked bottom at the moment Elizabeth x

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