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Thrashed At Home (Mother Knows Best)

April 29, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 14 Comments →

The next volume of my Mother Knows Best series is now starting to pushed out on my SMB Site. I have included a few pics from this new movie , the first one with Ashleigh waiting in contemplation on the bed is very erotic. She has that look of a girl doomed, knowing that she will soon be stood in living room getting a firm telling of! Even worse she knows that it will mean baring her bottom in full view of everyone in the house for a very public and open spanking. I do almost feel sorry for her, apart from the fact she is a real brat who deserved to go over my knee. I make no excuse and dont try to hide the fact that it really turns me having a naughty girl in front of me, shaking somwhat as she fumbles with her clothes, trying to do what is right and bare herself correctly. The look of dread in her face, a pout and then a red face as her pants come of are enough to make my minny gush. Can hardly contain myself when I finally get her bare bottom over my knee and give her whats needed! For those interested the movie from the below pics is out this week on – Right time to get my love toy out with all this chit chat of spanking ;) Elizabeth xxx

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A Bottom I Would Really Like To SPANK!

April 27, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 15 Comments →

I stayed home last night , tv was crap so ended up doing some peeking around a few spank sites. I then came across a set of pics and movies that caught my eye. The girl in question goes by the name of Debbie. She is hidden away in the archives of I remember her from a few years back although I never got the chance to smack her bottom. I then found an interview that was recorded with Debbie from a Sol Ezine. She recalled real punishments she had been subject to when at home. Made quite an intersting listen. Thing is though I felt a little guilty as it has really turned me on thinking about her getting strapped after school in a very domestic setting. I nicked the below pics to post here to see what you think. The way she is denied her jogging pants, and a wonderfull full white bottom! Its awfull really, a sweet teenager just going about her stuff. Ready for the day , then she messes up and ends up in the horrifying situation of being sent to the back room knowing she will have to bare her bottom! What gives me a buzz is the mix of humiliation, dread of what is coming and the total loss of any privacy, all in a very normal setting. Would also be nice to think that as she is stood in that way she maybe hears laughing or normal talking coming from the rest of the house, while she is going through he own private hell. Then to end it all she is given an almighty caning!!!! The mind does strange things sometimes ;) Hope you enjoy gawping the pics as much as I did (won’t say more on that) Love Elizabeth xxx

solim04103920003.jpg solim04103920001.jpg solim04103950003.jpg

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About Yesterdays Movie Clip

April 25, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 15 Comments →

Quite a few emails today on my Real Spanking Videos, so thought I better make a quick post on this. The Real Spanking movies are what they say. “Real” and by real I dont mean the punishment as that is always real proper spanking caning and such like. Its the reason for being disciplined, which unlike my other videos which are story lines that is the difference. Sometimes I screw up and then I need punishing. It happens in my life on a regular basis, some of the things I mess up with do get worked on camera. Becuase of my nature I wont say no to being thrashed on cam for some true life event. In my own way I think it makes it very authentic for my self and hopfully the viewer. Trust me its not fake and is very much a part of my life albeit quite a public one. Rant over just wanted to get that of my chest. Lucky for me I have been a good girl the past few days … how long will that last ???? Elizabeth xx

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Smb Updates

April 21, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 11 Comments →

Well the first of my new movies are being added this week to the members area of my site I was working with “The Judge” who as those of you who have seen him in action before know just how hard this can be. He does not take fools lightly and is stern as hell. Very much from the old school, he certainly gets into the part of strict Headmaster or “Uncle” and such like. Somthing very theraputic about being chastised by an older man. No worries with wandering fingers or rude remarks, its just straight hard honest discipline. He certainly put me to rights in another of my Real spanking movie series. These are where A real life event or fuck up by me is worked out and corrected on set. (I wont be applying for a credit card any time soon and screwing up my credit rating :( Got a huge welt for that one! Anyway I will post some clips up here soon for ya all to gawp at. Elizabeth x

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Some Pics From My Latest Vids

April 18, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

Hello all, well my backside is red raw! I was at a studio yesterday shooting new movies and photo sets. It was a long tiring but fun day. I had the pleasure working with none other than “The Judge” as he is fondly known amoungst the crew. A wryly older gent who certainly gets the job done as my bottom will testify lol. Anyway I will post more from yesterdays work later on but for now enjoy the few preview pictures below. Im busy going through emails and stuff and will reply to all later. Also comp winner will be announced shortly. Hugs Elizabeth x

smb0803.jpg smb0802.jpg smb080.jpg


Rosaleen Youngs Hair Do!

April 16, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 8 Comments →

Heylo all, if you check todays Pic Of The Day you will see what I think is a very cute shot of Rosaleen Young. She was always an expert with knowing what to wear and how to appear on set when making a spanking movie. It was quite a giggle the morning she pulled out a wig for a school girl scene she was doing. Her whole persona changed as she took on the role she knew best , which was one of very naughty brat! I was doing another scene at the time and wished I had managed to get her over my knee with her dressed in her tight fitting uniform wearing the hair piece  :) One of the best things about having Rosaleen over my knee was she was very shy about her private parts. Now this may sound nasty but somtimes I couldnt help taking a peek somtimes. If spanking her I would try and do it in such a way as to part her bottom cheeks. It was not visible on film but lucky for me I did get a good look sometimes at her minnie and very tight bottom hole. I have thought what it would have been like to kiss her bottom better if you know what I mean. I’m actually getting soaking wet as I write this. It’s disgusting actually, here I am early morning and already reaching for my hunny bunny. Time for a spanking don’t you think ? With very very rude thoughts – Wet Minnie Liz xxxx



Some Schooly Girly Pics

April 15, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 5 Comments →

Kind of following on from my rant yesterday about sKool RooM Slipperings I dug deep into the gallery archives of and found a few pics which were kind of in theme. The last pic sure is a bit on the fantasy side but I love the exposure of multiple bottoms. No sense of modesty left, fully exposed , maybe vunerbale and worst of all, knowing that your bottom which is so fully bared will be at some point harshly thrashed. Its a no win situation, and no matter how much pleading, how much regret you know (or at least I do) that there is nothing you can do about it. Ahhh but dont feel to sorry for me, becuase one thing no one ever knew until I became active with my kink was I always loved being corrected , and at times harshly disciplined. Glass of white wine I think XXXX Elizabeth

smb06_sc03_10020.jpg smb06_sc03_10019.jpg smb05es_02_30006.jpg


About yesterdays video clip

April 14, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 6 Comments →

Hello to all. Another horrible day of rain here :( So im stuck indoors and working through my inbox. Keeps me out of trouble though I suppose. Just want to say a few words about the video clip that was added yesterday. Its the knickers you see, the tight white knickers stretched across my bottom, it didnt half make my thrashing sting twice as much! I often wonder if this was a trick used in the good days to make a school punishment hurt twice as much. Quite a few times my old art teacher gave me a few whacks of the slipper. She was actually a really nice women but very old school and stood no nonsense. She didnt hold well with any kind of messing around (of which I was an expert) she was also very fair, but if you crossed the line you were in for it. Harldy any ritual so to speak, it was out to the front of the class, touch your toes and before you knew it 4 or 5 very hard and fast whacks of the slipper would be given to your bum. The only thing she would say would be “Bend over Right over so that skirt is well stretched Missy” which made me think she knew a thing or 2 about how to deliver a proper punishment. I met her a few years later and we chatted and had some laughs, I wanted so much to ask her about stretching the skirt but never dared to. Wish I had now:( So in more ways that 1 the clip from yesterday means somthing to me. Enough of me ranting …. time to get to work ugh …. Hugs n spanks Elizabeth xxx



Summer Time Spankings!

April 12, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

One thing I really dislike is winter :( Long depressing cold nights , stuck in doors ugh horrid. Last year us Brits didnt even really have a summer, more like 1 long monsoon. Im thinking and hoping this year it will be brighter! When the sun does shine I have a fantasy that I have yet to fill which is being thrashed hard outside , somewhere private. I don’t mean a romantic few smacks to my bottom, but a proper hard spanking followed by either a really hard caning or strapping or both lol. The fantasy I have is being in a nice light summer dress, without knickers. Someplace private and it has to be in the Country side. Then if im being really honest after the caning / spanking I would go on all fours wet and ready if you know what I mean. It is really rude especially the last part with getting things up my minnie and bottom but after a long hard hot summer thrashing it would be the only way to the end the afternoon. Gosh and its raining today :( Maybe 1 day the above will happen ? Hugs and very dirty smiles Elizabeth xxx



Its Comp Time Again :)

April 10, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 15 Comments →

Well I thought it was high time I ran another comp. I found what is probably one of the most dreadfull pics of my mug ever – and I cant resist loading this one up. So what is up for grabs you might ask. Well click the thumb below to view the large (horrid) image of me giving verbals to Rosaleen Young. Best caption can win a 1 month SpankPass, which also includes access to my SMB Members Area. Be as rude or creative as you like, just keep it legal boys and girls. Best one wins :) Comp ends 1 week this Friday. Good luck and get your butts into gear and start posting those comments … Elizaebeth xxx