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Spank My Bottom updates

February 29, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Spanking Site Updates 2 Comments →

Good morning to all, for those interested I have just added the first parts to a movie “Interview With Elizabeth” to the members area of SMB -) I was as honest as I possibly could be during the interview and hope some will enjoy this. I will try to get hold of a clip or 2 to add to my blog a little later next week. Love Elizabeth


Latest Pic Of The Day – My Bottom & The Cane

February 29, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 16 Comments →

Hello all, ok im back to my puter after taking a day off doing boring stuff like putting the car in the garage for its MOT which it passed thank god!!! Anyway I dug out todays Picture of the Day from the SpankMyBottom Member archives. Its from one of the rudest movies I ever shot a few years ago. The name of which makes me blush even to this day “Caned And Buggered” gulp yes thats correct !!!! The whole movie was released on Spankingonline and is still lurking in its archives somplace. It was shot before the days of Spankmybottom, which I think is why it never actually ended up on my site. The big question for me was Caned first then get somthing up my bottom, or have my bottom penetrated first and then caned. My god what a choice eh! LOL. Im lucky becuase I like both things. I wont exactly go into details about that at the moment. Lets see how the blog goes. But I am open to questions on this, and last time I heard anal sex was not illegal … not in my part of town anyway. Phew … thats out in the open. ReD FaCed smiles Elizabeth xxx


Even though I dont like the slipper …?

February 27, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 13 Comments →

Alot of talk past few days about my dread of taking the slipper. This however does not mean I do not somwhat enjoy dishing out a good old slippering to a naughty schoolgirl! I have to admit to getting very turned on when Im sat verbally chastising some disobedient wretch of a girl, slipper in my hand, maybe pointing at her in a casual way why I explain what is going to happen! Poor Justine Rosenburg felt the full force of a horrid rubber plimsol in one of the movies I shot with her ;) I have picked out a gallery below which you can take a good gawp at. Oh and for those intersted the photos are from my movie “Rosenburgs Accident” Hugs and happy slipperings Elizabeth xxx



Slipper Cane Or Strap ?

February 25, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 20 Comments →

Firstly a big THANK YOU for all your comments on my blog and all the emails you have sent me. It really does make it worthwhile. I love to hear from people out in netland :) I have had alot of questions fired at me the past few weeks and 1 that has cropped up alot is which is my worst or best impliment that is used on my bottom. The usual array of impliments are mentioned, Strap, Slipper, Cane, Paddle and maybe a few others I have not heard of or would not or have not used.

For me it has to be the cane. Yes I know it hurts horribly somtimes, but there is somthing very final about seeing a stern Gentleman or Woman giving me a talk while they casually hold the cane in the hand or have it laid out in the open for me to see. Then when I have to touch my toes with my bottom fully bared and high in the air, I feel like … well I have no choice now I just have to take what is coming to me. To feel the cuts of the bamboo on my flesh can be somtimes heaven, but only if I have had a good long hard spanking first. *warm up* they 0r I call it. Also its totally rude to be told that “Your now going to get your well spanked bare bottom severly caned” it is a certain head rush (and minnie rush somtimes he he he) .

The slipper on other hand just holds pure dread for me. It hurts it a different way from the cane but I dont know there is just somthing about a horrid tatty black or white rubber plimsol. This maybe related to my schoolie days when slipper and ruler were used (a little to much in my view) I have vivid memories of getting whacked really hard on my bum 3 or 4 or 5 times in rapid succession. And at school there was NO warm up. You simply bent over gritted your teeth and wondered how on earth you would survive. So maybe there is somthing there, the memory of walking back to class in a stiff way, red faced and hurting.  Oh the good old days. Anyway thats about all for now. Hope the above is clear, Im typing what comes out of my head :) Lots of love Elizabeth xxx


Anyone want to swop links ?

February 24, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 10 Comments →

Hello all on this fine Sunday morning. I’m just wanting to ask all other Blogging site owners if they would like to swop some links with me ? Just reply to this message or send me an email and I can getting you added to my Blog Roll. I’m happy to swop links with anyone who runs a spanking site or spank related blog. Below is a banner you can use if you want or text link swop is also fine as you please. Thanks Elizabeth



My Pussy – Oh My!!!

February 23, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 16 Comments →

Its not often I show my private bits , but lots have asked! So on last weeks shoot I was convinced to hitch up my skirt, drop my knickers and show of my female attire. You can now all take a good gawp at my minnie ;) And Minnie is a much nicer word that say pussy, c*nt or god forbid Vagina lol. Gawp away and well enjoy. Lots of very rude lovin Elizabeth xxx
simpsons_pussy02.jpg simpsons_pussy03.jpg simpsons_pussy01.jpg


Today’s Blog Update

February 23, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 4 Comments →

Below you can see a clip from one of my latest movies. Becuase of the way its encoded for streaming on my blog the resolution is lower than the actually film file. All my new movies are shot on these sexy looking High Definition cameras. Please dont ask me about the cameras as I have no idea how they work lol, I am also going through some pictures which I will add here later on. For the movie download you can get a proper preview from the Main Tour Page Of My Site Here > Love Elizabeth


I Have Been A Naughty SchoolGirl!

February 21, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 5 Comments →

Well I have just finished a phot and video shoot and bottom is absolutly burning! Cane and strap as well as lots of hand spanking were in use (not all the spanking was just a nice warm up!) Anyway below are a few naughty pics which are less than 5 hours old from time of me writing this blog. The movie is called SchoolGirl Distress… you can guess who was in distress. I also shot a nice message for all you good people surfing my blog. I will post this on here soon as the editor has finished render / edit.  Love Elizabeth (having problems sitting down) xxx

022101.jpg 022102.jpg 022103.jpg



Some Vintage Rosaleen Young

February 19, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk No Comments →

Following on from yesterdays post about Rosaleen Young I thought it would be a good idea to post a few pictures which really do it for me. The photos below this post are from the Movie “Just A Caning” which was shot a few years ago with myself as “mum” and Rosaleen as a very naughty school girl. The first image for me is by far the sexiest, a lone figure bent over in the living room waiting for when her mother will be ready to deal with her. It would be nice to think that maybe her mum was on the phone , having told Rosaleen to wait. While Rosaleen’s whole world at that moment will revolve around what she has done and what is going to happen to her bottom, her mum speaks to a friend as if nothing is the matter. I wonder from the past just how many girls in the 50s and 60s found themselves in such a predicament ? – I really hope you enjoy the images below Elizabeth xx

smb040308-200004.jpg  smb040402-100005.jpg  smb040402-300006.jpg

For those with interest the above stills are taken from the Rosaleen Young Movie “Just A Caning” which can be downloaded from the Rosaleen Young Archives inside :)


Tribute To Rosaleen Young

February 18, 2008 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk 15 Comments →

For those of you who don’t know my started life actually as the official home of that wonderful actress Miss Rosaleen Young. Back in the sites early days I had the great pleasure (and I mean great) of working alongside Miss Young. I remember her boundless energy , massive creativity when it came to plots and scenes for her movies and her incredible stamina for enduring long and at times very hard discipline sessions. Many of which were done by my very own hand or rod ;) She always had new ideas simply pouring out, working on set with her was easy as she seemed to know exactly what it is she wanted. Her wardrobe was also pretty incredible with everything from school girl outfits to a Ballerina dress. I do miss working with her, but sadly she quit the spanking video scene a few years ago now. Those of you who are a member of will be aware of the Rosaleen Young archives, which I will keep online for as long as my site is alive and running. It would be great to hear from any of you about which was your all time favorite Rosaleen Young movie from my site ? For me it has to be 1 of the following in no particular order . Love a thoughtful Elizabeth xxxx

1 : School Daze (one of our first movies together me as her mummy Rosaleen as a very naughty school girl )
2 : The School Bell (Enjoyed the hard caning she took and her bottle green knickers, gave me quite a buzz in my minnie)
3: Bathtime (Oh it was so nice giving her a hard spanking across her chubby wet bottom very domestic!)

As I said the above is in no particular order and they are many more in the SMB Rosaleen archives that I love. But please let me know your favourites and if possible why. Elizabeth