New Shoot, New Shoot

March 13, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Site Updates

Today we had a big shoot. We were supposed to have an extra girl, but sometimes things don’t work out. This week we had the innocent Miss Masie Dee and the hardcore Kayla. These two had a great chemistry together and let us take the spankings to another level. There is an incredible caning scene that made even me cringe as we ended a great day of shooting. I will work on getting you some behind the scenes pictures this week. And as for my spanking, I am contemplating being a sub in the shoot next month. My husband keeps asking me to do one last shoot and I am not certain I want to be on display again. If I were to bottom again, what scenes would you like to see me do?

For a little weekend spanking enjoyment, I wanted to bring you a preview of the scene coming on Monday called “Confession of Pleasure”. This scene was a lot of fun to film, I was in a good mood and for a moment they made me think what it would be like to have girls around the house. I have to admit I went light on them both. We had to stop shooting twice to keep sweet Masie from giggling. I believe that girl has a secret fantasy and was a little thrilled to be touching another girls bottom :) Faye for all her shyness and quiet voice on camera has some pent up fetishes of her own and was not embarrassed to share that she got off after this shoot. Those girls really do not ever shutup!

As a top, while I enjoy the challenge of the girls who fight and wiggle from the pain, it is fun spanking the ones who get all wet and have to control their pleasure. The ladies who enjoy spankings let you spank harder and get into their head. They forget the camera is there and give control over to you.

If you have ever fantasized of two teenage girls playing around with spanking as you may have played doctor as a kid, then this scene is right up your alley. The question should be, did you play doctor as a child or were you already playing a top?

Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson

Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson

Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson

Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson

Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson Faye and Masie Getting Strapped By Elizabeth Simpson

After watching this scene, I am going to have to give Miss Masie a talking too for the very unladylike way in which she sits with her legs spread wide. She might as well not even bother wearing panties.

Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth xXx

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Tawdry Hens Night

February 16, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk

I took off the weekend and headed to London for my friend Rachel’s hen night last week. The twelve of us got dolled up and ventured out on the town for a bit of rowdy fun. We had a boisterous dinner and then entertained ourselves with a naughty treasure hunt before heading to the hotel. My team needed to get pictures of a bloke’s bum, sexy lingerie for the bride, a trannie’s shoe, a pair of nipple clamps, nappies (baby diapers), a photo kiss and a piece of chocolate that resembled a sex toy; we didn’t win, but we had an outrageous time playing.

Back at the hotel we continued our night of debauchery with several drinking games, a visit from a very intoxicating stripper couple (having a man and woman strip each other and make out with and flirt with each other and us was so incredibly hot) and then…..

We jokingly convinced the uninhibited bride to be, Rachel, that she should show us her moves for the honeymoon. It didn’t take long and Rachel gave us a shy and erotic striptease. Even though we were thoroughly sloshed, we persuaded her to take several racy photos as a gift for her soon to be hubby. Everyone stripped down to their skivvies and joined in on the pictures. Rachel hastily jumped across my lap for a sexy spanking picture and I must admit, it was a spanking I enjoyed giving :) Rachel you have a fantastic bottom!

In the end, it was an unforgettable weekend, that I paid very dearly for on Sunday.

The pictures turned out surprisingly well considering our state and Rachel has agreed to let us post some of them on Girls Bottom. She kept some of the spanking and more personal pictures to give James on their wedding night. So to Rachel and James, I wish you the very best in the future and may your life together be filled with adventure, love and some very naughty memories!

Look for the photos of Rachel’s striptease on Girls Bottom in the upcoming weeks. Until then, here is a sneak preview.

Hugs, Kisses and Aspirin

Rachel's Strip Tease Rachel's Strip Tease

Rachel's Strip Tease Rachel's Strip Tease

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Every Valentine Needs a Spanking

February 13, 2011 By: Webmaster Category: Spanking Site Updates

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I have found a Valentine’s spanking video for you from Marked Butts.  I hope everyone has a surprising day full of naughty and nice :)

To see more videos like this visit


Marked Butts - Bratty Valentine's Day Spanking Marked Butts - Bratty Valentine's Day Spanking

Marked Butts - Bratty Valentine's Day Spanking Marked Butts - Bratty Valentine's Day Spanking

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Valentine’s Hinting

February 11, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk

I have been feeling naughty this month, almost goading my husband into punishing me.  I am not sure if it is cabin fever from the weather or the never ending to-do lists, but I can’t seem to reach that point of relief.  I really need a good thrashing and a little foul play to put me at ease.  It is curious how a good punishment can put you right back on track to feeling like yourself.

This week we are searching for some new implements to have on hand for shoots and I have picked a few that I can’t wait to play with.  Our models don’t know what they are in for.

In the meantime, I found a few I would like to have at home and have been hinting around to dear hubby, what a wonderful addition they might make to our collection.  I want something for the romantic spankings, the ones we use for foreplay that inevitably lead to fun and naughtyness. MMmm, just imagining the fun we can have is making we want to forget the dishes and go play.

Here are a few pictures of items I picked out for myself, next week I will post some pictures of implements you will be seeing in new shoots.  I promise if I get something fun, I will post some pictures of what it is capable of.

What naughty implements are you hoping to get a taste of on Valentine’s?


Argentinian Flogger, flat-braided

Argentinian Flogger Braided from McHurt

Vintage riding whip from McHurt

Vintage riding whip from McHurt

Cushioned Crop with Short Padding - Bastinado from McHurt

Cushioned Crop with Short Padding - Bastinado from McHurt

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I Made it Back

February 09, 2011 By: Webmaster Category: Bottom Talk

They have been busy moving servers the last two weeks and I am finally able to get back online. I will try to post continuously with all of the updates I have to share. It has been a busy few weeks it has been with our photo shoot, a tawdry weekend away for a good friends hen night, and some very fun planning for Valentine’s day.

While I did top in a number of scenes, I also got the chance to direct some of our new scenes. I had a lot of fun being behind the camera, enjoying it from a spanko’s point of view. You don’t realize how hard you concentrate while on camera: sit up, don’t turn your head too much, make sure the spanking is even and landing correctly, make sure the model is comfortable, keep in line with the story, focus on the models pain threshold and if they are enjoying the spanking, well that is another story…. It was fun to take a step back and give someone else direction.

Over the next week or so, I will be introducing you to some of our new models and sneak peaks of some of the scenes we shot. I will start with one of my favorites, Fae Raven. There is something about her deep blue eyes and dark black hair, she made me feel sorry for her. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to hug her or thrash her bottom and put her on display for all to see. In the end, I knew she wanted the spanking and the giddy school girl came to life. I hope we will be seeing more of Miss Raven in the future.

Check out her updates coming soon on

As Always
Hugs & Kisses

Fae Raven Closeup

Fae Raven Over The Knee Fae Raven Corner Time

Fae Raven Bottom Closeup


Remember this?

January 22, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk

Hopefully Elizabeth is away filming, I have no idea as I left her a mail asking if she could get some “behind the scenes” stuff and any info on new girls that she said they were working with, which would be nice. I found this a while back and you probably haven’t seen this as it was posted several years ago so enjoy a few scenes behind the camera, it looks very different, doesn’t it?

I will let you know (or maybe Elizabeth will when she is back, whenever that is) about any new stuff she has filmed though it would be better coming from her mouth, of course!


Spanking Shoot Update

January 08, 2011 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk

Hiya all, rather than twiddle your thumbs wondering where the heck or if I was gonna be online, I am still around, I must admit I still feel a bit cagey after the “nutter incident” but I won’t let assholes like him dictate how I live, eh girls? Sadly the pics I had of me in the snow were a bit revealing of my area I live in and hubby suggested I don’t post em, so sorry for that! But the good news is I am STILL on for a film shoot where I will get my bottom spanked again on film, I’ll probably only do a  couple as I want to Domme also.

Details are still sketchy, I will know probably next week when it is but have been told to be available on or around 20 or 21st of this month, I like the mystery and not knowing who or what will happen. Anyway, just wanted to share it with you all. I’ll let you know more as and when and am going to ask the guys to take a few behind the scenes images which are always nice so I can post them on here and make it interesting.

In the meantime, I just saw an old Sasha Harvey movie that has resurfaced, though it is on OTKspank (it did have an OTK scene but I remember this for the strapping). I remember her getting massively strapped in this, I was one of the behind the scenes people gasping as Sasha took an almighty strapping and her bottom ended up cherry red!

Hugs n Winces, Elizabeth. xXx


Happy New Year!

December 31, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk


I can’t believe it’s the end of the year, time has flown and suddenly instead of saying two thousand and ten or nine etc, everyone suddenly gets lazy and want to say ” twenty eleven” so have a great start to 2011 and don’t get too ill if you’re going out! I shall be having a quieter family affair this year but I’m sure I’ll still manage to drink some bubbly, of course!!!

I don’t have any more news on the situation to be filmed as a sub but I have agreed in principle to be filmed sometime in January (whenever I’m invited to a Shoot, so will let you know ASAP) but am feeling a little uneasy about it but we’ll see, I know it appears very popular but remember I can’t go on baring my bottom for ever, a lady should know when to quit, lol!

OK, before I go, I really do wish you all a really trouble free year, I know it’s still hard for lots of us, especially those that don’t get paid by companies that go bust and there’s been a lot of that happened to friends of mine last year and it’s just awful to see them struggle to pay their bills and mortgages, these are shitty times indeed but I’m accepting if I have to bare my cheeks to help out… then so be it!

Lots of love. Elizabeth. XOX


Xmas Spanko Specials

December 21, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Spanking Videos

Sorry I’ve been away, but I’ve been so busy with all the Crimbo Shopping and I’m still not finished but I got asked if I’d do something a little Xmassy so I remembered this movie released last year to celebrate Xmas and wondered if it had been reviewed before because I don’t think it really was. So forgive me for blathering on but I’m going to run you all through this long play movie which is nearly an hour long and the total size is a massive eye watering 800Mb! “Xmas with Mr Peters” – my nemesis! Luckily for my poor bottom the punishment is shared with 3 other long missed spanko friends – Kara Jayne (who plays schoolgirl Burton), Nat (Harker) and Chloe who played schoolgirl Sutton. I still remember this film with a sort of fondness as it was quite an epic. (We all went out and got horribly drunk afterwards, it was filmed in Denmark many years ago and I can tell you us naughty girlies thrashed the wallets of the webmaster that night heh heh).

Us opening our presents early when we weren’t supposed to!

Well, I had to ask for access to check out this film and there is also a sweet double bonus as there is also a film of the lovely Jasmine too, and she’s being very naughty in her sparcely decorated room, but today I want to talk about this classic movie that you can only download as a pay per view/download to keep forever from HERE

The guys said show them loads of free images and I asked if they could make me a couple of clips with yours truly thrashed by evil Mr Peters who started out being unusually kind and quite festive but soon showed his horrible nature and he had his way with all us girlies until we were practically blubbing!!! (Mind you, we did try and open the presents he gave us early!) So thanks to my hard working hubby for grabbing a few scenes so you lucky people can see it here as my special treat for all you people this Yuletide! He’s being nice to me cos if he wants the roast Turkey and all the trimmings soon – then I’m the boss at the mo, lol!

Image48 Image56 Image61

Image68 Image85 Image87

Image102 Image104 Image127

click here to play

Image152 Image156 Image159

I actually loved the scenes with all us girls lined up. I remember that we had to cut a few times because a couple of us were a little tipsy and giggly (yes I’m guilty!) and the whole thing was a little surreal as if you were in the presence of that Mr Peters character, it would be a mixture of pure dread, horror and also feeling of sheer pity for such a pathetic but frightening individual! Apparently, he was based on a real life person, I often wondered if he was a member of my site of any other – heh heh. Mr Peters found a variety of embarrassing positions for us to be spanked paddled and caned in, and his verbal comments were designed to further shame us, I remember being really submissive in this film once the film was in full flow – “Do this, do that, bend over here, shut up there, quickly… QUICKLY!” and so on… I was a shambles! I’m so rude, I haven’t introduced you to the other girls! Kara Jayne and Natasha were really given a hard time (below) nat’s botty could take a horrific thrashing, I always remember being impressed!

KJ Natasha
Kara Jayne (left) and Natasha on the right

Pretty Chloe got a real hard thrashing which I also had to endure :(
Chloe me

Watching this movie brings it all back – we had such fun but, boy, was it really hard work too!!! Remember I said I liked the multi girl scenes when we were all lined up together? Lot’s of yelping and bickering as well as a non stop barrage from twisted “tight pants” Peters!

Just check out the movie clip below when he is still angry at us not owning up as to who opened the Xmas presents, we are all lying on the floor, legs up and he is barking his inane ramblings at us as we are all given a paddling and spanking. Mad!

click here to play

Image188 Image204 Image221

Image223 Image230 Image234

I forgot to tell you we all refused to admit opening the presents until Mr Peters was relentless and then Mr Wetherall came in too which meant more mayhem as both of them had their way with us all withthe cane and paddle! The finale was a laugh as we ended with some cheesy music, I think it came from Black Beauty, anyone remember that? You can see we were all ready for the bars and a massive booze up!!!

Image247 Image249 Image249

Right, where’s that bottle of vodka?

Another mad bad film which we all loved making from way back, anyway, it is, I think, only available to download HERE at – and what’s more, there is also the bonus of a great Jasmine film as well which I promise you will enjoy! ‘Tis the season to be spanky!

Full listings HERE

Oh, before I go, I may have promised to show you some piccies of me in the snow so I’ll try and dig some out before Crimbo!
Take care, and if you download the above film, I hope you appreciate it!
Love and spanks. Elizabeth. xXx

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Hello again!

December 10, 2010 By: Elizabeth Category: Bottom Talk, Special Offers

Hiya, I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who left messages of support and though I dont want to go into detail, I feel safe enough to post here again and to be honest, I missed blogging even though I am currently away with family and doing my Crimbo shopping, there’s only so many shopping days left you know!

Thanks to Headmaster and the staff (well, hubby) at SMB who have helped me recently – It’s been a while, I was planning on letting you see me in our recent snow here in England… maybe i will, but I also wanted to share with you something I might (I said I might!) do which is star in a film again as a sub! Hubby (you know – he who thinks must be obeyed) has been hassling me and cajoling me to do a film and rather than hear him whine on and on (it really is pitiful) I might give in and do a film… not sure yet when and where, but we’ll see, anyway, I just wanted to share that with my readers here first!

Back soon. Hugs.
Elizabeth. xXx